Weirdness: Snoop Lion's Latest Music Video References Pokémon and Retro Games


Snoop Lion, for those unaware, is the current artistic name of the rapper many will likely know as Snoop Dogg. In recent times he's undergone a fairly major image change, with a shift in his music's themes, that new name and an even more chilled out style.

Rather than hitting up the streets with Dr. Dre — or whatever — the most recent tracks from the rapper have been more wholesome than his older work, and the latest video for "Get Away" has a retro game theme. This includes a side-scrolling shooter sequence and, far more prominently, a lengthy section riffing on Pokémon, showing a pixel-based Snoop exploring an overworld before engaging in a battle with the track's producer, Major Lazer.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.