Nintendo has, in the past, utilised technologies for its games and then purchased shares in the related companies, either in part of through a full acquisition. One example is from February 2012 when Nintendo purchased MobiClip, and in a similar move the company has now acquired a 27% stake in Panasonic's PUX technology.

While Panasonic retain majority ownership, this move clearly indicates Nintendo's eagerness to adopt the technology further. It's a development kit used for movie encoding and 2D to 3D conversions, but also notable for recognising a variety of inputs such as voice, handwriting, face, objects and gestures. It should be no surprise to anyone that's followed Nintendo that elements of PUX have been utilised in Wii U and 3DS projects; it's possible — though not confirmed — that tools such as the Mii Maker software uses the technology, while there are numerous examples on both systems of games that utilise the uses outlined above.

This increased investment is reportedly going to be tied to greater collaboration between Nintendo and PUX teams to work on a "new software engine and application software", as translated by Siliconera.

What kinds of projects would you like to see in future software or applications using this technology? More voice recognition, hand writing options? Let you imaginations run wild in the comments below.

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