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Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Is Bouncing Towards Japanese 3DS Consoles This August

Posted by Damien McFerran

Best of the breast

It has been revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu that Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson is currently in development for the 3DS and will be hitting Japanese store shelves in August.

Like Senran Kagura Burst, the game will be a side-scrolling fighter packed with scantly-clad, large-chested female combatants. Burst developer Tamsoft is once again handling the coding duties.

The announcement in Famitsu also reveals that the game will feature full-3D arena boss battles and two male characters. The release date is August 7th, and there's no word as yet regarding a western release.


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Gioku said:

Nice use of the word "bouncing" in the title there...
...made me giggle...

...oh, and uh... a whole two male characters, huh? Well... aren't they lucky fellas!



Shotgunryugan said:

This is great news.
I bought this game after reading good things about it & loved it.
As a fan of both fighting games and Sailor Moon-like transformations I welcome this game if it ever comes to North America(Which I hope it does, apparently it sold well in the US)

Also the male characters interest me, I kinda have an idea of who they might be, I wonder if they'll have jiggle physics too

Edit-By "this game" I meant Senran Kagura Burst



SheldonRandoms said:

Will the male characters be a giant male person, who represents the school they go to, and they fight the other male character giant from the other school? Because this is Senran Kagura, so that could happen..............maybe, but that maybe would be swell and awesome if it was true.



sinalefa said:

It was to be expected for this game to come in pairs.

Because you know, sequels are very popular!

Hopefully I find this one more engaging than Code of Princess.



Shotgunryugan said:

@sinalefa Agreed. Code of Princess advertised many characters, but what they didn't say was that most of them don't even have a full moveset, some can't even jump -.-

Also I forgot to say in my previous post, I hope if they have another HUB area, they really need to fix the framerate in those, I don't even know why it's so slow, because for the most part in stages the framerate is consistent.

They also need to fix the framrate for a certain alternate form of a certain girl(trying to avoid spoilers), it was really jarring, which is sad because she is one of my favorites to use and her hair looked amazing while she had her awakened state.

Edit-^ Assuming she's even playable in that form in the sequel



AVahne said:

So they're adding Shinovi VS-style battles for bosses. Cool!
Now if only they would also consider working on framerate...



AVahne said:

Also, did the first SK still well enough over here? We never got Unchained Blades Exxiv, so I'm worried.



CharleSketch said:

Nice! I hope they bring this to the US as well. I got Burst recently and I'm really, really enjoying it. It's a simple (but not easy) brawler with lots to unlock, good customization and just enough combat variety. Fun characters as well, and japanese voice-acting for every menu and situation. Great game well worth the price.



KarateKid1234 said:

I got a few things to say.
1. Good! I loved the original. I'll be getting this late august since August 23rd is my birthday. A GOOD Birthday Present for me! Hohohoho!!!
2. 2 New Male Characters? Awesome!
3. 2 New Male Characters? Fighting Girls? The Girls lose as their clothes get removed and the boys see? I see where this is going and I like it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
4. Who's up for a Second Season of the Senran Kagura Anime, based on the sequel game!
5. What'll happen if a boy loses in a fight? Clothes removed, too? Or...
6. Maybe the 2 boys will have a relationship with the main two girls?
7. "Bouncing". LOL.
8. Maybe a Luigi DLC for the Years of Luigi?



Megumi said:

....If I want a fighting game, I'll have Smash...if I want "bouncing", I have the internet.



robohobo93 said:

And I bet this has more chance of getting over here than Retro Game Challenge Ever will. Thanks for nothing in advance, XSeed...



MaverickHunterX said:

"Like Senran Kagura Burst, the game will be a side-scrolling fighter packed with scantly-clad, large-chested female combatants."

^^Spoken like a freakin' poet.



Blizzia said:

I don't care if this comes to the west, I'll buy it AND a japanese 3DS if I have to! Gonna grab SK: Burst when it comes out in the EU too. Lovely games



LoveSugoi said:

@AVahne You can check out the Senran Kagura thread in the 3DS section for the article link but XSEED sounded pleased with Burst's sales so far. They spoke of localizing Shinovi VS. and physical releases for future installments of the series if Burst's sales momentum continues.

I have a good feeling that we'll be seeing Deep Crimson overseas and possibly in physical form.



HyperSonicEXE said:

The half-bras and gigantic pasties, as opposed to the Vita version? Or even better. I mean, if you're gonna make a lewd game and compete with the internet which basically makes stuff better than this for free, it needs to be no holds barred.



hngdmn said:

@ HyperSonicEXE It's not censoring. It wasn't there in the first place. It would arguably be censoring if the 3DS games were released after Versus, but that's not the case.



Warruz said:

"Burst developer Tamsoft" Are you sure that isn't suppose to read as
"Bust developer Tamsoft" ?

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