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E3 2014: Yoshi's Woolly World Details Revealed During Nintendo Digital Event

Posted by Martin Watts

Nintendo pulls the wool over your eyes in the most beautiful way

New details, gameplay footage and even a new title for previously announced Wii U title Yarn Yoshi - now known as []Yoshi's Woolly World[/url].

The new title sports a beautiful woollen aesthetic, one which — dare we say — looks almost lifelike in terms of textures. The gameplay itself is similar to previous Yoshi's Island titles in terms of gameplay, However, there are a few key gameplay differences, such as a two-player cooperative mode. With regards to the latter, you and a friend can swallow and launch each other like Yoshi's signature egg-throwing move.

Only a rather non-specific 2015 launch window has been announced.

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babyguess said:

This will be epic! Epic Yarn, opps, wrong game. Welcome to Wally's World, este Woolly World!



JJtheTexan said:

The game looks all right but the re-reveal / presentation freaking clobbered the momentum from the otherwise (mostly) brilliant Nintendo Digital Event. They should have kept this to a 90-second sizzle reel. The whole yarn store interview thing was BORING.



Octane said:

I love the fact that they went with the ''3D wool-style'', instead of the 2D Kirby's Epic Yarn style. It doesn't feel like as if it's Epic Yarn all over again. Another great game to add to my library.



Sherman said:

This is what I was waiting for. New Island as a "meh" for me since the moment I saw it. But this? This looks really awesome. The yarn concept fits perfectly with a Yoshi game. Everythink kiddy like fits perfectly with a Yoshi game. Don't you forget that, Nintendo!



dkxcalibur said:

It looks great but I got bored watching this portion of the event. I've never been into Yoshi outside of Mario games so I'm not excited.



WanderingPB said:

As a huge Yoshi fan im very excited but as a gamer im left a bit hurt by 3DS yoshi new island…im sincerely hoping that they add new creativity to blend with the exploration style Yoshis Island is known for



NintyMan said:

This should hopefully redeem Yoshi after New Island, as it looks beautiful and appears to play well too. Happy to finally see it again!



Darknyht said:

Well just increased my interest in a title that I had little to no interest in. My wife will probably interested if she can make her own Yarn Yoshi in real life.



Yoshis_VGM said:

So happy they finally released details on this game. It looks fantastic! Looks way better than New Island and I'm ever hoping that's true.

Also, the E3 website for this game says that it will launch in the first half of 2015. Thought you guys would like to know, in case you didn't see!



Henmii said:

The graphics look awesome, and I am sure it will be great fun. But I hoped to see more "new" things, so far it just looks like a regular Yoshi. Style over substance. And it seems they have ditched the 3D looking parts. Also: Bad music ahoy! But I'll wait and see!



Mr_3DS said:

Looks awesome! I hope they use all this time to make it perfect. I'm hoping for online co-op :/



AshFoxX said:

@retro_player_22 I was thinking the same thing, except it was more like "Please don't be another Yoshi Story!"

Not that I hate the game, but Yoshi's Island it most certainly is not...



Genesaur said:

Aesthetics are great, but those same obnoxious voice samples being used for Yoshi absolutely kills it for me. I'd almost be interested, if not for those disgusting noises he makes.

I miss the old Yoshi sound from Super Mario World, where he sounded more like an animal than a Muppet.

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