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Weirdness: Snoop Lion's Latest Music Video References Pokémon and Retro Games

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


Snoop Lion, for those unaware, is the current artistic name of the rapper many will likely know as Snoop Dogg. In recent times he's undergone a fairly major image change, with a shift in his music's themes, that new name and an even more chilled out style.

Rather than hitting up the streets with Dr. Dre — or whatever — the most recent tracks from the rapper have been more wholesome than his older work, and the latest video for "Get Away" has a retro game theme. This includes a side-scrolling shooter sequence and, far more prominently, a lengthy section riffing on Pokémon, showing a pixel-based Snoop exploring an overworld before engaging in a battle with the track's producer, Major Lazer.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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2Sang said:

Is this a joke? I remember when Snoop was the hardest rapper out there, now he's a parody of a joke.



UnknownNico said:

Well, he's getting his own fighting game, so I guess it makes sense for him to do something about video games.



WesCash said:

Snoop is truly the voice of our generation.
It's impossible to dislike him.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Hm... I dunno what to make of this...
It looks like an awful newgrounds fan flash video, and the song is pretty lame and uninspired. The references don't really cut it for me.



Magikarp3 said:

Snoop Dogg plays retro games, Lil' Jon plays Dragon Quest, Lupe Fiasco never leaves his house without his DS...

The hip hop industry really has a thing with video games haha



2Sang said:

@WesCash He was a voice of last generation, and kept hip hop alive during the immediate deaths of BIG and Pac, along with Jay-Z. This generation, he's turned from one of the first to one of the worst. Immortal Technique, Lupe, Eminem, Kanye, Mac Miller, actually pretty much everyone except Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj are better than Snoop this generation.



KevTastic84 said:

@2Sang The hardest rapper out there? Do you even listen to Hip Hop,? I could name 20 rappers off the top of my head harder than Snoop "high as shizzle" Dogg



Urbanhispanic said:

Well that was interesting.....I do like the pokemon reference but I have mixed feelings with his current direction in his music.



JuanitoShet said:

I don't care if it makes reference to Pokemon; this video is awful. Now add in the audio, and it's plain atrocious. I couldn't finish it, it's just that bad.



MAB said:

Snoop doesn't care about games or Pokemans. This is a video put together by his record labels production/marketing crew to coincide with the new Pokemans XY craze... Millions of Poketards will buy his album or download this track just because of the reference




fritzthecat said:

man, lot of unwarranted negativity directed snoop's way. Hes been around long enough I think hes earned the right to change his life/musical style as much as he pleases



MadAdam81 said:

He can do whatever he wants, instead of what the producers tell him the sheep will buy, kind of like the reverse of the Offspring.
Now his old stuff is mainstream, he wants to try something new. It's better than churning out the same stuff for 20 years.
Personally, I think it's a bit repetitive and it could have done with a couple of things added.



KarateKid1234 said:

What in hell happened to Snoop? I remember when he used to make rock hard rap, but, now, THIS?! I guess he smokes weed everyday.

...Especially the Hot Pockets Music Video he was in.



Genesaur said:

Whatever, I can dig it.

They could have made the flying cars dodge the enemies' attacks, even if just a little bit. This nonexistent game looks too easy.



kingston589 said:

@2Sang dude those rappers you listed, are horrible. Underground is waaaay better. Hopsin, Techn9ne, Schoolboy Q, CES Cru



EverythingAmiibo said:

At least it's not EVERY OTHER RAP SONG ON THE CHARTS!! So he wants to cool it down a bit, and hire a decent pixel artist for decent video while he's at it? Go for it I say!



AutumnShantel said:

@yuwarite: Yes, I lead a pathetic life and every day I wish it was more fulfilling than it is. lol Not really. But yeah, mostly all I listen to and all I play. I did not say it was the only thing I listen to, though. Read better.



AutumnShantel said:

@yuwarite: I'm 24... and only love it as time passes, for many reasons that I don't feel like listing. Furthermore... why on earth does it mean so much to you? lol Please stop wasting your time talking to me and worry about yourself.



yuwarite said:

@AutumnShantel Well you're posting in a public forum, where what you post is subject to someone responding to you. If you don't want people to reply then keep your opinions to yourself in the future. Anyway, I just can't stand most modern Rock; I think it's as vapid and soulless as most pop music. A lot of it feels like its marketed towards people who play CoD or who think Alienware computers are edgy, lol.



yuwarite said:

@AutumnShantel It took you 2 years to reply and you still get your facts wrong... And your original post was about you saying "nothing like a song like this to remind me why I listen to rock" aka an opinion that expresses discontent with the music in the article and a opinionated preference for Rock. Bye-bye now.



AutumnShantel said:

@yuwarite I haven't been on in a year, and I was looking back at my profile and replies and saw this. I thought it would be funny to reply now... you over-analyze.
Hope you have a merry Christmas!

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