Super Mario Busters 2

Earlier this year we posted a video called Super Mario Busters, which was a new creation from YouTube user James Farr. It combined a homage to the Ghostbusters movie with enough Nintendo game references to keep eagle-eyed viewers amused for a long time.

Now we have the sequel, The New Super Mario Busters 2, which picks up with the second movie, a couple of popular additions to Mario and Luigi's ghost bustin' team and a storyline somewhat similar to its source material. Once again it's slickly animated, completely wacky, funny and full of more gaming cameos to pick out. There are lots of them in there, with appearances from some huge Nintendo franchises and a timely dedication to the new 3DS game currently spooking out the sales charts.

Check out the video below — you really should — and see how many Nintendo references you can spot.