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Sun 27th Oct 2013

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Blizzia commented on Here's Exactly What Has Changed With Fire Embl...:

@FierceRagnar Are you actually serious? Judging by what you just wrote, I can pretty much see that you're not a veteran at all. Awakening and Fates aren't the first Fire Emblem games with marriage or children, and the support dialogues have always been an integral part of Fire Emblem. The games have always aimed to make you care about the characters and be as openminded as possible about features like marriage which make perfect sense in this kind of game. Sure, the petting minigame was horrible, but they didn't really have to remove it. They should just include an option to remove it when doing the my room interaction, if the player didn't want to see it.



Blizzia commented on Bravely Second "Tomahawk" Costume Change Confi...:

Welp, not buying this game anymore. I only had two reasons for buying Bravely Second in the first place. The main reason was that I played Bravely Default, so of course I'd want to try out the continuation. The second was for the Tomahawk costume. Since the story wasn't really overwhelming, and I just wanted to go full tomahawk team, I think I'll just say screw it and ditch the Bravely franchise. Or buy the JP superior version sometime.



Blizzia commented on ​The Teaser Site For Fire Emblem Fates Has J...:

@CrazedCavalier Ahh okay, well in that case you may ignore the part of my reply surrounding the misunderstanding.

You clearly seem to be against nimble armor, so I won't comment on the battle thongs and whatnot beyond this single comment: Some of the battle outfits don't use these "sexy" parts for the fanservice, but because it makes it easier to move around like that. If you take an interest in this claim, feel free to bury yourself in history books which will prove it many times over

I view Awakening's characters the same way I've viewed all Fire Emblem characters. As people with emotions and beliefs. Some of them might end up having convictions that end up seeming like gimmicks simply because that is the purpose of their life at this passage in time. Others are less one-dimensional because they've got more on their plate at that point. And as with any game, some characters are more fleshed out than others.

So to answer your question: I do not view them as a "bunch of larger-than-life, walking animea tropes".

My main issue with your point though is that this hasn't exactly changed lately. A character focusing on a "gimmick" and going on and on about one thing has always been a thing in Fire Emblem. Heck, several characters have done that in all games So I don't see anything new in it.



Blizzia commented on ​The Teaser Site For Fire Emblem Fates Has J...:

@CrazedCavalier I don't feel that you being 16 years and only having played the localized game should discredit your opinion, just to be perfectly clear

I also don't know why you keep acting as if I've said that people have no right to complain? If you re-read the two comments I've made, I have not even once uttered that people have "no right to complain".

I've said that the people who keep whining about the new artstyle and the way the characters now interact more deeply with each other based on their personalities and gimmicks are clinging to the past. This does not mean they have no right to complain. I'd actually say it gives them more right to complain than the people who've moved with the franchise. That does not mean I have to agree with their complaints, however, since my opinion is very different.

I don't see how everything being themed around the characters disservices them in any way though. In fact I find it charming, and instead of the characters being sticks with the word "unit#" in their face, I can really connect with the characters and the universe.

I agree with the map layout for Awakening. It did not live up to the standards of old, but well, I found myself enjoying having the odds against me, despite it being artificial difficulty. I agree with it not being real difficulty though.

Here is where I sort of lose my composure, however, because I need to actually react to what you wrote. I'm sorry, but WHAT? Are you kidding me? Are you actually serious here? LYN? LYN IS THE WORST FANSERVICE THE SERIES HAS HAD? LYN? THE LYNDIS? I'm sorry but I cannot assume you were serious when you wrote that. Lyndis has nothing to do with fanservice. Her attire is appropriate for nomadic people, and in no way did she act inappropriate during the entirety of Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword.
Now, mind you, I could have misunderstood your comment about Lyn, since it can either be understood as in you thought Lyn was bad enough, and THEN it got worse with Awakening class designs, or that you thought Lyn was as bad as the fanservice got (which was not bad at all), and then it went to hell with Awakening. So if I misunderstood that part, just ignore it.

Awakening class designs had oddballs here and there, but overall it was decent. I disliked Sorcerer and Dark Flier designs.

Anyway, my opinion is still that I like the direction the franchise is headed in, with the small exception of a few minor details which happen to change every game. I've played a bit of Fates though, and the gameplay is downright amazing and solid. I cannot comment on the story since I only got to like chapter 7 in Conquest and chapter 8 in Birthright (decided to hold off for now till I get the localized game(s)), but all in all it is shaping up to be yet another solid entry in the Fire Emblem franchise.



Blizzia commented on Editorial: Let's Make 2016 a Year of Nintendo ...:

All I can say is: How about no? All optimism for 2016 was lost when EU did not get a release date for Fire Emblem Fates in the last direct. So yeah, just waiting for 2017 to happen, other than me getting my pre-ordered special edition of fates sometime late 2016 probably.



Blizzia commented on ​The Teaser Site For Fire Emblem Fates Has J...:

@CrazedCavalier I don't even know where to begin with all this drivel you're flinging at me. Our opinions differ. So let me put it this way: That's, just, like, your opinion, man.

I don't really feel like telling you why I disagree on almost every single point you made. All I can say is that regardless of how much of a veteran you and I are, one is stuck in the past while one has moved on with the franchise. I loved how Fire Emblem was in the past. I still love how it is now. I don't feel like it has gotten worse. Between every single game, certain things have changed, for better or worse, but it has always (and by always I mean with EVERY. SINGLE. Fire Emblem game I've played, which is a lot) been a solid experience, and nothing short of enjoyable the whole way through.

Now, my favorite game still remains Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword, if we look at sprites, since nothing can compare with Lyn's crit animations imo, but otherwise, I'd say Awakening (so far) has been my favorite game. It had its flaws, like every other FE game, but overall it was enjoyable and kept me coming back to replay it in one way or another.



Blizzia commented on ​The Teaser Site For Fire Emblem Fates Has J...:

@japongt Your words about Radiant Dawn might as well be copy/pasted to my comment regarding Awakening. The people whining about Awakening just can't get with the times. All FE games have had flaws here and there, but that is about it. They've all been solid. People who don't like the artstyle can also go to an unpleasant place far away from me. Play the game for the story and gameplay. I'm just happy the games look as great as they do now. While I strongly prefer the sprites of old (GBA era) and their attack animations, the newer models have charming features themselves.

And even though I do not have Lyn's epic critical hit animations to look at, I ended up being satisfied with Lethality in Awakening. Execution exhibition ftw.



Blizzia commented on Feature: Our Staff's Hopes and Dreams for Nint...:

Not sure what I should look forward to beyond what I already know will be coming tbh. I've not seen anything "new" that has been announced for Japan, but not the West, that I particularly want. Except Monster Hunter X ofc. Maybe Ace Attorney (not 6, but the one in the past. Looking forward to 6 tho).



Blizzia commented on Rumour: A Class in Bravely Second is Supposedl...:

Meh. That's it. I'm done. Think I'll just start buying the JP versions again and using my JP n3ds as primary 3ds. All this "localization" crap is just a poor excuse for ruining these magnificent works of art. Games should not be altered for different regions in any form or shape. Games should not reflect rules in the "real" world unless they want to. Like art, games can be as unrealistic as they want to be. The original, true product (in the initial shape and form) should always be what everybody gets.

I don't see how I'm less mature than a Japanese person of the same age. Oh well. Time to go full Japanese because Japanese people are apparently allowed to see things the rest of the people in the world aren't.

Screw censoring in all its ugly shapes. "Localization" nowadays seems to be a synonym for censoring a product, then shipping it along with a politically correct message to the world.



Blizzia commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

@earthboundlink Hey, I can totally respect your opinion mate Your feelings towards LTTP, OOT and ALBW differ from mine, but they are similar to the feelings I have towards MC and MM. You're right when you say I like things with a little more of a twist, and of course depending on what you like, different things will intrigue and amaze you I can totally relate to the blown away part, although this was something I got from a few other games I got it from Minish Cap back in the day, and from Fire Emblem: Awakening a few years ago.

Also, on a sidenote: Nice to meet a person with a passion for a franchise who doesn't lash out just because we don't necessarily agree on the greatness of one or several parts of the franchise I always find it enjoyable to chat with individuals such as you, because we actually get something worthwhile out of it rather than the endless bickering over what game was best and why naming Link John is a heinous sin xD



Blizzia commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

@earthboundlink Someone had to say it mate. I can't stand when things get ridiculous reviews despite not being that good. Nintendolife is sadly often a "victim" of reviews like this when it comes to the Zelda franchise. I was actually happy when I saw Tri-Force Heroes get a 6/10, if only for the fact that they didn't bias it up to 10/10 just for being a Zelda game.

The games just weren't really that good in my (personal) opinion. This doesn't make them worse to you, but I just don't find that they were worth the review ratings. I bought them all and played them to see for myself (not because of the review ratings, just out of curiosity.)



Blizzia commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

I think everybody has said pretty much everything there is to be said about Linkle, so I'll just say this: I'm all for Linkle, and I would play her in every future game she might become a part of. I am not a fan of the Zelda universe, and I've felt it has been quite stale in many of the Zelda games, with few exceptions (some of those being Majora's Mask and The Minish Cap, which were amazing games unlike ALTTP, ALBW and OOT which were somewhere between decent and utter garbage imo). However, I like the design of Linkle and I feel she may be a breath of fresh air into the franchise. I am also buying Hyrule Warriors Legends for the sole purpose of supporting the Linkle character.

Welcome, Linkle. I hope you stay for a long, long time.



Blizzia commented on Poll: Did The Nintendo Direct Comeback Fire on...:

The direct was a huge disappointment for me mainly because it highlighted how differently we're being treated between NA and EU. And once more, EU got left in the mud for NA regarding release dates and goods. We get a worse Fire Emblem Fates special edition, and we don't have a release date. Fking yay huh? Total bs.

Now I have to import the NA edition for the pouch and sell it again because of this ludicrous treatment. Might as well just buy a NA 3ds because screw EU, right?

Don't even try to tell me we get better treatment in 1% of all cases because it doesn't outweigh it

Honestly just gonna defect to NA region soon if this ridiculous favoritism treatment doesn't stop. Or maybe just give up on Nintendo, since they never seem to actually improve. I had hoped they'd go in a new direction what with there being a serious shift of power due to the unfortunate death after E3. But nope. Nintendo is Nintendo, and they are rooted in the past :S



Blizzia commented on Fire Emblem Fates Releases In North America On...:

Getting the special edition once Nintendo get their heads out of their butts and open up EU pre-orders. If this is another case of Awakening-syndrome (NA feb, EU april), I will make personally sure that someone at Nintendo AND Intelligent Systems SOMETIME in the future will have a VERY. HORRIBLE. DAY. (Not in the American school shooting way, I'm not insane.)

Also, all the people crying about scamming and cash grabs... Honestly, just look at yourselves. You're being completely ridiculous and greedy. It doesn't matter when and where and in which universe these games were designed. They've got the content of three separate games, and as such should cost the same as three separate games. But no, we're getting them CHEAPER. Oh, the horror! Someone, bring me my white knight armor so I can revel in this crimson shower of repulsion!

Fire Emblem Fates consists of three games which take place during the same timeline. The reason they all go under the name Fates is to make it easier to comprehend that these storylines intertwine and are related, yet not Pokémon-esque similar.

It is funny how they could have released Birthright/Conquest first, then the other version a year later (after announcing it or smth), and then Revelation a year after that or something like that, and people wouldn't even have been angry about it. (You can say what you want, but the majority of people are just angry because they THINK it is one game split into three, which it is not, and never will be, regardless of anyone's personal opinion.)

@JaxonH Don't be mate, you get 9 savefiles in Fates. You should have plenty of saves (I think you also get 3 casual mode savefiles ontop of that, but don't take my word for it)



Blizzia commented on Fire Emblem will be Getting an Art Book for it...:

@KO-Cub Your whole reply was an opinion on why I am wrong. Since our opinions differ, we cannot really agree, which makes it pointless. "Well, this is quite wrong. It comes down to opinion." You kinda screwed yourself over there mate. It can't be wrong or right if it is down to opinion Mind you I also wrote "I THINK", meaning it was my opinion and not a universal law. Good day to you sir.



Blizzia commented on Fire Emblem will be Getting an Art Book for it...:

@AVahne I can't say I agree with you whatsoever. I think Awakening is a great Fire Emblem game, and that it certainly does not lose to older entries. I've played the games for years and beyond the most primitive games (read: the "ancient" ones xD) I've played most of the games in the franchise. I agree a bit with some of the characters, since personally the main draw character-wise for me was the children. I absolutely loved their personalities so much that I've probably spent over 1k hours just trying them out as different classes with different weapons, spouses and teams.

I think you're painting a pretty but rose-tinted picture of the previous games to be honest. Sure you might call the new Pair Up function hand-holding as opposed to Rescue, but I sure as hell don't see it that way. If anything is hand-holding, that'd be the dual guard mechanic.

I don't know what you have against the story. I thought it was decent. Nothing special to be honest, but then again, I've never played Fire Emblem for the overall story, but for the punishing gameplay and critical decisionmaking required.

My previous sentence also relates to your final words in your comment: "It's not as bad as what the super elitists and myself make it out to be, but it's definitely not as good as people love to hype it up to be. Lots of people love it, but that comes naturally for a Nintendo game built for mainstream consumers, casuals, and the blue ocean market."

I'd say overall it is in-between the elitist and hype opinions, but much closer to the hype rating than the elitist one. Gameplay-wise, it is top notch. I love it. And I'm not some simple casual gamer. Furthermore, the game (and franchise as a whole) was not, and never will be built for mainstream consumers, casuals, and the blue ocean market. The second that happens, the franchise dies.

I don't know which game you've been playing, but beyond the bad handling of difficulty by ramping up stats instead of AI, this game is nothing like what you've described it as I'm not blind to the flaws it has at all, but it is a great game, and a good Fire Emblem game.

I can't wait to get the English version of Fates (I've played a bit of my JP copy, but I refuse to go too far because I want the story in English ), the new mechanics and changes make it so damned enjoyable. Got a feeling that one will be one for the books.



Blizzia commented on Video: Nintendo Digs Out an Old Favourite for ...:

@rishisquid Haha yeah, I don't know where we went wrong as far as the magic in ALBW goes xD The overworld basically ruins the experience completely. I agree on the dungeons, quality design as always, but man, the overworld was such a turn off. Minish Cap was so damn awesome. I can't believe it hasn't gotten a remake xD Sadly it isn't a fan favorite in general, so we'll probably never see a remake, but oh well, the original game is still great



Blizzia commented on 7th Dragon III Code: VFD Claims Japanese Numbe...:

@Splatburst Now you're the one without a sense of humor xD We've got a sense of humor alright, but it is downright impossible to tell whether or not you were serious or aimed at trolls. Remember, this is the internet. You are writing text. I cannot hear anything from the text you write...

Also, please keep your baseless conjecture to yourself I am not a "Sony fanboy" (I don't even own a PS4), and frankly it seems like you are being defensive for no apparent reason. I was just stating the facts. It has nothing to do with fanboying or favoritism.

Anyway, if we look at the sales, I can clearly with 12418052% certainty tell you that Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft/Bethesda/Ubisoft/Kony/Batman/Jackass/Bandai Namco/Bestbuy/Gucci are doomed and will go bankrupt in maximum 3 days.

Oh, and a smiley does not define whether a comment is serious or not.



Blizzia commented on Video: Nintendo Digs Out an Old Favourite for ...:

@rishisquid Actually, I think ALBW is just not even comparable in quality I'm not a fan of Zelda games, never been really, and I absolutely hated Ocarina of Time. ALBW was decent, maybe a 6/10 or something, but not really "good". Majora's Mask? That poopitypoopoop was awesome.

I think too many people have rose-tinted glasses on regarding the Zelda series as a whole.

Most of the games just weren't as great as people think they were/remember them to be, and this is actually pretty saddening, since it doesn't let the actual masterpieces stand out. The two most memorable (and amazing to boot) Zelda games for me has been Majora's Mask and The Minish Cap. I find it funny how nobody ever talks about the latter though. I still play it at least three times a year because it is so good. Done Majora's Mask twice so far. Most other Zelda games once (due to countless recommendations, most of which ended with me reselling the game coz blah. Bias.)

While I know many people think the Zelda series is godlike and untouchable, and to some extent Nintendolife included (With the exception of the newest game, Tri-force Heroes or whatever, I've found many of the reviews to be biased like crazy.), only a handful of the games really do that "title" justice.



Blizzia commented on 7th Dragon III Code: VFD Claims Japanese Numbe...:

@Splatburst Please educate me on how exactly the PS4 is dead? It had the most insane E3 line-up of all time, and with a new price-drop as well as an updated model (less noise, less power consumption) and the model with extra storage (for the non-nerds who can't replace the 500GB HDD with a 2TB one.), it is pretty much set for the next couple of years. It is a top contender at the moment, not a deadbeat.

Nintendo's E3 line-up (and general line-up of what we know so far for 2015-2016) was downright pitiful. There are of course some great games (Fire Emblem Fates <3) coming out, but it isn't even close to the PS4 in quantity. (As in quantity of great games announced, not quantity of games. I am not commenting on the quality of each individual game, and besides, my comment on that would be biased as I'm a huge Fire Emblem fan, meaning I'd obviously go with something stupid like "Fire Emblem Fates would most likely be equal to ten PS4 masterpieces in worth. Suck it Sony!") Oh, and I'm using the Nintendo vs Sony because this is Nintendolife. You can easily compare other companies like this, but it wouldn't make sense to do that here.

So yeah, educate me on how the PS4 is dead, would you?



Blizzia commented on Review: SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson (3DS):

Can't say I agree with the reviewer, but oh well. Personally I'd say it is a 8/10. Sure it does get repetitive every now and then, but the girls are all lovable (and Murasame is hilarious), and I generally enjoy the series for what it is. The story is actually also pretty good.



Blizzia commented on Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Bursts Out Onto ...:

Bought 2 Happy Boobs editions as well as 1 of the ultimate shinobi editions WITH signature, and one without signature (I ordered the last one with signature. Lol.) I love this franchise! (Also, the Estival Versus preorders for ps vita and ps4 are up for EU. GO PREORDER! Support Marvelous with all your might! The best limited editions are quite expensive, but worth it! 460 pounds down the drain as I decided to order 2 of the ps4 and ps vita limited editions with all the merchandise RIP wallet. Shelf will be happy though.)



Blizzia commented on The Legend of Legacy is Coming to Europe... in...:

Here we go again.... Cut the other languages from the damn European localization. English only, go, release simultaneously with NA (if at all possible). I hate the ridonkulous delays we always get... Still happy about getting the game though, it is a must-buy for me.



Blizzia commented on First Impressions: Basking in the Glow of Atlu...:

Sigh, someone pick up Legend of Legacy for Europe damnit... Hate this "North America-only" mindset. If it is coming to the west, it is in almost all cases instantly confirmed for NA, while we in EU have to get on our knees and beg for it before they realize the markets want almost all the same games. Oh well. Prays for Legend of Legacy EU release.



Blizzia commented on Interview: Senran Kagura Producer Kenichirō T...:

Anyone who thinks Senran Kagura is all about sex appeal is dead wrong. That is fact. The gameplay of Shinovi Versus was great, and since I've played some of the japanese version of SK2, I can say that it is a clear improvement from Burst. I enjoyed Burst even though it was pretty flawed in gameplay, because of the 3-dimensional characters. Yeah, I said it. 3-dimensional

Don't know if it is typically geeky single males who buy these types of games normally, but the Senran Kagura franchise is fantastic. I play Shinovi Versus daily, and have my girlfriend of 5+ years customize my characters and their outfits pretty often



Blizzia commented on The Current State Of Virtual Reality Just Isn'...:

Gonna have to say Reggie is wrong on this. The current state of VR IS fun, and it doesn't need to be social to be fun. Actually it can be seen as a revolutionary piece of technology enabling people living miles apart to be social while also immersing themselves in the games.

The only real problem with VR is the pricing. Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift are already seeing a great amount of support regardless, so yeah.

Better luck next time Reggie. Long live VR.



Blizzia commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

I'd love to see another main series game on the 3DS. If they ever release a main entry on a home console I might just outright quit playing pokémon though. I can't personally afford to get every new generation of home consoles and their extra pricy games. I know people think an extra detailed world and better graphics sound awesome in theory, but Pokémon is a franchise that should be enjoyed anywhere - Not just in your living room.

I might not have this opinion if I was rich. But I am not My wishlist for xmas/bday the past 2 years has pretty much been wii u and ps4 + games for them. They are much too expensive though, so its just wishful thinking.

Keep Pokémon portable and let it see a CoD-like growth in entries (without slacking on quality like the CoD-franchise does). That is my honest opinion.



Blizzia commented on Poll: We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do ...:

I could easily sum up my opinion of Amiibo in the simple word "No". But instead I'll go ahead and clarify why I hate Amiibo and all that they stand for:
They are NOT collectibles. They are expensive-as-hell DLC in disguise. Sure, they are advertised as collectibles, and I don't mind that at all. Infact, I would love to see collectibles from franchises I love, but I don't want to be forced to purchase an Amiibo to use a character in a game. Due to the nature of games, the character (lets just use the new Intelligent Systems IP, Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.) is already programmed into the game, and thus locked behind a paywall named "Amiibo". It is the exact same thing as DLC, only it is limited to a physical release with LIMITED stock.

I am not a conspiracy theorist and I do not typically complain about dlc, digital software and so on. I also do not feel a need to have everything as a physical thing, just to prove that I own it.
But Amiibo is a curse to gaming. Normally you'd pay what, 5 euro and you could play some dlc character they made for the lulz or included as a tribute to another franchise. Fine with me. I am not overly interested in the character, so I'd never bother with collecting figurines of it and other merch, so I'll just buy the dlc for it and play it from time to time. OH WAIT. New pricing: 30 euro. Oh, and I HAVE to track down the figurine of it. I also have to carry the figurine with me at all times if I wish to use the DLC character.

See my issue with Amiibo now?

Amiibos as fun collectibles with random funny functions within games is fine. But when it starts limiting you in some way by not having it, I draw the line.



Blizzia commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D ...:


The 100% 10/10 rating is what leads me to believe that there is a slight bias regarding how Nintendolife rates the Zelda 3Ds games Not that they aren't good, but 3x 10/10? Personally (yes, I'm basing my own opinion of the games on why I kinda disagree with the ratings) I'd give Ocarina 3D a 7/10 as a game. As a remake, 5/10. Really disliked the non-existent effort on that title A Link Between Worlds was pretty awesome, I'd prolly give that a 8.5-9/10. I'm curious as to whether this title will be a 10/10, though not skeptical, as I've heard countless people describe it as THE Zelda title of all time. Awaiting my preorder, and hoping the 10/10 from Nintendolife is true. Playing a masterpiece would truly be an honor.



Blizzia commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Demo Smashe...:

Am I the only one who is severely disappointed with the demo? Not to be rude, but they did a horrible job with it. As a first time SSB player (havent played any of the older ones, completely new to it) I downloaded the demo, and went in to play. To my dismay, only a few options were available. I found the tips option and spammed through it for ages, hoping for SOME indication of a tutorial to at least let me know how the game works, but nope, nothing. Fair enough. Then I spent 2 hours playing the only available mode with the least interesting characters of the roster (mario, megaman, villager, link etc). I think it is fair that they don't make the whole roster available in the demo, but for christs sake, couldn't they have picked some of the new characters (1 or 2), and not just the absolute classics.
The two hours was spent trying to figure out the controls and how the game even works. A tutorial wouldn't have been too much to ask for, to be honest. This is just my personal opinion, but the demo bombed hard, and certainly made me reconsider my preorder on the game. If there is no tutorial in the full game, I won't be getting it. Finding out stuff on your own is cool and all, but when you've never played it before, some pointers would be nice.

Might not get the game till later on, if at all. I know it is only 2% of the game, but gonna find out if there is any kind of tutorial that lets newcomers in on the secrets that are controlling your character and using moves. If not, this game isn't for me. I can deal with no pointers in a hardcore RPG like Etrian Odyssey, but in a fighting game? Might just be me who is a slowpoke, but figuring out all moves to the characters you like all by yourself and then spending eternity finding out how they could work in actual combat is a chore

Demo failed imo.

If anyone has the jap full version and knows about some of the issues I wrote about, please do reply and stop my whining (complaining without providing a solution) Was looking forward to the game after all!



Blizzia commented on 3DS Hack Removes Region Locking For Retail Car...:

I love it whenever I have to talk about region locking. My argument: Remove region locking. Your argument: Invalid. Region locking is just another way of shoving the finger in our faces for no apparent reason other than greed. Forcing me to buy a EU, US AND JAP 3DS to be able to play my games is beyond greedy. People might argue "but you can just wait and see if the games come to your region!" The many fantastic but slightly niche games I love wouldn't ever leave japan, and I don't mind playing them in japanese... But for the love of god please don't make me buy a new CONSOLE just to play it. It is a sign of greed. That being said, their pockets do like my money. Oh well, can't have it all I guess But still, removing region locking would make my life SO much easier (and make my pockets actually have money in them).



Blizzia commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life Readers' Award...:

@BulbasaurusRex I do have to disagree with you there. I judge it on its own merits, but it just seems way too similar not to discount it for the lazy sequel point. I agree the wall-hugging mechanics were completely awesome but it just still feels lacking and old. Sorry to say this too, but damn, when is Zelda gonna get a GOOD storyline :< The Zelda games have always been fun, but their stories always sucked. I never got through Ocarina of Time 3D because gameplay + story sucked, even though I played the GBA version And I am still of the opinion that ALttP and ALBW are at least 8.0 or 8.5 games. They are just not pure 10s. The only problem I have with them is that they always get fangoggles ratings. Heck, I'd have accepted a 9.0. BUT 10/10? Just screams fangasm. Also, @xj0462 the Pokémon games were awesome, but just not good enough to merit a rating of like top 2/top 3 to be honest. I love pokémon, and I love the X and Y games, but they still lack heavily in things to do post-storyline. I've bred like 40 competitive teams and it got boring after 2. Pokémon Amie and the boring repetitive soccer mini-game to get EVs? Nope. Fire Emblem: Awakening was seriously too good to rank below Pokémon.



Blizzia commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Staff Awards...:

Okay-ish list, really wish NL would take off the Mario/Zelda goggles though. I still cannot believe these games hogged first places this year. While good, they were definitely not the best. Oh well, opinions differ.

Still surprised that Etrian Odyssey IV didn't take any places whatsoever on the reader's choice awards. Glad to see them hog something here



Blizzia commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life Readers' Award...:

@BulbasaurusRex Nope, it isn't. Each game is unique. Rehashes deserve their own ratings in relation to the times they are released in, and even though the original which was released AGES ago was (to some) a 10/10 back then, it is in no way a 10/10 now. Neither is the rehash, as it doesn't do much different than the original. You might not agree, but then again, each to his/her own



Blizzia commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life Readers' Award...:

@Yrreiht I also dislike ALBW. I did buy it just to see if the hype was real, but sadly, I was disappointed. It doesn't deserve the 10/10 rating. It is a good game, but I'd say 8/10-8.5/10 maximum. It is still same old same old, except the few "innovations" as fans put it In other words an easier way of getting your equipment, but still same old Oh well.



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@Bassman_Q Haha, it was my only game except Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate back when I got my 3DS XL (bought it in march, was in the UK the day FE was released). Needless to say, it is currently the game I have spent most hours in, sitting at a wopping 1139 hours. 2nd place would be Pokémon Y at 7xx hours. Dat game warrants both 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th playthrough at least simply because of all the awesome support material, parent-children combinations and class combos. Loving that game. Thinking of doing a playthrough every 2 months when I forget the story a little bit



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Other than the usual stereotypic not-at-all understandable zelda/mario spam on first places, I agree with this list. It is pretty good, and I must applaud most of the readers for having brains and sense for quality. (By this I certainly do not imply that Zelda and Mario are bad franchises. I just didn't find the games to be that good, and yes, I played both ALBW and SM 3D World) I am simply both extremely surprised and proud as hell that Bravely Default actually won something when it has only shortly been out in Europe, and isn't out in NA yet. Being from Europe I finished the game a few days ago, and it is truly a masterpiece. Zelda was a bit disappointing and Mario was... Mario. Good, enjoyable, but old Fire Emblem: Awakening should have taken the overall first place for 3DS in my opinion, but alas, I am just a single person. I was surprised by Pokémon not taking anything bar 3rd places, but then again, even though I play it a lot, beyond battling and breeding there isn't that much to do (unless you enjoy harvesting berries or doing pointless things). Overall great list, while some of the winners are dubious (they won, no doubt, but again, I don't have to agree with the choices. The overall community does agree, and thats just how it is ) Thank you for a wonderful year Nintendo, Nintendolife and third parties (3DS is such a bliss for an RPG lover).



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Made an account just to highlight this extreme issue with Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies.

Now don't get me wrong, I love this game to pieces, but I harbor an insane hatred towards Capcom at the moment because of the way they've butchered the game completely. The review mentions nothing of how awful the localization is with incredibly large quantities of spelling/grammar errors. I swear they've been slacking off insanely much. I am on the 3rd case atm (Turnabout Academy or smth), and I've seen so much bullpoopydoodliedingdongpoopingly obvious bad grammar, missing words and sentences that make no sense that it is utterly destroying the visual novel part of the game that is made around the WALLS OF TEXT.

Finally: I love Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies and all the other entries in the series, played them all, but honestly, if Crapcom doesn't release a patch fixing the abundance of grammar and spelling errors in the game, I will have to consider going into their HQ with guns blazing and simply stop them from ever doing poor jobs like this again. Goodness, feels good to get it out. Now, if you are annoyed by a poopydingledoodooton of bad grammar, don't buy the game unless you really love the series. It really drops the momentum and atmosphere.
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