The creature features from Capcom's Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate expanded bestiary continue apace, this time introducing the Monster Hunter franchise's first ever snake-style creature, the winged snake wyvern Najarala.

Considering that the Najarala is a snake creature, it unsurprisingly uses blazing fast head strikes along with a few other intriguingly nasty tricks; whether or not hunting horn players have a natural advantage when fighting the thing has been neither confirmed nor denied. For the fashion-conscious hunters out there, the Najarala will indeed look good on you if you've ever felt the need for a set with that Qurupeco disco flair but a touch more Aztec styling:

Are you dying to get hugged by the game's first snake wyvern or are you looking to use it as a blade holder? Already lusting after that armour or think you can give it a pass? Possibly still trying to figure out how to pay off that solid gold feline statue? Let us know in the comments!