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A Warm and Fuzzy Adventure

Embark on a new Yoshi adventure in a world made from yarn, cloth and textiles. Explore the world by using yarn to weave wool platforms and warp pipes to reach new areas, and gleefully unravel its secrets and puzzles by pulling yarn walls apart. Add a little color to Yoshi’s life with a spectrum of yarn balls. Then team up with a friend to have a ball together in this wild and woolly world.

  • Players tangle, pull and stitch yarn to explore Yoshi’s world in creative new ways.
  • Yoshi has never been more adorable than as a toy knit from yarn. His entire environment is made from materials like felt, yarn, cloth and cotton, creating a gorgeous HD world that looks good enough to touch.
  • Instead of eggs, Yoshi tosses yarn balls at enemies. He can incapacitate a Piranha Plant by muzzling it with a piece of colored string. Or he can even use the yarn to knit together background elements.
  • Gobble friends and turn them into eggs. Then toss them into hard-to-reach heights and secret depths to discover in two-player cooperative play.
  • The game is co-developed by Good-Feel, the developer that created Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and Nintendo Co., Ltd under the supervision of Takashi Tezuka, producer of Yoshi’s Story and the Yoshi’s Island series.

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User Comments (33)



Yosher said:

Yoshi's Epic Return! This game will be mine day 1, most certainly. Love the visuals.



2Sang said:

I hope it's not a ripoff of epic yarn. If it didn't look so great, I'd be pessimistic.



Grodus said:

@2Sang It's made by the same team, I wouldn't call using your old ideas with a new character a rip-off. Just... not creative.



Varia01 said:

@ReshiramZekrom You're right.

Anyway, this game looks like it could be neat. No as pumped for this as I am Wind Waker HD, but still maybe a reasonable game. Hopefully it ends up better than Yoshi's Story. Wait, it maybe different due to it having the developers of Kirby's epic yarn.



biglittlejake said:

Kirby's Epic Yarn was cool with the graphics. Yoshi's games were always fun too IE Yoshi's Island. Will be getting this, maybe at release.



Fronzy said:

I always found the idea of turning a Classic game series and taking a risk into something new that fans will love. Kirby's Epic Yarn was a gamble but, was (like in the title) epic! Yarn Yoshi will be on my Wii U checklist!



spzero15 said:

I am pretty excited about this. My wife and sons had a great time with Kirby Epic Yarn, i Hope it is as good.



Lyndexer said:

Noticing Nintendo goes with material based like things for their games. Paper... Now yarn? Nintendo sure has an imagination, I like that.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

@Gilius Yeah, I really like how some games are styled like that. Looking like they're made out of paper or yarn or other household objects like in Nintendoland, it's like they're hand crafted adventures Nintendo made during an arts & crafts session! :)



NintendoPro64 said:

We'll probably see some more info on this within the next couple of Nintendo Directs as we start to head into 2014.



JimLad said:

Can't wait, KEY was one of my favourite games on the Wii. If they remove the un-killibility it would be amazing.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Don't forget that they made Wario Land: Shake It! either. That game was fairly easy for a normal play but was brutal to 100% just like Yoshi's Island was. Good-Feel is the perfect fit for Yoshi, in my opinion.



AshFoxX said:

Wonder if it will have the casual multiplayer like Kirby's Epic Yarn as well. The game is dirt easy, but it's a blast to play with my wife, and my daughter will hopefully be playing too soon.



nintendyagmr said:

I love the aesthetic of this game. I bet this game is going to be great. Can't wait to play it.



Goomba said:

I loved Kirby's Epic Yarn and I plan to pick this game up as soon as it comes out. The WII U is building a catalog of outstanding platformers!



greenlightningx6 said:

I think theres a possibility that kirby will appear in this game.
I was on nintendo's website, and under "games featuring our favorite characters" i clicked on kirby, and one of the games that came up was yoshi's wolly world.



Tesla8daAmpharos said:

Yoshi has always been one of my favorite Nintendo characters, so after seeing this game coming out, I was sure to get this game when I can... Because Yoshi is awesome

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