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Video: This Cat Fails to Get Into the Super Mario 3D World Spirit

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

No cats were harmed in the production of this video, obviously

Super Mario 3D World is packed with great ideas, and one of the most obvious "I can't believe this wasn't done before" examples is the cat suit. Even members of the Nintendo Life team that have little love for actual cats seem to adore the power-up, as it's fun to use and watch in action.

Of course, applying Mario ideas to the real world doesn't often end well, which brings us to this latest video from Mega64, the YouTube channel we pointed out recently for its quirky video featuring Shigeru Miyamoto. This time around the charms of the cat suit prompt the video makers to construct a mini stage and attempt to create a real Cat Mario; you can imagine how well it goes.

And, of course, the cat wasn't actually harmed when making this video, though it might have got slightly annoyed; nothing some treats couldn't make better.

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Mahe said:

Much like the Japanese gamers according to Super Mario 3D World's sales figures...



Mahe said:

@CountWavula New Super Mario Bros. Wii sold several millions, Super Mario Galaxy games sold over a million. You were saying?



Henmii said:

Not a funny video! At first I laughed, because of the dude's face! But then came the cat part! Surely the cat didn't enjoy it one bit, and the ending was tasteless!

I am a cat-lover, and the ending made me sick!

Everyone its own taste, I guess!



DarkLloyd said:

some of you must realise that wasnt a real cat in the dumpster scene right? lol, poor taste my butt



iphys said:

That was funnier than I expected it to be. I've seen people do far more cruel things to pets than trying to give them a real world Super Mario experience.



FriedSquid said:

Oh, gosh that's awful... Not crying about animal abuse, just the end awww ;_; But otherwise pretty funny.



Senario said:

I didn't know something had to sell well for people to enjoy it. I'll be going back to 3rd world and having fun thank you very much.



element187 said:

@Mahe there is only 1 million Wii U's in Japan. Are you expecting a 100 % attach rate?

SM3DW sold 100k physical copies. That's a 10% attach rate, but remember that's physical only, so digital would increase that number, but we will never know that number. You said galaxy sold 1 million to Japan? with 10 million Wii's in Japan? That would be a 10% attach rate as well.

SM3DW sold as expected. 10%.



Reverandjames said:

This place can be so depressing. If some the NL community can't laugh at a Mega64 video then I think they need to reavaluate themselves and get real. Stop taking things so seriously.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Henmii Just to be clear, of course we don't condone animal violence, and neither, I would imagine, does Mega 64. It's very clearly a fake cat at the end, in case there was any doubt.



SetupDisk said:

Wow, the comments here make me weep for the future. I love my 3 cats and would never hurt them but that was funny as hell.



Morpheel said:

The cat is more stressed about the TV behind the set than the being handled around.



Link-Hero said:

That clearly is a fake cat in the end. Infact, it looks exactly like one of these. Untitled



StarDust4Ever said:

@LunaticPandora No, for starters the cat is orange/orange and the ball of "fluff" he throws in the dumpster at the end is yellow/orange. The video is still in very bad taste IMO and shouldn't have been posted on Nlife.



Henmii said:


I am fully aware that the cat at the end was fake!! But the first cat was real, and even a blind person can see that the cat wasn't enjoying it (he tried several times to run away)! Of course this could have been taught, but I doubt it! Also, the cat is hissing (or how do you call that)! But I guess that's just some sound-effect they add!

I still think its tasteless, but as I said earlier: Everyone its own taste!!

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