Level-5 may be concluding business with its most famous character, Professor Layton, but it's a studio that does more than whimsical puzzle titles. Another release that's achieved sales success in Japan is Fantasy Life, an adventure RPG collaboration with Brownie Brown (the Nintendo subsidiary now known as 1-UP Studio). It looks incredibly charming, and eager gamers in the West will have been cheered that localisation looks to be on the cards, boosted by the recent discovery of a trademark in Europe.

While there was no U.S. equivalent trademark at that point it has now been spotted, which bodes well for its eventual arrival. Level-5 filed the application on 28th March, following suit from the European equivalent on 12th March; we wouldn't expect an imminent release, as typically the studio's titles take a fair bit of time to be localised.

As we've said previously, this is an RPG that lets you choose a career and set off to explore, while throwing in some beautifully animated cutscenes to enjoy. We also posted this trailer only recently, too, but it's just so pretty that we can't help ourselves.

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