Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life, the adventure RPG collaboration between Level-5 and Brownie Brown (the Nintendo subsidiary now known as 1-UP Studio), has enjoyed a successful launch in Japan. It was practically a sellout in its first week at the end of 2012, and has gone on to accumulate nearly a quarter of a million sales in Level-5's homeland; not bad for a new IP.

Its success, combined with the involvement of 1-UP Studio and Level-5's solid reputation for localising its titles, has led many to speculate that it will indeed make it West. That's now looking a little more likely courtesy of a trademark filing in Europe, which was submitted on 12th March. While that doesn't mean it's a definite arrival or even due in the near future, in the context of Level-5's past activities it's certainly a positive sign. At the time of writing we couldn't find a similar trademark filing in North America, but Level-5 doesn't typically exclude such a sizable market.

For those that love the concept of a cute 3DS RPG that allows career choice and a lot of exploration, this is one to watch. You can check out the rather gorgeous extended trailer from last year's Tokyo Game Show below.

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