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Sonic Lost World To Feature Connectivity Between Wii U and 3DS

Posted by Dylan Newcome

Tails ingenuity at its finest

Sonic Lost World will exclusively come to Wii U and 3DS on 22nd October, much to the delight of Sonic fans everywhere. The newest platformer in the series sees the blue blur running along walls and through loops in what could be described as SEGA's take on Super Mario Galaxy. Also returning for this entry are the Wisp power-ups which first appeared in Sonic Colors on Wii. During today's Nintendo Direct, some details were shared regarding how the Wii U and 3DS versions will interact with each other.

In the 3DS version of Lost World, the player can customise remote control vehicles with Tails' technical prowess, which can be sent over to the Wii U version where they can be controlled by a second player to aid Sonic with some co-op action. The RC helicopter in the video was only shown collecting rings, but perhaps the helpful vehicles have other uses that haven't been shown yet.

How do you think Sonic Lost World is shaping up? Has this connectivity feature convinced you to purchase both versions? Sound off in the comments.

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User Comments (28)



StephenYap3 said:

Hopefully Tails will make Emerl to be used on the Wii U version

Edit: Yeah, I'm not serious...but it would be nice.



Gioku said:

Seems like sort of a useless feature... unless the vehicles also work in the 3DS version, they're rather pointless to make if you don't have both games... and they don't seem to do much even if you do have both. Oh well. The game'll be great regardless!



sinalefa said:

Asymmetrical co op, another feature borrowed from Mario Galaxy.

Still interested on the Wii U version only, unless it is THAT good that I would need both.



JaxonH said:

Yep, I'm convinced. Well, I was already convinced, and have had both the Wii U and 3DS versions pre ordered for quite some time now. The fact each version will have completely different levels was enough for me. My VISA practically jumped out of my wallet on its own.



MrGawain said:

Was thinking about getting this, but that camera caused me to turn a green colour.

The still pictures look nice though!



paburrows said:

I played the 3DS version at Comic-Con and its just as great as the Wii U version, so excited to get this! I'm curious though, you can create the RC vehicles for use on the Wii U, but can you keep them on the 3DS and use them there?



paburrows said:

@Dyltheman I would guess the main controller with the stylus like you do with Mario and Rayman to ether help or hinder the main player.



GreatPlayer said:

@sinalefa Wii U version will differ from the NDS version in actual stage design. AT LEAST this is more varied than Luigi U, which is basically a substantially shortened version of the same Mario U. Luigi U, which is very expensive for DLC ($20), looks like a rip-off, as Nintendo did not even bother to design new bosses for Luigi U. Instead, it recycles the same bosses from Mario U, and so you played the same bosses twice for most gamers who have also played Mario U.



Quickman said:

@LzQuacker The Mario Galaxy vibe really suits the Sonic style IMO, it must be a good influence as It's the first time that I've been interested in a Sonic game for a long time..



GreatPlayer said:

@sinalefa I encourage you to pay $20 and buy Luigi U and see what you think. Personally this purchase makes me very cautious about buying another Nintendo games / Nintendo DLC. Luigi U is not bad - it just does not worth it for its abysmal additional content. In contrast, at least the two versions of Sonic seem to be very different - I would buy both if I played the Wii U version and felt that it is an excellent game. Unfortunately I don't have a 3ds.



Lionhart said:

Truthfully, I had no intentions of buying a WiiU but as a longtime loyal Zelda fan I now plan to buy a WiiU this Christmas season because I truly loved Phantom Hourglass on the DS and so far it's the greatest game Zelda so that I've played. I'm still in need of playing Twilight Princess and I do hope that Majora's Mask is still on track for the 3DS. I also enjoyed Ocarina of Time 3DS.



sinalefa said:


Thanks for the advice. In exchange I will advise you to get a 3DS. It has tons of great games and you can even get the XL version right away. It is definitely my most played system, as it also allows you to play DS games too. I actually held on getting Pikmin 3 so I could also get Mario & Luigi for the 3DS at once.



rjejr said:

Anybody else notice this game is $49.99 (instead of $59.99) on both Target and Amazon?

Misprint, short game, or Sega being nice?



GreatPlayer said:

@sinalefa I wanted 3DS games. They appear to be even better than Wii U games. :> I love professor Layton, but I do not want to get too addicted!



Gamer83 said:

I just hope this turns out good on 3DS, not worried about the Wii U version but if it pushes the system I wonder how well 3DS will run it. That system is the only option I'll have for this game for at least the next year so I hope Sega doesn't let me down.



WiiLovePeace said:

I want both games! Not because of the cross-game functionality but because both games look really fun I'll probably get the Wii U one first though.



Windy said:

Another totally useless function in lieu of online play. Just useless and always will be. At least Online rankings......COME ON MAN! Here is an Idea. At least a Friendslist rankings board

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