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Aussie Rating Reveals The Title Of Nintendo's First Free-To-Play Effort

Posted by Damien McFerran

Steel Diver: Sub Wars breaks the surface

It was revealed some time ago that a version of Steel Diver would be Nintendo's first free-to-play offering, but we've now got a solid title thanks to The Australian Classification Board.

Steel Diver: Sub Wars has been rated "G", with a cautionary message stating that the online experience could change during play. There's no mention of the format, but we're assuming for now that it will be on the 3DS, just like the original game — although this time it will naturally be download-only.

It shouldn't be a direct port, however — Shigeru Miyamoto has already stated the free-to-play business model will drastically alter the way in which the game plays.

Steel Diver isn't the most obvious choice for this kind of title, but it could prove to be a valuable experiment for the company. Will you be supporting the release, or do you think free-to-play is an area Nintendo should avoid? Let us know with a comment.


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wasf said:

I want that for WiiU with HD graphics! love the 3DS title!



Kirk said:

They're testing the model with a game that most people haven't really heard of and probably won't be interested in anyway. I'm not sure that's the best way to see if the model works or not to be honest. Now, imagine if they tried this out with a new FTP Mario platformer, Mario Kart, Pokemon or Zelda game. Still, it will be interesting to see how this one plays out...



ULTRA-64 said:

Free to there not something better they could be doing this close to Christmas, maybe for their struggling console, maybe a few free to play games on that, or some advertising, or changing the software on the demo units so they don't display rayman as a coming soon exclusive and aliens colonial marines as coming soon aswell, a demo of a Nintendo game maybe or even to push the boat out a contract with third parties that binds them to release games on Wii u if they want to release on 3ds(ok so this is a little shaky an idea) so at least some of the support/brand recognition it has gained can be shared across platfoms!



AlexSora89 said:

Actually, SteelDiver is a kinda logical choice - they wouldn't give FTP a shot with, say, a Mario game. Of course they choose one of their - no offense intended - lesser franchises: if you want a Zelda game, you still have to pay.

That said, then again a free-to-play Pokémon game would be a nightmare.



cookiex said:


Nintendo ruled out using any major IP for FTP so it doesn't risk souring the brand if it doesn't work.



ToniK said:

I download anything that is free. Then we'll see if it's any good. I don't think Nintendo will do much of this kind of stuff though.



sinalefa said:

I have been playing the original lately, so I may get this one. I want to know the exact model. .



WiiLovePeace said:

Online Steel Diver? Yes please! Though I've not yet finished Steel Diver nor played it for a long time. Nothing wrong with it, just got so many games to play. I'd also like to know what NES Remix is... I wonder if it has to do with, or is similar to, that rumoured "reUmagined" thing where Nintendo give N64 games a HD make over. Hope so! I'm all for nostalgia & Nintendo provide it in spades for me so bring it on! More! MORE!!!



BakaKnight said:

Free-to-play for now never sounded good to me since how microtransaction and such are always implemented for make an awful boring free game or an extremly expensive acceptable one >.>;

Then again I'm really curious to see if Nintendo can tackle this challange in an interesting way! Worst case I will get to play a "demo" of SteelDiver's gameplay



shingi_70 said:

Makes me wonder if this is going to be a Wii U game. The Wii U online system and eshop set up seems like it would be the best for this type of game compared to 3DS.



wasf said:

plus piloting subs with wiiu gamepad seems logical and pretty legit, the same way it did with 3ds counterpart... yammy!



Rief said:

Nintendo made good DLCs...
Maybe they can also make goof "Free" to play?



TruenoGT said:

Steel Diver is underrated for sure. I think the concept could be expanded quite a bit to include online races and maybe even battles. I'd miss the 3D elements if they made it a Wii U game. Might be cool if they released for both formats.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Really? 3DS? I thought it'd be on the Wii U, I bought the 3DS version during the dark ages after it had come out and I was so thirsty for games. It was alright I just wished that Nintendo had improved upon it which they will as it now seems.



MkTony7 said:

Keep making phone games Nintendo along with console games you make 10X more money



SchamMan89 said:

My SD card storage space is too high of a cost for a second Steel Diver game.

One of the worst games I've ever played.



Dr_Corndog said:

Risky territory here. F2P is great when done right (à la TF2), but so many F2P games are just poorly disguised attempts and wresting money out of compulsive people's pockets.



Emblem said:

Handheld F2P? Thats new, i can't recall a PSP or Vita F2P game (correct me if i'm wrong as i sold my PSV after completing PS4G & SS). I'm still hoping its for Wii U though.



Darknyht said:

F2P can be good if done right. As long as it doesn't turn into pay to win, the game should be fine.



NiBar said:

I really love Steel Diver. An underrated gem. With a lot replay value.Some say it is to short . I have actually invested over 15 hours. Fantastic missions in supreme 3d with great stylus control. Periscope Strike,this tasty first person shooter where you rotate with the 3ds launching missiles at ships and the tactical turn based strategy game which I played a lot with my friends, simply brilliant. A lot people have sadly missed this awesome game. I'm happily looking forward to Steel Diver: Sub Wars.



GamerZack87 said:

And as usual the Australian ratings board completely disobeys Prof. River Song by spoiling another upcoming game title.



MadAdam81 said:

The Classifications Board can be annoying, simply for the fact that they have to view everything even Indy titles and DLC, meaning 360s indy games and Rockband network songs couldn't be sold here.



Senate_Guard said:

Steel Diver I feel was terribly overlooked at the 3DS's launch, but for good reason; it wasn't a recognizable brand.

I'll definitely be downloading it though!



gamingreal said:

Cant argue with free, never having played the original i will give this a shot,
I bet you pay for more subs or something but knowing nintendo they wont leave us with a boring mess of a game that requires dlc to get interesting.

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