Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze may be delayed to early 2014 — February in North America — but with that new release window it looks set to be the first major Wii U title of the new year. Appearing on the latest episode of GT.TV, Nintendo of America's Bill Trinen introduced some new footage and features of the Retro Studios title, and it certainly looks positive.

First up is Jelly Jamboree, a new stage that sees DK and his buddy of choice bouncing around throughout, similar to some moments from the previous entry in the revived franchise. Perhaps more interesting was the reveal of 'Kong Pow', a new move that allows you to obliterate every enemy on screen and turn them into items. Collecting 100 bananas fills a meter, and in multiplayer both players have to co-ordinate a button press to successfully pull off the move — it'll also be available in single player. The items that appear from Kong Pow vary depending on the buddy character in play, which in the case of Dixie is a gold heart; each of these allows an extra hit before the heart goes back to its standard red colour.

The footage shown is certainly worth a look, especially as coverage of Tropical Freeze has been on the backburner since its delay. There are some attractive environments on show, including interesting shots of mine-kart rides from an alternative angle — which bring to mind on-rails sequences from Sonic Lost World — and some attractive looking camera angle shifts. Bill Trinen also states, at one point, that there'll be six islands in the game.

The Tropical Freeze footage can be found initially at the five minute marker, and again at 11 minutes. Are you looking forward to this one next year?