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Resident Evil Revelations DLC Season Pass Revealed on Steam

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Delicious DLC, or horrifyingly disappointing add-ons?

The upcoming Resident Evil Revelations re-release on Wii U is bringing some new features over its 3DS original — there'll be an "infernal" difficulty level, off-screen play for that, er, unique handheld experience, and you'll be able to troll other players by giving monsters speech bubbles with silly comments. The most notable change, of course, will be improved visuals for that full-screen HD experience, and there are certainly areas and sections of the game that could potentially benefit a good deal from more powerful hardware.

Another extra has emerged, via the game's description on PC platform Steam, in the form of a DLC Season Pass. According to the details there'll be four packs to expand the Raid mode — the single player, local or online co-op action-orientated area where you take on levels and monsters from the main game, within strict time limits. You level up and acquire more powerful weapons, and it's a surprisingly effective, lengthy and fun extra in the 3DS version.

The description says the following:

Fight the fear with more weapons and more characters!. Expand your Raid mode experience with the Resident Evil Revelations Season Pass which includes four pieces of additional content.

Content will be revealed and available shortly after the game's release.

It seems a pity if DLC only adds to the Raid mode, however, rather than offering additional chapters to the main storyline. We'll need to wait for full details to emerge in good time, and we're yet to see whether the Season Pass, or even the DLC in any form, will arrive in the Wii U version.

What do you think of potential DLC for the Raid mode, and would you rather have extra levels for the campaign? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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beat said:

dont want to pay for DLC's. not until i get a credit card. or a job. or be old enough to be an adult.



Joffy said:

I can't say I even touched raid mode in the 3ds version so this doesn't really appeal. I feel like I must be missing out on something?



Nintenjoe64 said:

Maybe they should start rewarding us purely for our gaming skill again and not for what we can pay for. Maybe they could charge for DLC cheats but I'd much rather try an insane skill challenge to get a hand cannon or laser gun than have to pay.

If we all spend loads on DLC like this then we'll start getting charged for features that should be included in the price like off tv play.



ULTRA-64 said:

Would rather have more content on release than dlc, especially in a re-release!! Would prefer if dlc was used to add to experimental modes/ if they weren't sure which modes fans would prefer they could invest minimal time/money on expanding it unless fans warmed to that mode and wanted more....I feel dlc is charging fans for the use of content that,in most cases, should be in the box from the start. I used to pick the games that would last me the longest.....hard to pick games based on this value now due to dlc!!!



MiNiStRy said:

Not getting this for online play imo resident evil games are best played alone.



The-Chosen-one said:

they just want to milk our money, they can easily put in on the disc, the WiiU Panasonic Dics can store up to 25gig and more



SkywardLink98 said:

Lol. if the DLC doesn't come to the Wii U, Capcom will have a riot. Anyway, I wonder if they'll add it to the 3DS. (Probably not, but it'd be cool)



Kyloctopus said:

Well hopefully it will only be worthy DLC. Like the Left 4 Dead crossover. I don't want microtransactions.
This game is going to have to be really good, in order for me to buy the HD version as opposed to the $20 3DS game.



luminalace said:

I would definitely preferred more single player levels however I would consider more Raid Mode levels for the right price.



siavm said:

Why would I want to pay for dlc to a re-release of a year old game? This is crazy. Sometimes capcom is just in it for the money and not the fans. This content should be in the game. But knowing capcom it probably is. Weird how they can re-release tri again and get so much right then come back to their other big franchise and get so much wrong. Would definitely not buy this game again.



ACK said:

This is pretty bad. If we're to purchase a re-release well after the fact, I would expect any value added to be included in the retail package. You know, considering the original's availability at $20 and the abundance of time since it's release to forge new content. Expecting us to buy in at an MRSP with the promise of DLC is pretty absurd.

And additional Raid mode levels? Seriously? Give us a true Mercenaries mode and then you'll be on to something... As it is, I could barely stomach the boring Raid levels (of which there are plenty) if not for the promise of co-op with my wife. As it is, we still play Mercs 3D every week; Raid mode, while fun, is a disappointing alternative.



Faruko said:

Im going with the second, why ? simple... Do you guys think Capcom would give away money just like that

After the RE6 MP DLC and that (expensive) SF4 Costumes, im not expecting anything but a few RAID maps and costumes... maybe a character or 2



JFug said:

Does anybody know if Revelations has local split screen Raid Mode? Or is it only with someone online?



Haxonberik said:

I'm yet to play raid mode on the 3DS actually. I have a lot of games I'd like to complete further, like winning SM3DL with Luigi, but I dont have time with the constant stream of retail and downloadable games, and the ever present ambassador games.



Tysamu said:

I'm gonna probably have one of the monsters say "Let me touch you for my satisfaction!!!"



Doma said:

It's Capcom, it was to be expected. I may buy once it's 15 or less.



Galactus said:

If Capcom keeps this stuff up they are going to lose some serious fan base. With the industry the way it is now you would think they would take this as their opportunity to build some customer resource management. But no, same old super-turbo-ultimate business model, now with dlc sprinkled on top.

Poor Capcom, soon to be the next Sega



Azikira said:

Only if the DLC packs are big. If it's like, "Buy this pack to unlock one character and two weapons", then capcom can go die in a dumpster fire. :3



Freelance said:

Kinda sucky. I've been wanting new Raid Mode content but it never came. I since traded the game in. Now I see the PC version is going to have new content that may not simply additional characters? I'd want new levels and whatever, This is kinda sucky that all this didn't come out on the original game on the 3DS. Bah.



TheRavingTimes said:

Capcom has 3 Aces and 2 Jokers in their hand. Will they hold (play it safe and avoid any stupid decisions) or throw it all away?



Neram said:

"Content will be revealed and available shortly after the game's release."




Dpullam said:

I'm not sure that Resident Evil Revelations even needs something like a season pass. I guess with enough content it could turn out to be fruitful.

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