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3DS Release Added to Cult County's Core Kickstarter Target

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"You spoke. We listened."

In early April Renegade Kid launched a Kickstarter campaign for Cult County on home consoles (including Wii U), Vita and PC. It was a title that had been announced for 3DS in early 2013, but as the studio's co-founder Jools Watsham told us, the shift to using the Unity engine and focusing on greater scope had shifted the project to more powerful hardware.

Yes, it was a very difficult decision for us to move away from the 3DS with Cult County, but the development of Moon Chronicoles helps soften that blow for us. We are very excited about what consoles offer, and the opportunity to flex some extra polygonal muscle with the power that consoles and computers offer.

Despite the other titles the developer is bringing to Nintendo's portable, some were certainly vocal in their disappointment that the first-person horror title was no longer coming to the 3DS — not without an unspecified but large stretch goal being reached. Unfortunately that's looked an impossibility, as the core funding target of $580,000 has looked like a long-shot in recent days. Responding to demand, the studio has now changed course and added the 3DS to that target, saying the following in its project update.

We have a little treat for the Nintendo handheld fans out there.


You spoke. We listened. You want Nintendo 3DS as an option for Cult County? You got it!

We sent the call out on twitter, and we got a tremendous response. 248 retweets and 47 favorites later we hear you loud and clear.

If the minimum funded goal of $580,000 is reached, you will be able to choose the Nintendo 3DS as your platform of choice for your download code.

This change may help the campaign boost its momentum, as with 16 days to go it's raised less than $40,000 — at the time of writing — of that $580,000 goal.

Are you excited that the original 3DS version is now back on the table, and do you think that'll give the campaign a valuable boost?


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smikey said:

Not that it makes any difference they will never get within 200k of the target amount, & I did back them but the kick starter has been a complete failure



readyletsgo said:

I was just saying that the 3DS version should have been included on the comments on the kickstarter page and low'n'behold an hour later it was added again.

I up'd my pledge to $40.

I really dont think they will get the goal amount by the end though. They need to get the word out more on every site known to man!



Diz93 said:

Its great that 3DS owners get this and all, but now theyll have to develop with the 3DS in mind, and Im a little afraid that it will degrade the Wii U version. "Oh we cant have that in the game because the 3DS wouldnt be able to run that" (for ex.) I mean that was the whole reason for ditching it in the first place. Hopefully Im wrong and it wont effect the Wii U version at all, and whether it reaches its target goal, I hope it still finds a way onto our devices.



3dcaleb said:

nice. the only way i will get this is on the 3ds so i really hope it makes it. it looks like it will be awesome.



Meaty-cheeky said:

Great news, maybe I might up my pledge, But this kick starter project has been an overall failure.



XCWarrior said:

Nothing is going to save Kickstarter. I own a couple of Renegade Kid's games - they are fun - but no way are they going to hit this lofty goal.

Kickstarter is coming under fire for broken promises, and I think the good devs you can rely on might suffer if they ask for a lot of money right now.



bizcuthammer said:

This game looks interesting, but even when they first announced their goal pf $580,000 i thought it was a long shot. Now its looking near impossible. Sucks, but thats how it goes.



Emblem said:

Too little too late, i'll eat my hat if this gets funded. People won't pony up for a 3DS version when thats what they were expecting from the start.

RG messed up, they should have released Treasurenaughts to build some some more rep/faith before kick starting such a high cost project.



Kirk said:

Well look, it's pretty clear this game isn't gonna reach anywhere near that minimum target imo but it is nice to see the 3DS back on the list.



shane1228 said:

Where is Moon Chronicles? Was it not supposed to release last month? I wonder if they dumped a bunch of resources into this project and MC is taking longer than expected.



Prof_Clayton said:

Hope they stick to just the 3DS version. That eould have been way cheaper. While this game lokks good, Kickstarter works well with more niche things... and a FPS for 3DS only would have been supported more than this even was.



SkywardLink98 said:

I doubt it's going to get made. Less than 40k when you need 580k to get the game made isn't good.



Tops said:

@Emblem You summed up my thoughts EXACTLY!

Watch the Kickstarter fail and then they'll only have the resources to make the 3DS version which will land them back where they started, but with a lot of people shaking their heads.

Edit: I feel like the whole "you asked, we listened" is desperate when they're pandering to the audience they initially walked away from. It would have been more appropriate if 3DS hadn't been considered at all until now. Low blow Renegade Kid.



Klimbatize said:

Shouldn't have abandoned the platform that housed their strongest supporters (and sales) to begin with. Complete mishandling of the situation, unfortunately. It's too bad because I'm a fan and have supported every game they've released on the 3DS eShop. 3DS should have remained in the plans the entire time.



HallowedArbiter said:

It isn't even going to get close! The Renegade Kid guys needs to understand that the ones that care about their games are on Nintendo consoles, not anywhere else. I see no reason to fund a game where most of the platforms are platforms I do not own.



Tops said:

@memoryman3 They ditched 3DS to focus on consoles that support the Unity engine. Also if the game is getting released regardless then I don't understand why people would fund it tbh.



dumedum said:

And people said it was incapable of, because of no unity support or something... ha. The 3DS is capable of anything!



Gen0neD said:

I'll say a heart felt "thank you" to RK for listening ( becuase i posted my disappointment on the dismissal of the 3ds version ) but by the looks of things...



Blue_Yoshi said:

Part of the reason why this game was so attractive was due to this game being an FPS on the 3DS as an exclusive. Having every console and their mother's have this game kinda kills the vibe that this was going to be a 3DS game with a lot of effort put into it making it a decent, never before seen experience on a handheld.



Dpishere said:

It is a shame that this game will almost certainly not reach its kickstarter goal as I thought the game looked pretty cool.



kupo said:

If this were 3DS only, they could drop the funding goal. Honestly...WHY would they want to release on the big-boy consoles and go toe-to-toe with all the other FPS games??? 3DS has ZERO competition, FPS-wise.



BertoFlyingFox said:

I dont know, it's in first person view so I really wouldnt play it without a circle pad pro (which I dont have). Then the whole talk of the game being made anyway with KS serving as a way to speed up development. They basically splintered their userbase among the odd pros and cons they created.

they broadened the scope and excluded 3DS, now apparently they lowered the scope back. Yeah, talk about confusing.

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