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Nintendo of America Launches eShop Indie Website

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Links, links everywhere

With the eShop platforms increasingly becoming integral parts of the Wii U and 3DS, Nintendo is likely to continue to increase its support for the stores. Much has been done to ease entry requirements, a process that began on the 3DS, while the Wii U store has opened up new avenues with development tools and access through the likes of Unity and the Nintendo Web Framework.

Marketing will also be important, of course, with the store-fronts themselves likely to continue to evolve. Nintendo of America is stepping up its efforts away from the big N's hardware, too, with a freshly launched 'Indie' web portal, which is dedicated to pointing intrigued consumers towards all of the information they need to make the most of the download platforms. The new page has information and links on notable games, the process for buying downloads, where to buy eShop funds and plenty of attractive artwork. At this stage the featured games — aside from NES Remix — are mostly for the 3DS and are a mix of current and upcoming releases, with Unepic also sneaking in to represent the Wii U.

We'd hope that web portals like these — an equivalent in Europe and other territories will hopefully arrive — lay the groundwork for future connectivity between the stores and Nintendo Network IDs. Nintendo has stated that it's looking to improve the access we have to its content, so options to use websites such as this to buy a game — with our system of choice automatically downloading the product in standby mode — while away from our hardware would be most welcome. As a source of information this seems like a solid start, however, even if we'd substitute the Mario Party: Island Tour 3DS graphic at the top for an eShop-only game.

Check out the Indie website and let us know what you think.

Thanks to babyguess for the tip.


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ajcismo said:

Its a nice start and the layout and info are helpful and effective... But... Wouldn't it be nice to also purchase the titles from the site and they download to your Wii U/3DS automatically? Like while at work/school etc, so its ready to go when you get home. I'm sure we'll get there someday, baby steps.



Einherjar said:

@ajcismo It may be possible with the WiiU since the system is constantly checking for updates online. But the not so sure if it would be possible.



FarsanBaloo said:

Nintendo! How about making it possible to watch game-clips on the Wii U gamepad, remember that you have a perfectly good web browser in your new console. "You need to have Adobe Flash player to view this content". Did the marketing people really forget that Wii U does not support Flash?
The same goes for the 3DS, Why can I not see promotion for 3D games in 3D?



ajcismo said:

Sure it is, sort of. The download on 3DS would kick on as soon as your unit enters into its main wi-fi hotspot. Like the little blue notification light that turns on.



DualWielding said:

more useless stuff, and they still refuse to address the main issue, games being tied to consoles which is unaceptable



Spoony_Tech said:

@Einherjar @ajcismo Oh it's very possible on the 3ds. I woke up from sleep the other day and hulu plus was pushed to my system. All they have to do is a spot pass push when you purchase it!



DreamOn said:

Really nice.

Also, anyone know which week Siesta Fiesta is releasing? That's only game I need in my life.



Dark-Link73 said:

It's good to see that as the big dogs of the industry slowly decrease support for the Wii U, Nintendo is slowly increasing its support for the Indie developer. After all they (Indie) are the only ones who seem to have an honest and positive opinion of Nintendo nowadays.

Speaking of decreased support, yesterday I went to my local GameStop to pre-order Watch_Dogs and the manager told me that the Wii U version was pushed forward. I asked him if meant to say "pushed back", and he replied "no, it got pushed forward. The was delayed to July, but now it got pushed forward again to May 27th." After I questioned him again if he was sure it was the Wii U version he showed me the computer screen his computer showed indeed May 27th.

IF true, this can be good or bad. If Ubi lied about the reasons for delaying the game and it is completed, them it is good they are not afraid to compete with MK8 by releasing W_D at the same time. But, if Ubi was telling the truth about the game needing further development and they are just releasing the game on time just because the backlash from a few bratty gamers with immediate gratification issues, then this is bad.

I rather wait for a well tuned up game than a rushed version.



GalacticMario28 said:

This sounds good for people like me who have trouble keeping up with all the new indie games being announced.



DragonCactus said:

Neat stuff. I'm not too good with being on top of things like this, so the site will mostly like provide some big help.



LoveSugoi said:

Cute. Useful for me since I usually do visit the Nintendo website just to browse through the games and see which ones I'll pick up later. @WiiULoveGBA That's exactly what I'm wondering. I got money on my account right now that's specifically for it's purchase (and Pokemon Battle Trozei).


That's very interesting news about Watch Dogs. Thanks for sharing.



shadowgauge said:

@Dark-Link73 your right about watch dogs my gamestop rep told me the same thing the other day I think the delay is due to mario kart being released in may I hope WD does come out on may 27 i've been waiting a long time and I want it on Wii u,imagine how nice it will look with no hud like black flag.



vattodev said:

What? How can there be only unepic there? Where is castlestorm, trine 2, giana sisters, nano assault neo, etc? There are plenty of great Wii U indie titles, much more than 3DS already.



IronMan28 said:

@Dark-Link73 I've had them tell me a few things about release dates that didn't turn out to be true, but if it is, and the game is ready, I'm okay with them releasing it then.

On topic, I love the idea of this site; hopefully Nintendo will allow users to buy from the store, as opined by some in the comments and by Damo. Nintendo is doing well with Indies, too bad they can't seem to replicate that success with the "big dogs."



JustinH said:

There are so many Wii U indies not on this list and games that are rather plainly not indies, like Attack of the Friday Monsters, are. This really stinks.



IceClimbers said:

Go to the link and take out "indies" from the URL so that it goes to the main eShop page. On there, it lists "new" titles, "old school favorites", and "indies". Under old school favorites, Super Mario Bros 3 is listed for 3DS. You're welcome.



IceClimbers said:

@JustinH Attack of the Friday Monsters is indeed an indie. It was just released with a collection of other indies in one package.



Vincent294 said:

@Dark-Link73 It got delayed to impact as few gamers as possible. They are overwhelmed & needed staff from one of the dev teams, & the Wii U team impacted the least people. The Wii U version will be complete around winter.



ashlyquin said:

This is a good start. They NEED to list ALL indie developers AND be able to sort by system first...... then add more improvements after that.



Dark-Link73 said:

@VincentV I don't know where you got your info (that wasn't the reason disclosed by Ubisoft) but if your time table is correct, then most likely it'll be canceled by then. You're talking a year delay on the least supported console. Ubisoft is not going to spend almost another year of resources to finish the version of the game that is the least likely to give them much returns (if any) to their investment.

After all, as you mentioned, is the version that affects the last amount of people.



JohninMotion said:

Disappointing. There's only like 5 games and that's with 1 Wii U game. What's the point?

How about in the store page you can click a checkbox that allows you to filter by Indie author? That would be more satisfying and do 95% more than that one page does.

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