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Bravely Default Producer Says to Expect Info on Sequel this Summer

Posted by Tim Latshaw

That's just too many seconds...

It's safe to say that Bravely Default went over pretty well in the world, even making publisher Square Enix take a second look at its strategy concerning JRPGs in the West. The sequel, currently referred to as Bravely Second, is a relative sure shot for localisation, but fans must first endure the agony of waiting for it to be made.

"Take your time," they croon. "Make sure it's fantastic. We'll be patient!" Yet they keep staring at Japan, checking their watches, coughing, tapping their feet. Then the shakes start...

Producer Tomoya Asano seems to understand, leaking a tidbit on the game's progress in the most recent issue of Famitsu that was picked up by Siliconera:

We’re currently at the height of the planning [stage] for the game. As far as new information goes, we’ll likely be revealing more this summer, so please look forward to it!

With Asano previously stating that focus would remain on the story and expanding the world, the planning stage is quite the essential place to be in creation. Hopefully the first title will keep fans busy until more is revealed, regardless of what numbered playthrough they're on.


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Gold said:

The next Final Fantasy possibly? First games were good, then meh?



Buduski said:

Already played through Bravley Default 2 times, love that old school JRPG feel to it, great story, awesome combat system, all the job classes, yeah, really didn't expect to like it so much.



AkinaChan said:

I loooove RPGs, especially Pokemon, Phantasy Star, Chrono Trigger, Persona, Dragon Quest, andddddd Fire Emblem, but couldn't really get into this one for some season. Probably because I was playing so many other games and diddint have much time to devote to it :< I should try playing it again



unrandomsam said:

@Gold Bravely Default wasn't in the same league as the good ones not even close. Best they could do is give is the ones that haven't been translated yet.



unrandomsam said:

I like stories like Final Fantasy VI or Dragon Quest V (Newer Skies of Arcadia or Radiant Historia) and similar types of balance. The balance in Bravely Default is closer to the After Years. (Plus I don't like the Pay to Win aspect just for it existing and the fact that there is a kill switch so that once you cannot update data you cannot play it and have to rebuy it which was by design).



Rapido said:

After finishing the game and knowing the ending. I'd love to have Bravely Second focus on the story. And perhaps more secret bosses like Omega and Ultima Weapon and or Ozma . ..

@unrandomsam I somewhat agree. But BD deflinitely came close.



BinaryFragger said:


I hate microtransactions but they're completely optional in Bravely Default; you certainly don't need to "pay to win." The game is 100% playable without spending any money on microtransactions. You can get extra SP by keeping the 3DS in sleep mode for 8 hours, but personally, I didn't use a single one in 60+ hours of gameplay.



Mr_Video said:

After playing over 60 hours into Bravely Default , I have to say it's one of the best RPGs I've played in a while. So I'm definitely looking forward to Bravely Second.
I just really hope they don't make the game as repetitive as the second half of BD is.



King47 said:

I didn't like the first one. It got cheap and annoying after waking the crystals the first time, there was no need for doing it five times. The English voice acting was one of the worst things I've ever heard. I liked the RPG elements though.



Cengoku said:

It's one of the best RPG i played in a while. I'm at chapter 7... and I find chapters 5, 6 and 7 a little boring. People who played it must know it why..



unrandomsam said:

@BinaryFragger The presence of them has messed up the game balance. Instead of a decent amount of content it needs loads of grinding. (Or paying to win).

The end result is wasting lots of my time with a story I am totally indifferent to.

It didn't used to be like that if you were not a high enough level then you went and did some sidequests. Never needed to do any grinding at all.

Plus there is the deliberate kill switch in it. (Soon as update data stops working you cannot play it any more).



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Damn, I still need to finish the game! But Senran Kagura foils my plans day by day!

@BinaryFragger "Pay to win" doesn't mean you can only win by buying microtransactions, it also stands for unfair advantages you can get with these microtransactions that make it easy to win by default.



Windy said:

@Cengoku yep that's why I won't be getting Bravely Second unless they make an obvious change and announce it so changed. I'm all bravely'd out.



KozmoOchez said:

@unrandomsam sounds like you either have not played it, or are doing it wrong. Loads of grinding is not required in Bravely Default, and if you do happen to do "loads of grinding" you can coast through most of the game. I was OP by chapter 3 and I have had random encounters turned off for chapters 5 and 6 with all sidequests and jobs up to that point completed.

Besides, SP is mostly useless. Never has their been a time where I thought, "man I really need to use this SP that I've had stored since the beginning of the game". In fact, this game features the fastest grinding I've seen in any RPG (maybe not FFTactics since you can kinda cheat that). Speed up everything and set it to auto, this is how I got so strong in the early chapters, and it's not even necessary, I'm just a fan of being OP in RPG games



PrincessEevee9 said:

@KozmoOchez Shouldn't waste your breathe. The moron usual is always talking outta his butt.

Interesting reactions in here.

Loved the first game despite it's little flaws just shows that they tried alll these new different things that's gonna be changed in the sad game. Oh Ringabel I'll cry buckets if you're not in the next game.



FantasiaWHT said:

I'll probably skip it. Not that impressed with the first one. Game just feels like they tried to cram way too many mechanics into it. A lot of them just seem very random and not designed to work particularly well together. Terrible writing, pretty bad voice acting (in either Japanese or English).



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Unca_Lz Yeah, but that goes for almost every pay-to-win mechanic. It's not about wether it's optional or not, it's about the developers' intentions with a microtransaction. Some games (like League of Legends) limit themselves to stuff that has no bearing on gameplay, but others (take Aion or Candy Crush Saga as examples) do it to deliberately rip off score hunters and PvP enthusiasts (and rich kids who are too lazy to put some effort in their gameplay).

In this case, it was nothing more than greed, though I wonder if it was Squenix or Silicon who came up with this. Regardless, it's a paid success, something that shouldn't exist within games, since it's pretty close to corruption in sports, except that everyone willing to pay can do it, and there's no competition in Bravely Default.



ariwl1 said:

I completely forgot about SP points most of the time. It was never an essential part of any battle strategy I had and a lot of the time the only reason I even used one was because my finger accidentally hit the start button. They aren't at all necessary to play the game and I had my settings on normal up until CH5 and beyond.



Panamae said:

Great game but the second part really killed it for me. I hope they don't do anything like that in the sequel.



User1988 said:

I'm still on Chapter 5. Switched to Dream Team when BD started getting monotonous but I need to go back and finish before the sequel is localized!



unrandomsam said:

@KozmoOchez Could be just I hated the story. (I wish I had never played it but it was a present so I forced myself through it). I just used the policy of anything S Q E X sends that is of a similar level to mine I should defeat before progressing. Either way I wish I never touched the game. (Any game I am not loving from start to finish I shouldn't be playing).



JaxonH said:

The DS was an RPG powerhouse. Multiple Dragon Quest games, multiple Final Fantasy remakes and spinoffs, The World Ends With You, Radiant Historia, Chrono Trigger, etc... most of which was accounted for by Square Enix. I'm REALLY hoping we can get a new, exclusive Dragon Quest on 3DS, and maybe a Final Fantasy remake or two like they did on the last couple handhelds. But my goodness, they really need to get with it on that Dragon Quest.



unrandomsam said:

@JaxonH The only stuff I like from Square Enix on the DS is stuff they made a long time ago. I like Radiant Historia but that is not by them either. Final Fantasy III / Dragon Quest IV-VI / Chrono Trigger. I quite liked Dragon Quest IX but not as much as the rest. (Not bothered about the remake of Final Fantasy IV or The Four Heroes of Light and I have not played the World Ends with You.)

Just Dragon Quest VII would be fine by me.

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