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Sun 11th Aug 2013

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Evan_Yeti commented on The Keep:

I've been playing this for about 4 hours and really like it. I'm a big fan of Etrian Odyssey and Orcs and Elves and fp dungeon crawlers in general. Here are some of my observations that might help you decide if this game is for you.
-The combat was very frustrating to learn. The tutorial doesn't really help you figure out fighting enough. Especially it should point out the hard to find stamina bar. In your first fights you'll be running out of stamina so you can't attack and you have to run away 'till it builds back up. The stylus attack doesn't feel intuitive at first and when you do correctly swipe the screen then there is a high probability that you'll miss or the enemy will block. With time you'll get the hang of it but it's a frustrating learning process.
-There's no level grinding. So far there hasn't been any back tracking or enemy regeneration. So other than finding a secret area full of enemies, there's no way to gain extra exp.
-Exploration and puzzle solving are fantastic! This is the main thing that keeps me playing. It's one of those games like Prince of Persia for NES where you learn by dying. Lots of instant kill death traps. Luckily you can save anytime.
Tips for new players: Find the stamina bar a.s.a.p. and it seems like the shoulder buttons do nothing which is odd for a fpdc but you have to hold L and move with the circle pad to strafe.