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Video: This Cool Slow-Mo Mario Kart 8 Japanese TV Advert Even Features Luigi's Death Stare

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Embracing the meme

Nintendo clearly knew it had produced a terrific feature — with Mario Kart TV in Mario Kart 8 — right from the off, strongly featuring slow-mo replays in its pre-release Nintendo Direct broadcast; to humorous effect. That said, Ninty may have been surprised when the Luigi 'Death Stare' went viral in a YouTube video, getting mainstream coverage and plenty of views as a result.

It worked as perfect material for raising awareness of the new game, and it's performed well in its first couple of months on sale. It should be no surprise that Nintendo's keen to make the most of the phenomenon, then, with a new Japanese TV advert for the title utilising some stylish slow-motion shots of characters; most were previously seen in that aforementioned Nintendo Direct, yet there's a notable addition. Yep, there's a new official Luigi Death Stare appearance.

It's a neat commercial and you can see it below, so let us know what you think.

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KLZ said:

It's amazing, that's literally the whole ad, slow mo best moments, a funny song and "mario kart 8 for wii u", amazing.



DiscoGentleman said:

NOE&NOA should've gotten the rights to one of the songs and just made a 20second collection of Luigi death stares. Embracing a meme the internet made for you is exactly the kind of marketing Nintendo needs to do right now.



Dweeb said:

What song are they playing? It sounds familiar, but I'm not too sure.



NintyMan said:

I've seen this last night. It's actually pretty good. Not even cute babies are safe from Luigi's Death Stare.



gage_wolf said:

Nintendo's marketing has definitely gotten better since last year. I find myself cringing a lot less recently.



Einherjar said:

Nintendo seems to get more and more aware of their own memes and plays with them A nice, sympathatic characteristic if you ask me.



Emblem said:

Video game adverts that actually show gameplay? What witchcraft is this?!



LasermasterA said:

Nice advert! That showcasing of the DEATH STARE! My friend also liked the stare and he doesn't even play kart racing games!

Which character is your avatar? Just interested.



LasermasterA said:


Wow! I didn't even know that Japan has something called "OS-tan" and anime girl mascots for each OS! And these two are official! You learn something new everyday. Although I should have somewhat expected it.

Hmm, the one who your avatar is Ai Madobe the older sibling. Just looked it up.



Inkling said:

How was the Death Stare made...

Here's the answer

During a meeting with Nintendo executives, Luigi wanted to keep the Year of Luigi going into 2014. He used the stare and then it was extended for 2 months, until it died.



TheWPCTraveler said:

@Lasermaster123 Thanks! Now I could finally use this avatar over at WPCentral without any shame
@Splatom Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. Didn't you know that he stole the souls of the executives and held them hostage? They said no, he kept their souls.
They seemed the year over. He took their lives over. And the Era of Luigi has begun.



Inkling said:

@TheWPCTraveler I didn't fully explain the stare's power, and that is exactly what happened.

However, it is not the real Luigi...

IT'S... MR. L

Dum dum duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



TheWPCTraveler said:

@Splatom And he used the stare's power to take over all the IPs he wanted to!

Luigi is taking over the world, one stare at a time...

(Side note: Nintendo should really make a game about the Death Stare, which should be ironic considering Luigi scares easily. That and FILSAMECH.)

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