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Fantasy Life Trademark Appears in the U.S.

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Can you hear the people sing?

Level-5 may be concluding business with its most famous character, Professor Layton, but it's a studio that does more than whimsical puzzle titles. Another release that's achieved sales success in Japan is Fantasy Life, an adventure RPG collaboration with Brownie Brown (the Nintendo subsidiary now known as 1-UP Studio). It looks incredibly charming, and eager gamers in the West will have been cheered that localisation looks to be on the cards, boosted by the recent discovery of a trademark in Europe.

While there was no U.S. equivalent trademark at that point it has now been spotted, which bodes well for its eventual arrival. Level-5 filed the application on 28th March, following suit from the European equivalent on 12th March; we wouldn't expect an imminent release, as typically the studio's titles take a fair bit of time to be localised.

As we've said previously, this is an RPG that lets you choose a career and set off to explore, while throwing in some beautifully animated cutscenes to enjoy. We also posted this trailer only recently, too, but it's just so pretty that we can't help ourselves.

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alLabouTandroiD said:

From what i read so far it sounds like a deeper, more RPG-ish approach to Animal Crossing. It sounds and looks great so far so i really hope it makes it to the West.



zenarium said:

If this game comes to the West, the probabliities of my buying it are very high. Waiting for more news about it.



Nintendawg said:

I've been looking forward to this ever since it was announced for Japan.
Day one pre-order!



akabenjy said:

If this gets released in Oz ill be buying it digitally. Brownie Brown (1UP) deserve as much profit as possible (I never got to pay for any of the Mother games). Plus I can see the game being like Animal Crossing with awesome replayability.



Kohaku said:

Let us first play Animal Crossing this summer and then at the end of the year this game would be very welcome.



Ralizah said:

It seems really unlikely now that Europeans and Americans won't see this game by some time next year.




Haxonberik said:

I guess that's a final confirmation. Now I need Bravely Default and I'll be the happiest 3DS owner.



k8sMum said:

i am doing a happy dance after seeing this. i have been hoping for this game for a long time. as others have said: animal crossing in june should help us get to the eventual release of this gem!



QuickSilver88 said:

I take it this is a 3DS game? Agree with others it looks like Animal crossing but also shares art style with Level 5 AAA game on PS3 called Ni No Kuni which has some similarities to Pokemon and SMT games with a monster collecting and breeding engine....can't wait but really wish we would seen Nintendo promote more cross play/buy like Sont is doing with ps3/vita and like capcom did with MH3 Ultimate



jedikitty said:

This is awesome news ! Hopefully it won't take too long. They'll need to translate everything first, right ? At least until then, I'll have Animal Crossing to play.



daggdroppen said:

I will buy it the first day it is out!!

Im not that much into Animal Crossing but FL is very promosing!!! =)

many thanx Level5 for bringing this overseas =)



Idolo said:

Alright more Japanese goodness to play on the go! Bravely Default and Beyond the Labyrinth are next on my long list of games I'd like to see localised.



WoottWinds said:

SO excited!!! Now all that's left is Bravely Default, Dragon Quest VII, Rocket Slime 3, Terry's Wonderland, Layton vs. Ace Attorney, Senran Kagura Burst, and Time Travelers... I must have them alllllll...



Zodiak13 said:

A definate and resounding "I'm highly intrigued and genuinly hopeful this will come out soon in NA".



Mowzle said:

Oh goody.
The one consolation over waiting is Animal Crossing New Leaf.



LordessMeep said:

Late reaction is late... but I am excite.

Been waiting for this game to arrive since it hit Japan. Hope to God it comes around the holidays... but AC:NL took close to 8-10 months to be localized (and is a priority title too!) so dunno.

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