Yoshi Tshirt Big 4

It's always nice to see some official clothing as a Club Nintendo Reward, so the arrival of this adorable Yoshi shirt on the North American store should prove to be much less divisive among fans than the title it represents.

Available now for 800 coins, the shirt comes in both Large and Small, suitable for male and female dino-fans alike. The design borrows from the series' signature pastel art-style, depicting a mighty Mega Eggdozer being hurled right across your chest in glorious colour.

If you're already counting your coins in preparation, act quick because the shirt will apparently stock in ''limited quantities''. The stork can only deliver so many after all - that guy has got lost babies to search for.

Check it out here, and be sure to comment below if this addition has you flutter-jumping for joy!

Thanks to Sketchturner for the tip!