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Nintendo Files New "Remotely Controlled Mobile Device Control System" Patent

Posted by Orla Madden

One of its more wacky patents

It seems to have been brought to light that Nintendo has been given the thumbs up on a new patent — the idea of a "remotely controlled mobile device control system". The patent was filed back in June 2011, and has only just been approved.

As you can see from the image, the Wii Remote is placed inside the remote controlled device, in this case a robot, and can send information to and from the console; this could most likely be used as a new function to control a character in game. Or who knows, it may never see the light of day.

The image does bring to mind a fresh attempt at R.O.B., which though a cool concept didn't actually work particularly well in practice. Still, affordable robotics have come a long way, and it could show those dull — and static — Skylanders toys a thing or two.

What are your thoughts on this news? How would you like to see Nintendo use its new patent? Let us know by dropping a comment below.


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SCAR said:

Using the GamePad to control that robot sounds like it would work. I could make it do my laundry as a command integrated into the program.
I would want to be able to see and hear what that robot does on my TV...



ouroborous said:

interesting as a concept but execution of the idea would be the real deciding factor.
if it only worked for one game or didnt do anything very interesting it wouldnt have much point.



SCAR said:

No, it will be manually controlled. I really hope this comes out. I'll even pay $100 for this if it can pick up 10 lbs.



Betelgroose said:

They could still use it on WiiU maybe the GamePad could be used as the remote to control the robot



Giygas_95 said:

Eh...Whatever it is they're planning, I'd prefer the entire game experience to stay on the TV and gamepad screens. Traditional controller and gameplay, please.



SCAR said:

Guys, this is past just gaming. You guys realize that right? They're just gonna bundle it with a game to appeal to consumers, then everyone will end up making it do dishes and stuff. Sounds like a good plan.



GuSolarFlare said:

#include <stdio.h>
int main(){
Printf("this is cool!");



SCAR said:

BTW that robot is pretty big compared to the Wii remote. It looks like it would be about 2 feet tall.



GiftedGimp said:

This is only a patent, so doubt we'd see anything of it for a good few years, Its probably Nintendo getting an idea and securing the idea for their own use.

In theory, a Wii-Remote.. or two, three or even four (one for each limb) could be linked to WiiU. The Gamepad used for giving commands, and some sort of game implementing the robot could be devised.

I wouldn't put it past Nintendo, they often come out with ideas/concepts that are 'out-of-the-norm' Virtual boy, Motion Controllers, dual screens on DS/3DS and now the Gamepad, are just a few, though this one seems more outside the norm than usual.



Mickey said:

I think my paranoia would get the best of me.

For example: Having nightmares of the Wii robot killing me in my sleep.



NintyMan said:

Looks like R.O.B. would have a new, more advanced buddy. At least it's still not as weird as the Wii Saddle.



Grodus said:

Turn the difficulty level on my robot buddy up to impossible and play some Metriod Blast? Doesn't sound weird or make me sound lonely at all!



LB33 said:

So what if we used the gamepad to remote control the robot, and on the tv we can see what the robot sees and the robot can analyze and recognize items in front of it that have been programmed (that we also see on the tv) and we can set it to recognize people. It can grab us things around the house, grab us a coke and some chips, turn on or off a light, and maybe have some form of speech that we control and can record and program voice commands into it that it would say to people. it could essentially become our personal assistant version of ourselves...Hmmm? Haha



Grodus said:

@LB33 You could name the voice buttons so you know which one they are, and have all the buttons on the touch screen. (Voice buttons, not movement and stuff like that.) An octopus dance style thing can be used on the control sticks, he can be moved with the d-pad, and the actual buttons can be basic voice clips, like "Hello," "What's up," "Goodbye," "See you soon," and other clips already loaded on there. (You would choose 2 sets of four. [Set 1: ABXY Set 2: LR ZL ZR] You can, of course, name these sets.) Then you could program movement commands in program mode, where you just move the robot yourself to do stuff, label the command, and make it a button! Imageine: "Oh, that's the door. Hey, R3-D3, can you get that?" (moves over and pushes open door button) "Thanks!" (Makes him say "what's up, doc?")



SCAR said:

'Robot, get me my drink, PLEASE.'
'Yes master'

The scenario above should happen. Haha. It would be cool if this was a full app, and it comes with a game of some sort to play with it. I pretty sure every one would want a robot.



DESS-M-8 said:

Scale wise, that "robot" is the same size as a human being. Is the robot meant to represent the remote strapped to their chest? Is it a new R.O.B? Would it have any application beyond novelty and/or Nintendo collectibility? I cannot see the use or point of this, but then again I don't work on the cutting edge of gaming technology so I'm not supposed to. If it turns into a product I hope it's at least good.



Mortenb said:

Since when did ideas become patentable? They are supposed to protect actual implementations that need investment and risk, not ideas you dream up on your couch. And they should be complex enough that it's not obvious, from looking at it or hearing about it, how it works.



Gold_Ranger said:

But the Wii Remotes are used TO control, not as a way for something else to be manipulated...



Lopezdm said:

I think this has more to do with future controllers then it has to do with the robot. Like a wii remote without the senor bar.



Mariomast3r said:

i could clean my house using just the gamepad and this robot? I'm freakin sold!! call it wiiclean nintendo and pack in the robot and I'm totally purchasing. Thanx technology for keeping us humans

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