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Weirdness: This Real-life Majora's Mask Is Incredible

Posted by Rory Cocker

Majorly cool

If you've ever played the sequel-of-sorts to the N64 classic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, then you'll understand why owning your very own Majora's Mask might not be a very good idea.

Much like The One Ring from J.R.R. Tolkien's classic The Lord of the Rings novels, or, more fittingly, the Fused Shadows from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, the real mask harbours within it a great evil power which corrupts the mind of its owner, with largely undesirable consequences; it's not something you'd want sitting on your mantelpiece, put it that way. Unless, of course, it was this awesome replica, created by DeviantArt user supermaRiio.

Based on this high-quality 3D render by Cordell Felix, the replica looks to be made entirely from wood, with a few screws here and there for good measure. Its weathered, textured look is genuinely ominous; we're getting the chills just looking at this thing!

This incredible creation is, as you'd imagine, a one-off, and its creator has already stated that he has no intentions of selling it. Boo!

Fortunately, though, he documented the entire creation process in a picture diary, right from its humble beginnings as a big ol' block of wood, to the absolutely gorgeous end product you see here before your very eyes. Luckily for you, we've been given permission to share them all in the gallery below.


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DreamyViridi said:

That Majora's Mask is perfect!
I wish I was talented or knew someone talented and dedicated enough to make something for me. There's a certain bit of video game clothing I'd love to have made!



TheAdrock said:

Nintendo could cast this and use injection moulding to make perfect and inexpensive replicas. A good idea for when the MM rebook comes out.



Freakazoid said:

One little mistake he made would be that u cant wear that mask because there are no eye holes but still great work of art



ColdingLight said:

Ohhh I wish Nintendo would stop teasing and make it on the 3ds already....Not the Wii U, put it on the 3ds where it rightfully belongs. or better yet, make it for both consoles I guess. (But make the 3ds version top priority.)



mamp said:

Now that it's real it kinda makes me wonder how are people supposed to see through it.



Goginho said:

I really do wonder if Nintendo is aware of the legacy they've left after creating and releasing the game back in 2000. I mean, clearly the title isn't forgotten, and there is all this fan-made merchandise and art constantly being created.

@mamp You don't. It's kinda like The Mask from the movie, you put it on, and it possesses you, manipulating your thoughts and actions
It's kind of like a being of its own ..a spirit of some sort.

@Sir_Anthony lol



mamp said:

I know how it works it just makes me wonder I guess in real life it's just a wall decoration XD.



Shworange said:

It's so amazing that it truly is breath taking! What an incredible job! It only critique I would perhaps offer would be to inquire why he didn't include an awesome, cracked, worn leather strap for the back of the mask. It doesn't really matter I suppose. I'd have it on my wall starring back at me and whispering inspiration.



DarkNinja9 said:

omg if i had this mask i would so paint a wall as if it was a background and have the mask hanging in the middle blending it in so it becomes even more of a art piece O_O other then that wow it looks great it rly has that creepy vibe to it like it should have



BlackStar9000 said:

MM reboot should be next year with a limited edition version of the game including a wearable abs plastic replica mask for a total of $99 max. it should release in October, ya know for Halloween



Lobster said:

Well, now the moon is going to crash into the Earth in three days. Quick, we need a Link cosplayer! He should be prepubescent.

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