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Level 5's Fantasy Life Ships 300,000 Copies In Japan

Posted by Damien McFerran

Another 3DS smash-hit is on the cards

Level 5 CEO Akihiro Hino has revealed that total shipments to date of 3DS title Fantasy Life have reached the 300,000 mark in Japan.

Back in January, we reported that the game — which is a collaboration between the Professor Layton studio and Brownie Brown — had sold out upon release, an event which no doubt conbributed to Level 5's revelation that it would inspire a whole new series of titles.

Fantasy Life's robust commercial performance in its homeland would appear to have secured a release overseas, as we've already seen trademarks filed in both North America and Europe.

With Luigi's Mansion 2 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf already setting cash registers ringing in Japan during 2013, it would appear that the 3DS has the handheld market totally sewn up in that region.


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Beta said:

Now only SSB4 and X/Y left and Japan might got bumped through the sky ^_^



edhe said:

Lots of awesome games for the 3DS on the horizon. I hope this bodes well for the Wii U, because apart from Rayman Legends, there's nothing I feel I really excited about (ignoring Wind Waker HD and Resident Evil Revelations HD - two games I've already played).

The 3DS is turning into a great little system, and I'm personally looking forward to this releasing in Europe.



Peach64 said:

I thought it had sold a whole lot more than that, as it had sold nearly half that amount in one week. You'd think it would sell a lot more in the following 3 months. I know week one is typically the highest single week, but not to the extent that weeks 2 to 14 combines struggle to match week 1!

What are the reviews for it like? Maybe everyone rushed out in week one and bought it on the basis of the level 5 name and then word spread that it maybe wasn't so good?



Nomad said:

The 3DS is the best system out there at the moment. So many great games coming out for it. I hope this one turns out to be good as it looks interesting.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Peach64 That's still considered a success in Japan. Bravely Default didn't do much better I believe yet its also considered a success!

Looking forward to learning more about this and yes I want it!



yobucky said:

Good to hear it's been successful, for a non- first party single-console game that is a respectable total for sure. And it's only in Japan so far. I'm so glad I bought a 3ds right now and by the time I get some birthday money in June I'm honestly not sure what to buy.



LordessMeep said:

I seriously can't wait for it to be localized. This and Bravely Default are on my must buy list. I just hope it does decently over in the Western market too.



NImH said:

Has anyone heard how it's been reviewed in Japan yet? I would love to hear what they think.



daggdroppen said:

My most wanted game for the 3DS =)

but according to vgchartz it has only sold 260 000. i guess that the other 40 000 is downloaded via eshop and isnt registrated?



daggdroppen said:

i hope for a european release as well.. someone that has the famitus score on fantasy life?



Windy said:

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! This is exciting news can't wait to get it



ZinogreMaster said:

My wallet keeps getting smaller and smaller each day. But then again, that's not such a bad thing is it...



Zodiak13 said:

Good lord the 3DS is really doing a # on my wallet this year. Been loving the Nintedo system games all year long. Just got my 1st 360 game in a while, Bioshock Infinite. Very dissapointed nothing like the original 2 in my opinion, and the new aspects add nothin to me.Thank goodness for Nintendo this year.



3dsisthebest said:

I want this game, bravely default and time travelers from level 5...its really great but did so poor in japan D:

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