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Nintendo has expressed its desire to heavily promote Mario Kart 8 in the coming weeks and months, no doubt hoping to tempt a lot of gamers on the fence regarding the Wii U to take the plunge. In-store ads and a Mario Kart TV web app will play roles, though we should expect the company to spend some marketing money on good-old TV adverts, too.

One that seems to be doing the rounds in the U.S., at least, is themed around an "Upside-Down Test". It starts off with some decent visual effects to show a real-life kart flipping over into anti-gravity, before cutting to in-game footage. Check it out below, uploaded by Mariohenri90 on YouTube.

This seems like a neat TV ad to us, with comments suggesting its been spotted on the Cartoon Network, for example. Nintendo of America has been on a decent run with some of its concepts, often blending fantastical real-life footage with game clips.

Are you a fan of this commercial, and have you spotted it on TV?

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip.