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Weirdness: Check Out this LEGO Bob-Omb Battlefield Reconstruction

Posted by Alex Olney

In more than 64 bits

Everybody likes to celebrate their passion in different ways, and one intrepid gamer has recreated the entirety of Bob-Omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64 entirely from LEGO bricks.

The detail is phenomenal, the enormous Chain-Chomp taking centre place, and King Bob-Omb in his rightful place perched atop the hill. Goombas, flower circles, cannons and Bob-Omb Buddies all adorn the grassy scape where you'd find them in the original level.

Being one of the most recognisable landscapes from Nintendo's library of games it's no surprise that the first level from Mario's first 3D outing was chosen to be immortalised in plastic blocks.

You can find the full video below which shows all the aspects of this impressive recreation.

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jedisquidward said:

I made a series of Minifigure scale Lego Smash Bros Sets, anyone gonna notice that? But seriously, this is amazing.



aaronsullivan said:

I still want to build the Deku Tree interior from Ocarina of Time in LEGO. I started and then realized how hard it would be!



smikey said:

Quite impressed I never had much creativity with lego either as a kid or with my kids now.
Wasn't there a koopa in the level though as soon as you go up the first bridge I'm sure I use to ride his shell and steal a blue coin

Not that it much matters it's still well done



ShadJV said:

Scale is off but that's obviously nitpicky, still really good, kudos to the creator!



Dpishere said:

Nice! Though I did play with Legos as a kid I was never anywhere near capable of building something like this.



jedisquidward said:
I've got 5 sets, and if you scroll down you'll find each. It's Meta Crystal, Flat Zone, Castle Siege, Peach's Balcony and Hyrule Temple.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Man, that's some attention to detail! And although I'm not a fan of his Goombas, the Chain Chomp looks perfect!



Gerbwmu said:

I use to make square cars.....and square houses.....and square....squares? Once I think i made a Lego pyramid and a Lego tower. Oh.....I forgot....I made Lego swords too! Seriously the Lego fanatics that create some of these things are amazing at it.



SphericalCrusher said:

That is amazing!!! Pretty spot on also! I've been speed running SM64, so it's nice to see almost everything touched on that level.



TheRealThanos said:

@aaronsullivan If you would somehow succeed in doing that, what with all the floors, (secret) chambers and so on, then wow, just wow. You could from then on call yourself Boss Aaron Sullivan as far as I am concerned.
Or... were you just kidding... ?



baba_944 said:

I want someone to make a "Dire Dire Docks" or "Jolly Roger Bay" out of "LEGOS".



S3OL said:

That is absolutely amazing. Good job to the person that made this.
I can hardly build a stable Lego tower, dang.



rjejr said:

@Manaphy2007 - A Lego Metroid would be great as thats probably the Nintendo franchise that blows the most stuff up. And of course a Lego Mother Brain would just be way cool.

@Mitsuko_Chan - Best ever use of the embed tag.

When I was a kid I mostly just made Lego godzilla monsters to battle my Marvel action figures.



3MonthBeef said:

i keep thinking you will rarely, if ever, see someone try to accomplish something like this with more mature themed games. Its the simple fun games that appeal to most people and is more accessible in this way.

Will we ever see a LEGO Bioshock level, Resident Evil or Tomb Raider?



aaronsullivan said:

I'm not kidding about how hard it would be! I still want to do it, though.

Here's a link to a great picture showing how extensive it would be.

That makes it look bigger than it would be though because those little white hallways would mostly be short connections. I'm also not sure if I could pull it off to-scale with a minifigure-sized link. It would probably have to be a bit of a charicature of the level. Also, I'd have to make it cross section a bit like the picture or it wouldn't be any fun.

My worst fear is that it would end up so good, that I'd just HAVE to put the Deku Tree around the top part — full size. I'd have to go into serious debt for that.

I do want to attempt something like it, but I'll probably wait until my daughter can help me a little more and I hopefully have a bit more free time. It would be so much fun.

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