Cutesy 3DS title Fantasy Life has been selling like hot cakes over in Japan with so many copies sold in its first week that the game has reportedly sold out.

It's unsurprising then to learn that, during a recent interview with Famitsu, Level 5 has earmarked Fantasy Life as a new franchise for the studio saying it will be made into a fully-fledged series. The game is quite similar to Animal Crossing so it's easy to see why Level 5 see so much potential in it considering Animal Crossing: New Leaf has eclipsed the 2 million sales mark already in Japan - not even Super Mario 3D Land or Monster Hunter 3 G have achieved that feat just yet.

Fantasy Life is a collaboration between Level 5 and Brownie Brown that sees you choose a profession and live your life under that role. Players are encouraged to play the game in whichever way they like with each profession leading to various outcomes.

There is still no news on a Western release date for the game, however the mammoth first week sales certainly cannot hurt its chances.

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