Bravely Second

With Bravely Default now available worldwide, it's naturally no surprise that the sequel is already confirmed for Japan, ensuring a likely scenario that gamers in the West will have to patiently await localisation news as those in the homeland of Square Enix enjoy the follow-up. The version that hit the West was indeed the "for the Sequel" iteration that was the second arrival in Japan, however, so those that have picked it up do have an idea of the direction the series will follow in its full sequel.

With the new title on the way, producer Tomoya Asano had a chat with Siliconera on a few points around the style and design of the game. Unsurprisingly, turn-based combat will remain as per the latest release, while Asano-san reiterated that the focus of the game would once again be driven by story, even with the world being expanded.

Originally, showing exploration more naturally is not something we put importance on because [the game] consists of deformed characters walking on a deformed map. However, having symbol encounters [enemies aren't visible on the map] is convenient in that it allows players to engage in battles at their own pace. The adjustable encounter rate accomplishes this.

Bravely Second expands Luxendarc, but it might be slightly different than an ‘RPG with an expansive world you can explore'. Rather, it will basically be like Bravely Default in that it will be driven by the story. Thought processes change depending on the goal of the game, and with Bravely, the thought process is that characters are there for the gameplay and the world is there for the characters.

This perhaps gives the experience some focus, even accounting for a larger world, sub-quests and other areas to explore. Are you a fan of this philosophy, where characters and story drive gameplay, perhaps rather than simply throwing up an enormous world as the primary driving force? Let us know what you think in the comments below.