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Fri 11th Apr 2014

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KozmoOchez commented on Bravely Default Producer Says to Expect Info o...:

@unrandomsam sounds like you either have not played it, or are doing it wrong. Loads of grinding is not required in Bravely Default, and if you do happen to do "loads of grinding" you can coast through most of the game. I was OP by chapter 3 and I have had random encounters turned off for chapters 5 and 6 with all sidequests and jobs up to that point completed.

Besides, SP is mostly useless. Never has their been a time where I thought, "man I really need to use this SP that I've had stored since the beginning of the game". In fact, this game features the fastest grinding I've seen in any RPG (maybe not FFTactics since you can kinda cheat that). Speed up everything and set it to auto, this is how I got so strong in the early chapters, and it's not even necessary, I'm just a fan of being OP in RPG games