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New River City Ransom Sequel Confirmed

Posted by Andy Green

A crowd-funding campaign is set to launch this Summer

Combit Studios has announced it is currently developing a sequel to the popular sidescrolling fighter River City Ransom, which was released on the NES in 1989.

According to its website, the Canada-based studio will be working with Million - the developer behind the Game Boy Advance remake River City Ransom EX - in order to create the best experience possible.

To help fund the project, Combit will launch a crowd-funding campaign this Summer.

A sequel to River City Ransom was announced for WiiWare back in 2011, however the developer Miracle Kids confirmed last year that it had put the project on hold indefinitely while it worked on a different title.

This new sequel is down for an August 2014 release on PC, however in the announcement Combit states additional platforms are "under consideration" - do we smell stretch goals?

Would you like to see River City Ransom make it to the Wii U or 3DS? Let us know in the comments section below.


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ecco6t9 said:

People, please do not forget to check out the the GBA version of River City Ransom.



Darel18 said:

I bought the Double Dragon of GBA and it was sooo good, too bad it died there. Let's hope this make it to 3DS



Shiryu said:

Please let this succeed and make it to the west. Kunio is my all time favourite video game character and it hurts so much knowing that there is already a awesome 3DS game made (and at least one more on the way, the "Fighting Concerto" one) that we will probably never see this side of the planet.



Ultra64 said:

I'll pass~ I never understood why a lot of people like this series. The controls are horrible. I do like me Super Dodge Ball though with the Ransom characters.



sr388survivor said:

Super Dodge Ball was one of my favorite games as a kid! I was so excited when it finally came to the Wii VC. lol. ah...nostalgia.



Nintendo4Lyfe said:

My oldest nephew was a die-hard fan of River City Ransom back in the 1990s. I didn't know that Technos (Double Dragon) was responsible of developing that NES title. I hope this game comes to both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.



hYdeks said:

Happy I'm not the only one from Canada who played and loved this game Can't wait for a sequel, hoping for the best! Would love to see a Wii U and 3DS version.



Ichiban said:

They really should go all out and make it for the NES, cartridge, box and all.
Screw the pc



Tasuki said:

It will be nice to see this happened. It was nice that the got Super Dodge Ball, River City Ransom, Nintendo World Cup and Crash N The Boys here in NA but I would like to see the other Kunio games out here too.



MrAndrewJ said:

Oh yes. My family didn't go to church. My brother and I played RCR on the NES every Sunday morning instead. Every single Sunday morning.

I'd buy a 3DS sequel in a heartbeat.



GamerJunkie said:

Many of these types of games are released daily on steam and in indie bundles. River city was awesome in its day, but nowadays the 8bit/16bit indies are a dime a dozen. Nothing impressive about this to me.



sweetiepiejonus said:

Nothing impressive? What information have you heard aside from 'we might make this' to form any sort of impression, good or bad?

This says it's completely different from the sequel announced years ago. Until we see something or they say 'we are making it exactly like the first title,' then why not reserve your judgement?



Nekketsu3D said:

I'm amused by Riki Densetsu, that game that apparently are not interested in bringing nintendo usa ... in waiting and agony, I chose to buy a Japanese 3DS ... to enjoy these action titles besides 3DS Space Harrier and Super Hang On, I wish I could work more on the saga of Kunio-kun and Double Dragon.



ICEknight said:

So they're working on it, but will be working closely with Million. This makes me wonder if they've even contacted Million to get the license for this yet. This just sounds a bit fishy.

In any case, the game hasn't even been funded, so I wouldn't say anything has been confirmed yet...

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