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Video: Behold The Incredible Destructive Power Of The Mario Kart 8 Super Horn

Posted by Damien McFerran

Spiny blue shells, begone!

A short time ago we posted a video of Nintendo's new TV spot for Mario Kart 8, which gives a humourous spin (no pun intended) to the game's use of anti-gravity.

Nintendo has now posted this video — along with two others — to its YouTube channel, and you can watch them in glorious HD quality below.

The most amusing has to be the Super Horn, a new item for the Wii U outing which can stop the hated blue shell dead in its tracks.

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It's not long until Mario Kart 8 launches — are you looking forward to reading the official Nintendo Life verdict?

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Alpha2797 said:

I actually laughed at the boomerang test video. I knew that boomerangs came back but it never occurred to me that one of those scientists were going to get hit.



SnackBox said:

Am I actually the only one that prefers the almighty power the blue shell used to it seems to have lost it's gleam and is now just another item...



Spoony_Tech said:

Why is everybody complaining about the battle mode?? If anything it needed to be revamped as I never hardly used it anymore. I'm more about the main game anyways.




Guys stop fooling yourselves into thinking you actually use the battle mode u__u No one played that mode anyways. 10/10



ScorpionMG said:

@Liquid_ice i know, that's why i didn't gave it a 9/10 like the other guy on top and i said 9.8/10, i actually like battle mode, but it is a little bit weird

@SnackBox yep, it's all about balance now, no more using double items (at least you don't lose your item when you fall down now, and you recover much quicker than before)
But it's a shame there's no fake mystery box and mega mushroom.. oh well, you can't have everything



ScorpionMG said:

@SMEXIZELDAMAN this is where you are wrong, a lot of people bought mkw just for the battle mode, i know that because i have friends that only play that on online and barely even touch the grand prix games. I for myself didn't enjoy much of the battle mode in mkw so it won't bother me on here, but it's still fun to play it now and then



Warbeard said:

Sadly, I suspect that many reviewers will drop the review a point because the game has such ridiculous GamePad-use - I suspect a 9 from NintendoLife, and around 85 Metascore



mercurio2054 said:

@ScorpionMG i enjoy the hoole game... its just so fun...
thi first thing i do is finish the grand prix. but i think this time i will do both (online and grandprix)



BakaKnight said:

Great advertising, Nintendo is doing a good job here.
These ads are definitly funny and build more hype for the upcoming game, hope to see more of them soon



BassLostie said:

Very good ads... also I like the slogan: "Insanely tested on Wii U for flippin' fun".... because... surely the developers of MK8 did test the game A LOT.



Yoshis_VGM said:

I think the boomerang one was my favorite. I hope Nintendo makes more commercials, there's still more new items.



dabaumer said:

@Spoony_Tech man I agree...64 was the best and the rest has been alright...MKwii had it's moments...a lot of the previews have viewed the change as positive...ppl just hate change, but all I hear is block fort...N64, turn into bombs when you die(which would rock) I just feel tht if our bast battle mode memories where from that log ago it is time for a change....and a least your a ghost when your dead now so you can still wreck havoc



HawkeyeWii said:

OMFG they did it! They finally did it! I don't believe my eyes! It may have taken 8 games but they finally came to their senses and gave an item to counteract that cheat of an item that is the blue shell.



Assassinated said:

I don't like the slogan. "Insanely tested for flippin fun"? It sounds clunky, and doesn't even make sense. The ads are good though.



WaveGhoul said:

This commercials are really fun! I love the fact that Nintendo ditched that teenage sounding announcer(think DKC Tropical freez's commercial) and went with an older, more charming sounding semi magical nostalgic voice that's very reminiscent(Although not 'quite' as awesome) as the announcer they used for a lot of their SNES commercials, like Super Mario World for ex!



Nico07 said:

@SMEXIZELDAMAN With friends I play battle mode more than anything else. The battle modes have declined in recent years being simply small stages with very little interesting about them (ie roulette wheel in MKW). For me Block Fort on the N64 (and DS) was my favorite offering a "king of the hill" type layout. You could stay on the bottom level but would have to contend with bouncing green shells. The middle tier was nice, but you were vulnerable to lined up shots from above. And the top was nice, but the platforms were the smallest and so you were still vulnerable. The unique arena stages bring a different, unique type of gameplay not seen in the traditional racing modes of Mario Kart.

I'm open to the new battle mode, and think that the reverse paths of racers will be a good thing and equally unique, especially with the mayhem of up to 12 (I'm assuming 12) racers on each map. That said, I would not be against Nintendo later releasing DLC arena maps as add-on content should the courses be better than the arena maps of the later games in the franchise. I am very excited for this game and despite the change think it should receive a solid 10/10 from many reviewers.

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