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Weirdness: If Only Monster Hunter Was Released on the Game Boy

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

On a scale of one to awesome, it'd be awesome

Monster Hunter is a huge deal in Japan, with the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 likely to cause retail mayhem, or perhaps crashes of the 3DS eShop servers. Despite the high quality of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U and 3DS, however, it's not hit those heights in the West, relying on a loyal core following to keep its online servers (on the Wii U) relatively busy to this day.

But still, fans of the franchise in the West are often big supporters, happy to indulge dozens — maybe hundreds — of hours in the quest of picking up more powerful armour and weapons. As the latest entry on 3DS isn't yet confirmed for the West, or perhaps just because he felt like it, Twitter user Gary J Lucken has produced a "de-makeover" to show what the series would look like if it was on Game Boy and Game Boy Color.

The full image is below and, for our money, looks fantastic. Perhaps it's a sign of delusion and madness, but we'd actually love to play this game if it was real. We're not the only ones, right?


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bro2dragons said:

No, this isn't what it would look like on Game Boy systems. They didn't have trigger buttons, but this guy expects you to swap out items with the L button. Still cool-looking, but not accurate.

(On that note, though, you could do it with Select, use the item with A or B and swing/fire your weapon with the other. You'd dodge roll by double tapping. ... This game actually sounds awesome. I think I'd prefer it to the 3D ones.)



mikeyman64 said:

Looks like it would be fun.

This may just be me, but don't these screen resolutions look a bit high for the GBC? Or maybe too low... I dunno it just looks off.



Sobtanian said:

Couple of things:

1 said Twitter user is the pixel artist Army of Trolls, he does great stuff like the Gamecity Poster edge gave out. Might be worth mentioning that in the post?

2 he's a massive MH and Nintendo fan and knows there's no L on Gameboys, but he makes a point that Nintendo would have released an addon to accommodate, just like the circle pad pro.



rjejr said:

@Sobtanian - Bonus karma to you for the intel. That 2nd part was very cool.

I'ld play the color one, but I don't think I could handle the green.
I'm playing Rainbow Moon on the PS3 right now and the color pallet and camera angle are similar enough that it made me think of it.



Fazermint said:

Looks very cool, I would get it if it was a real game. The great sword would do wide swipes, the lance would only hit in front... I can see it all work out really well.



Shambo said:

i'd get this, no doubt! but you do know gb(c) has no l-button, right?
if it were on advance, i'd love getting it just to play mh on my famicom gb micro!



3DSAllDay said:

This needs a kick starter and be released on both the WiiU and 3DS eshops by the year 2015!!!



Epicnessofme99 said:

I would play this but I still think Monster Hunter works best in a 3D environment. Very convincing though, if I saw this and you told me it was real I would believe you.



CoreyCannabis said:

I just passed the 800 hour mark in MH3U, and if this game ever came to fruition, I'm sure I'd drop another billion hours into this. MonHun is crack!



GamerZack87 said:

@bro2dragons @bngrybt: They'd most likely have bundled some kind of shoulder button attachment with the game, calling it the "Super Control Plus" or something like that.

Looks very tasty. On a mac n' cheese level of tastiness.



Gioku said:

@Rod64 These screenshots actually wouldn't be that difficult to make.
...but if you're referring to the amount of time people have spent playing MH... then I agree with you.

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