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Video: Star Wars Meets Nintendo In This Stunning Animated Mash-Up

Posted by Damien McFerran

The Triforce is strong in this one

YouTube legend James Farr has already given us Super Mario Busters and New Super Mario Busters 2, but he's far from done with mashing up popular culture with Nintendo characters.

His latest creation is Super Smash Wars: A Link To The Hope, a gloriously rendered combination of Star Wars and The Legend of Zelda — with plenty of other references thrown in for good measure, of course.

You can check it out below, and after you've watched be sure to let us know your thoughts.

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Wonder_Ideal said:

That is one of the best YouTube videos I have ever seen. It combines two of my favorite things; Star Wars and Nintendo. So much win!



Auracle said:

Star Wars was an integral part of my childhood. I love Nintendo. You can only imagine how much I enjoyed the two put together!



Zodiak13 said:

Awesome. My son and I just got done watching and this is really well done and funny to boot. Hope the other 2 come out and soon at that.



Robin_Aisaga said:

@Zodiak13 Oh, right... It's been a Long time ago since I last saw Star Wars. They can use it later I guess, I hope they make more of them



Zodiak13 said:

@Sir_Anthony Agreed, more of these is required!!!! It's been a while since I watched all the Star Wars movies as well, at least last week .



rjejr said:

That was better than almost everything currently on the Cartoon Network. Really well done. Maybe the next Zelda game can be set in the future



AlexSora89 said:

I already knew James Farr was a genius, but this... wow. Just wow.
Totally makes up for the Male Wii Fit Trainer scare.



BrightBeing said:

This guy makes all kinds of FANTASTIC Nintendo mash-ups. Go to his channel to see them all! I really liked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopas!



BulbasaurusRex said:

That was brilliant! Simply brilliant!

Now if only he would eventually get to the Expanded Universe, we could have a redheaded Zelda as Mara Jade.



CyberNature said:

"Do a barrel roll."

They just had to put that in there haha. It wouldn't have been complete without it. That was amazing.



BlackStar9000 said:

even in a parody we still dont see F-Zero, Starfox (Fox McCloud) or Metroid, but the sequels have racing segments, maybe then...other than that this was the best nintendo mashup with spot on character mash ups, still think that mario should have been fox though



WaxxyOne said:

OMG, awesome! I nearly died laughing when they ran into that gossip stone. So many references indeed.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@BlackStar9000 Mario needed to be Han to set up the Han/Leia pairing in the sequels.

@efaulk84 Well, that was the joke, but it really was Docking Bay 94 in the movie.

The problem I have is that they killed off Wedge in the Battle of Yavin. Now who's going to trip that AT-AT on Hoth or destroy the power regulator in the core of the 2nd Majora?



AJWolfTill said:

So so so good, I loved how the Majora theme sounded staight out of Mass Effect when they approached the Death Star XD.



Henmii said:

AWE-SOME!! Probably James best short so far!! They should make this game for real!!

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