During E3 Nintendo revealed it would be releasing its first free-to-play game by March 2014 but didn't give any details as to what game it would be other than it wouldn't be a Mario and Pokémon title due to both of these franchises' having such a positive relationship with consumers.

Nintendo has since confirmed with IGN that the upcoming free-to-play game is Steel Diver, which is certainly not as big a franchise as Mario or Pokémon.

For those who are unaware Steel Diver was a 3DS launch title and is an action-packed submarine combat game but this iteration won't just be a straight port and Shigeru Miyamoto has said the free-to-play model will inevitably change the game's design.

Nintendo has not yet specified which consoles Steel Diver will be coming to. With it having history on the 3DS the natural choice would be the handheld, but there's plenty of scope to bring it to Wii U as well.

What we do know is that multiplayer will play a big part in the game and it will feature a four-player battle mode.

The exact business model of this first free-to-play title is yet to be decided, and Nintendo is considering either using some sort of membership or micro-transaction type of fee in order to play other elements of the game. However, Miyamoto was quick to say Nintendo is looking to balance the entertainment value with various pricing models and hopes to bring more information soon.

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