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TowerFall Creator Has Been Approached By Nintendo

Posted by Damien McFerran

Game takes inspiration from Smash Bros., GoldenEye 64 and Yoshi's Island

TowerFall may be a time-limited Ouya exclusive for the next few months, but the game has been getting some serious attention thanks to its gorgeous 2D visuals, frantic multiplayer gameplay and surprising depth.

Creator Matt Thorson — who cites Super Smash Bros. Melee, Yoshi's Island and GoldenEye 64 as influences — has told Polygon that Nintendo is one of the parties interested in working with him once the Ouya exclusivity window ends:

Everyone has approached me. At E3, Nintendo talked to me. Sony came to my house. Microsoft has been emailing me. There's a lot of demand for the game. I just want as many people to play it as possible.

I didn't expect this. It's really encouraging.

We can certainly see why — TowerFall looks amazing, as you can see from the trailer below. This would make the perfect 3DS eShop title, but could also work on the Wii U thanks to its multiplayer focus.

Would you pay good cash for this? Sound off in the comments to let us — and the world — know.

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Undead_terror said:

I say it would be nice if it was released on all major platforms, but if not then on 3ds/wii u.



Tuurtledove said:

I certainly have no complaints if it were to arrive on the eShop. Indie developers are steadily creeping into the console market after all, and they could certainly help express the true innovative potential of the WiiU Gamepad. And "TowerFall" would also make for a great multiplayer placeholder until the release of "Super Smash Bros"



millarrp said:

I hope they do work something out...the more publishers releasing games on the eshop the better...



Skotski said:

This game needs to release on all platforms. Because everyone needs to enjoy this awesome game.

No discussions of "Wii U / eShop needs more titles" necessary. Irrelevant. Great game is great game. Should be played by all.



rjejr said:

It just looks like an update of the game w/ the knights on ostrichs, and I am so POd I cant recall the name. 1 word, several syllables, sounds like Excaliber or something. Oh well, I cant be the only 1 who knows it, think Arcade and Atari. OK maybe Im the only 1 here old enough to have played it. Ahh yes, knew if I kept typing it would come to me, I was thinking along the lines of Lacnealot but its simply...




Late said:

I really want TowerFall for Wii U. I watched VGA videos of this game and instantly fell in love with it. I'd pay 20€ or maybe even more for this game although I'm glad that most of eShop games are only around 10€ or less.



Adam said:

Matt Thorson is the best. He has a lot of absolutely wonderful games free on his site. An Untitled Story is one of the best Metroid-style games there is. I have made a ton of mini games with his Jumper 2 level editor. This looks like pure fun and I badly want it to come to a console I own. I am sorely tempted to get an Ouya for it but will cross my fingers that he does work with Nintendo. I know he has said he wants to do a PC version with an expanded single-player mode.



Fortified said:

Terraria + Smash Bros = this? THATS AWESOME I would gladly give away all my money for this to be on 3DS.



Raptor78 said:

As an Ouya backer you find that the Ouya has quite a growing little collection of indie games like this and Nintendo could do well keeping an eye on some of these developers and offer them good work on the 3DS / wiiU. Currently Ouya has a kick starter financial incentive for exclusive Ouya games but only ask for 6 months exclusivity... just enough time to work out any kinks and port it to a Nintendo system.



Late said:

@ShadJV: The trailer doesn't tell much about the game. Take a look at VGA's videos to see some really good 4-player action. I think this would become my most played game on Wii U before new Smash Bros. arrives if it gets released before it. Or if it happens to be released later it will most likely be my second most played game. I really like good multiplayer games.



Wilford111 said:

At least the Ouya is getting just a little bit attention ;P
Personally, I didn't care for this game at all, but I'm happy the developer is getting some recognition for his hard work!



ricklongo said:

I think this should be a good diversion while SMB doesn't come. Looks cool, but not overly impressed by it.



Shambo said:

It'd be nice as a free bonus with Smash Bros, but its obvious multiplayer appeal aside, I don't think you could spend your money's worth in gameplay time... Should be the multiplayer of some singleplayer platformer or something, then it could really be awesome i.m.o.

Edit: Hats off for the developer though, must feel great!

Yet I don't get this: so many games cite old school Nintendo games as their inspiration, yet don't seem to think of bringing it to the source themselves... Or it is a "Kickstarter stretch goal" or anything else that implies "afterthought"...



Kagamine said:

Got this on Ouya a few days back, amazing game. Wouldn't buy it again on WiiU though, maybe 3DS.



Lobster said:

The article made me laugh. Sony: meets in person. Nintendo: meets in person. Microsoft: send emails.

Yeah, I know who I wouldn't bother with! Someone doesn't seem to actually care in this equation! ROFL.



stipey said:

Matt Thorson's games all showcase a designer who really gets what makes games FEEL good. His collaboration with Tom Sennett, RunMan, was amazing, as were Give Up Robot, Jumper, and Fat Wizard for a laugh.
Check out his stuff!



Gridatttack said:

I dont know. It seems a bit cramped to play like this. Thought I really need to play it before I judge it.



Pod said:

I've played this game 4-player on OUYA quite a lot and I can definitely say that it is a BLAST.

Even if the graphics style isn't your cup of tea, the colors, animation and light are full of life and the music is great.

The gamesplay is fastpaced and very entertaining. It has the tempo and gist of Soldat, Bomberman, Super Mario War, and Super Smash Bros. all mixed into one.

It's the best multipplayer game on OUYA by far, and here's hoping it'll be a great game on everything else.

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