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To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of Monster Hunter, Capcom has decided to celebrate with the release of a delightful little figure of a felyne – a cat-like race from the series.

This little number would be eye-catching enough, bearing armour made from the mighty rathalos, but Capcom is marking this special occasion by making the entire model (bar the stand) out of solid gold – 24 karat to be precise.

Collectors will surely be vying for this 3.5" tall miniature, but should you be one of those interested, be prepared to extend your mortgage.

With a price tag of ¥2,990,000 (which equates to roughly £17,300 or $29,200) you'll have to have very deep pockets indeed to afford this trinket.

Would you consider selling a kidney to buy ones of these? Alternatively, would you like to see the model in a more affordable material?

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[source siliconera.com]