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Persona Q Premium Edition Confirmed For November Release In Europe

Posted by Damien McFerran

Comes with music CD, art book and Tarot cards

It has been confirmed that Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will launch in Europe on 28th November, and it will be bringing a special "Wild Cards" premium edition package with it.

The box includes:

  • Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth game
  • Persona Q-themed protective Nintendo 3DS case
  • "Sounds of the Labyrinth" music CD
  • Exclusive art book
  • Eleven Persona Tarot Cards
  • Collectible outer box

The first Persona game to hit a Nintendo system, Persona Q boasts an entirely new adventure featuring popular characters from Persona 3 and Persona 4. The North American release takes place on November 25th.

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Tsurii said:

This looks pretty awesome. Now if only I had a 3DS to play it...Christmas can't come soon enough



CaviarMeths said:

Don't know how much the EU version costs, but the NA one is $80. That's asking a lot of money. The Bravely Default premium edition came with everything up there minus the 3DS case and sold for $50. I have a pretty rough time believing that the case is worth $30.

I would pay $60 for it, but $80 is a definite no. Atlus should know better than to rip off its western fanbase.



Kosmo said:

I want the Persona 3DSwith it! It's gorgeous! But just for the Tarot cards, I'd buy that....



Magikarp3 said:

That case looks amazing. Honestly I'm being tempted so badly right now, I want the artbook and soundtrack too (and I'm pretty bummed that I skipped out on the Bravely Default soundtrack)

EDIT: WAIT WHAT an Atlus game is coming to PAL less than six months after NA what is this insanity



Jazzer94 said:

@CaviarMeths It will hopefully be £50-60 ($85-100) if lucky I guess this is something considering the SMTIV special edition isn't coming out in EU (neither is a physical release).



FX102A said:

@CaviarMeths @Jazzer94 Well this is being published in Europe by NIS America and the Premium Edition was to be made available on their new EU Store that launched yesterday to almost universally negative fanfare.

With prices approx 40% higher than the US store (which now blocks deliveries to Europe) before adding the shipping charge (£5 for UK, £15 for EU), this new venture is set to go down faster than a capsule during re-entry.

Also the Persona Q Premium was rumoured to be £70, so yeah you do the maths. I'll stick to my US version from Video Game Plus. Gotta bust out that US 3DS some day.



Jazzer94 said:

@FX102A I really don't want to use my import Zelda 3DS XL but it looks like I'm going to have to at this point that store is mental all they did was flip the the currency sign for pretty much everything.



Shambo said:

I hope that by 'Europe', you don't mean 'only UK'? Because I need this.



Action51 said:

Uh comes with tarot cards...get ready for Nintendo to get attacked for promoting "the occult" from the far right religious radicals here in America.

Of course it would be okay if it came with something condoned by THEIR religion...



manic221 said:

Wow that's impressive! Whoever s handling this well done you! Finally get your fingers out getting a version to Europe within a reasonable time frame cough looking at you P4 Golden and P4 Arena cough

Needless to say i'll be picking this up



Emblem said:

Pretty sure this will be a Game exclusive and thus overpriced. I think i'll stick to the regular copy.



FriedSquid said:

I was interested until I realized it only has eleven tarot cards. Eleven is only half of the Major Arcana cards (22), let alone the rest of the Minor Arcana cards (56) which makes up a full deck of 78 cards! You can't do much of anything with just eleven cards.

@Action51 Oh please, this isn't the days of Pokémon's release anymore. This is such a niche title I'm sure nobody in the mainstream media will even notice it.



XXIV said:

@CaviarMeths Just pointing this out, the case is selling individually for $40 on PlayAsia, so I'd say it's a pretty even tradeoff.



Bender said:

I pre ordered the day E3 started (US version), $80 is A-Okay with me since it's something I've waited a long time for!



HylianJowi said:

Pre-ordered the NA version. Persona and The Legend of Zelda are just about the only two franchises that'll get me to part with $80 in one go.



Mus1cLov3r said:

Well, I was gonna ask if North America would have a limited edition version, but then I realized that the box in the picture had 'RP', as in "ratings pending". So I'm guessing so. This looks amazing!



Noelemahc said:

@Squid The other 11 cards are bundled in the CE of Persona 4 Ultimax. Which has not yet been confirmed for a EU release and will probably be regionlocked like its predecessor. Do the math.



slidecage said:

artbook and case pushes total up 30. with tax 85 bucks for a game when you can buy the 2DS for 99 LOL a game cost almost the same as the system. and the game looks awful. See it in the discount bin by spring for 30



Nuttertkk said:

I'm beary pleased about this news.
The Only Issue is that I think the P4 Hero sounds like the Black Ranger and P3 Hero sounds like P4's Yosuke, who was seen. I really need to fish out my PSP and finish P3P.

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