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Liege Confirmed for Wii U and Passes All Stretch Goals

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Due in 2014

Earlier in the week we told you about Liege, a crowdfunded project approved for Wii U, with a stretch goal added to its target with under a week of fundraising remaining. It didn't seem like a certainty that the Wii U version would be funded, but the goal has been passed to confirm the release on Nintendo's system.

This Coda Games project is a tactical RPG, which name-drops games such Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics as important influences. Aiming for a 16-bit approach but with a promising art-style, it's set to be a three-party trilogy with the adventure starting in early 2014. The possibility has been raised that due to its late inclusion in the project the Wii U eShop version may arrive slightly later than on the original formats, such as PC.

For those that have been following the campaign since its earliest days, the positive news is that it's hit all of its stretch goals, including a sequence titled "The Burning City" and an upgrade to the game's art, with over $70,000 raised (of an original $15,000 goal) with 12 hours remaining, at the time of writing.

Another crowdfunded game to look forward to in 2014, are you interested in this one?


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Squashie said:

Kind of looks like my kind of thing, something to look forward to next year, as if there isn't already enough?



Sanqet said:

hopefully they will not run out of money unlike that other crowdfunded game in the news this week



Yasume said:

Let's be honest, they only reached it because they dropped the names Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy. Seems like a cheap way to me and I doubt that Liege will even touch the surface of great franchises like that. Would like to be proven wrong though.



Peach64 said:

I didn't donate to this as there's no indication of quality despite them name dropping great classics that inspired them. If it's good I'll probably pick up the vita version as I prefer SRPGs on handhelds.



Shambo said:

@squashie I know what you mean. My Wii U will have a very busy time. I hope I'll find enough time to play all these very promising games. You'd almost start hoping some will turn out disappointing before you buy them... Just to save some money for the other games coming along.



sinalefa said:

I don't think so. I am not a huge strategy fan and Fire Emblem Awakening and even Pikmin 3 will have me covered for quite a while.



JaxonH said:

@Peach64 I agee with you about Vita. Some games are just more well-suited for it, as the smaller screen makes indie games look better (althought the gamepad works too- I play all my VC games on it), and handhelds are great for platformers and strategy games. I love FE Awakening on handheld- it worked so well. Same for DKC Returns. And Rayman Origins on Vita is simply amazing. I loved it so much that after pre ordering Legends for Wii U, I went ahead and pre ordered another copy on Vita. Probably wait for the reviews before committing to Liege, but I am hopeful, and would love to have another fun strategy game on the menu.



ajmetz said:

I'd been joining in with everyone moaning about the lack of Wii U software, but as things begin to pick up, I doubt I'll be able to keep up! Also, 'cos you have to launch Wii mode to access backwards compatibility, I keep forgetting there are a tonne of Wii games I still need to pick up / play at some point, and that's not counting all the Wii U games I'm seeing at stupidly silly (cheap) pre-owned prices in CEX. Am not a huge tactical RPG fan, but do like my RPGs in general, so definitely will look out for this, and possibly give it a go. In the meanwhile - huge congrats it got funded! And chuffed to bits a Wii U version stretch goal was met! ^_^



defrb said:

will decide at the time this game got released, if i will buy it or not
Looks prommising, good to see so many kickstarter projects!



brandonbwii said:

This game actually looks a bit different from it's source material. I like the combination of town exploration, linear narrative and a completely seamless transition to grid based battles.

Don't let the name drops turn you off. This game looks quite fun and original. If only they can somehow tighten up those watercolor graphics. Style is nice, but it needs something more that I can't quite put my finger on.

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