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Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS Screens - Issue Thirty Five

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Beam Swords! Egg throwing! Balloon Fighting! Other Stuff!

Our normal Monday routine of summarising Super Smash Bros. screens was put back to allow for some tasty reviews, but we never forget. It just so happens that hype levels for the titles are high once again, with news of a Super Smash Bros. Invitational at E3 boosting our excitement ahead of the LA extravaganza.

We have some attractive screens to look at from last week's Director's Room Miiverse community posts, including a particularly awesome Mega Man Final Smash screen; we have two 3DS and three Wii U screens, overall.

You can see last week's Miiverse community screens below, and you can click on the date heading to visit the posts in question and give them a Yeah.

21st April

22nd April

23rd April

24th April

25th April

A fun selection this week. Let us know which are your favourites in the poll and comments below.

What's your favourite Smash Bros. screen this week? (271 votes)

Link summons his inner Luke Skywalker


The Villager looks on as Mario dodges death


Charizard bites off more than it can chew


Yoshi tries to prove the egg is mightier than the gun


Mega Man is joined by his buddies


Um, I can't decide


To be honest, I don't like any of them


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User Comments (41)



Giygas_95 said:

I'm curious about how the Balloon Fight stage loops. If it loops, can you not KO other players by sending them flying off the screen? Perhaps when they are sent flying, players will just get KOd instead of looping around.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Giygas_95 Sideway ring-outs will be impossible, but the water is a double hazard, since you can meteor enemies down there (assuming swimming mechanics don't apply), or the fish will mow down characters who stay too close to the surface.



GloverMist said:

I love how Friday's pic proves how Nintendo can stuff more Mega Man fan-service into a game than Capcom can! Sad times, indeed. Still, that is an amazing picture, even for someone who's not a huge fan of the series, like me!



NintyMan said:

I voted for Charizard trying to eat Waddle Dee. Normally I'm not too hot on joke pics, but that was the best one yet. I also can't get the quote out of my head. "Don't eat him. You can't eat him."



User1988 said:

I do love that rainbow, but I voted for the balloon fight image because I'm super excited about these exclusive 3DS stages!

And I just realized that the image of Charizard is 3DS?! That detail is awesome!



MeloMan said:

Ah Waddle Dee
Strangely I'm really liking that Simple yet straight forward Balloon Fight stage.



Dreamz said:

35 consecutive previews for a game that isn't being released for several more months is utterly ridiculous. The Wii U has games beyond Smash and Kart, after all.



Einherjar said:

@Giygas_95 Well, flying enemys will bounce off of other platforms, so picture this: They either bounce of the middle platform and fall into the water OR the hit the spinner, get smashed around the stage the other way around, hit that thing AGAIN and then plummit into the water Oh what fun



Einherjar said:

@Dreamz But you DID get what this feature is all about and that it is NOT a preview ? Its a collection of MiiVerse posts containing Images from the game for a more conveniant way to see them. Nothing more, nothing less.



Goginho said:

lol what? i don't get the last pic and why it's so popular oh well. The first one for me then.



Funny_Moblin said:

I'm wondering--If King Dedede doesn't throw Waddle Dees anymore, then why is there one in the pic of the day? Hmmm.



Funny_Moblin said:

I'm wondering--If King Dedede doesn't throw Waddle Dees anymore, then why is there one in the pic of the day? Hmmm.



rjejr said:

Gotta go w/ a flaming yin-yang sword. That's kinda cool.

So are we expecting a SSB 3DS bundle or am I the only one left not owning a 3DS so it would be a waste of Nintendo's time? My birthday is in July and an XL is currently at the top of the gift list. Maybe simultaneous 2DS. 3DS and XL bundles? It is SSB first time on a handheld, might as well celebrate.



mystman12 said:

I voted for the Balloon Fight stage. As simple as it looks, it still looks like a lot of fun! I'm sure players will be able to be KO'd by going off the top of the screen, btw. The Charizard pic is awesome too!



AlexSora89 said:

The Mega-men, Megaman Corps, or whatever you call 'em.
They won the moment they appeared as a Pic Of The Day.



Hortencio said:

The only thing utterly ridiculous is the fact that you post an anti-Smash comment on a preview for the game. Who made you click on this article (or do you live under a bridge)? I'll make him/her go away if that will brighten your day; I can't stand bullies! Nice avatar, by the way, now that's something both of us CAN agree on...



zdog said:

if they are in the brush up everything we can stage then why isn't it coming out until winter?



Assassinated said:

Embarrassingly, that rainbow trailed egg is reminding me of a Barney movie I wish I cold forget.



Giygas_95 said:

@MrMario02 Yeah, I know, but it would seem that most KOs are done by launching your enemy off to the side...That's actually a feature I always wondered why was not included in the Mario Bros. stage from Brawl.

@Einherjar That does sound fun...and hilarious.

@zdog Perhaps there's a lot of brushing up to do?

I'm pretty surprised the one with Zero Suit Samus doesn't have the highest percentage like they usually do. Mega Man for the win!

You know, I just noticed that's a pretty neat pose Link is holding. Looks like he's about to charge and cut Mario to ribbons like a double sworded ninja!



Excep7ional said:

Of course I had to vote for the Megaman picture. To see every single Megaman working together is just pure epic in every sense of the word. That Charizard picture is cool too, but mainly because I find it cute.



Einherjar said:

@Dreamz By that logic, everything is a preview. A preview is a more in depth look at the game itself and its features before its actually released, like the dedicated direct weve got.
This is just a weekly collection of screenshots that were posted on miiverse, similar with what theyve done with brawl with the dojo website back in the day.



Goginho said:

@ScorpionMG Yeah, it's a lot of Megamen lol, but the picture itself isn't all that...artsy and great. I thought we vote on which one looks the best, most aesthetic and appealing hehe



alLabouTandroiD said:

I don't think it makes any sense to exclude the Balloon Fight stage from the Wii U release since its most prominent version was on a home console. And it's in NES Remix as well.



Kosmo said:

The Charizard pic cracks me up. "Charizard is not listening. Charizard is trying to eat a passing Waddle Dee."



Troggy said:

It's a toss up between the Megamen and Charizard attempting to make a Waddle Dee into a light snack. I don't even know.

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