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Wii U Version of Need For Speed: Most Wanted Unlikely To Get DLC Support

Posted by Andy Green

The most wanted DLC looks set to skip Wii U

The Wii U edition of Need for Speed: Most Wanted will be released in just a few days time, and those who pick up a copy will find that the Ultimate Speed Pack — downloadable content on other versions — will come included free of charge.

Unfortunately, however, it appears that any future DLC for the game will not be coming to Wii U. When a fan of the series asked Criterion's Alex Ward on Twitter if the new DLC would be arriving on Wii U after launch, he simply replied:

No plans at present.

Unless that changes soon, it looks as though the Terminal Velocity, Movie Legends and NFS Heroes packs won't make it to Wii U, nor will any other future additions.

Of course, there's still time for EA or Criterion to make it happen, but as of now it doesn't appear likely.

This isn't the first time Wii U hasn't received full DLC support from developers. Mass Effect 3 was released on the same day the system launched but has not been supported with any additional DLC - including the Omega, Citadel and Reckoning packs.

What are your thoughts on this news? Will it stop you from picking up a copy of Need for Speed: Most Wanted? Let us know in the comments section below.


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HyperOsmotic said:

Wait, wasn't future dlc confirmed for the wii u version just a few days ago? I'm confused.



WiiLovePeace said:

I thought I read somewhere that the Wii U was definitely getting DLC for Most Wanted, guess I read wrong :S I'm still thinking about picking this game up anyway.



Shiryu said:

It's not easy being a Nintendo fan, right? Things never change, but we endure. I am picking this up day 1.

edit: the DLC had been confirmed but it was a mistake, a missquote on one of the developers, he was referring to the already on disc DLC.



Bankai said:

I thought Nintendo fans hated DLC anyway, so I am assuming this is good news to their ears.



Shworange said:

If it sells a large amount of copies, DLC will come. It just may not make sense for them to make DLC for the amount of projected purchasers that would support such transactions.



GiftedGimp said:

Criterion are busy on Burnout Paradise 2, which hopefully will be arriving on WiiU in the future... especially since Criterion like WiiU so maybe thats why.
The NFS dlc on other systems will all be (near) completion where as the WiiU version dlc work would not of been started yet (probably).
Both could be reasons why WiiU NFS has no planned dlc at the moment.

I would imagine it would depend on how well WiiU NFS sells, if it sells well then maybe the other dlc packs would turn up on WiiU but more likely is NFS is a test bed to see if Burnout Paradise 2 will come to WiiU.

But on the bright side, WiiU is getting exclusive features due to the touchpad controller... lets hope it sells well, so EA let Crtierion bring Burnout Paradise 2 to WiiU.



Farmboy74 said:

As others have said, we may get dlc if it sells well. It deserves to sell well, if it reviews as good as it previews then It's on my bucket list of games to get. ONM UK reviewed Most Wanted in their April issue and gave it 90%



DePapier said:

@Bankai I do agree to some extent but I thought I heard they'd bring those DLCs nonetheless. But frankly, when they bring those games late with included (thus free) DLCs, I wouldn't feel bad: if that's what I wanted I would have bought an XBox360 or a PS3 a long time ago or would have played the game on those consoles. At this point in time, I don't think we should be so demanding: Criterion has already done an outstanding job compared to other third-parties, and I think that's enough to be happy as a Nintendo fan.



BenAV said:

If I ever decide to buy the game, it's highly unlikely that I'd ever decide to fork out extra money for DLC, so I couldn't really care less.



Jonisme said:

Still a launch day buy for me.

But how could they do so much right and now this? I still have my fingers crossed.



cyrus_zuo said:

I want to support the devs, but when you don't have an expectation of DLC and you know the game will be half price in 2-3 months it is hard to purchase day 1. I just don't feel like my purchase will make any difference, and w/o the DLC, which sounds great, and is announced for other platforms, my excitement level drops a ton.
I don't know. I was figuring out how to pick this up, but after hearing there is no expected support of DLC I'm not nearly as likely to get it before it is discounted.



DemonicNinja said:

Disappointing,,I reckon it's down to the fact that its because the installed base is too low,the wii u is selling badly and the blame must lie at nintendo at nintendos door.



Ecto-1 said:

Well that puts a bit of a damper on my enthusiasm for the game. I had planned to pick this up and the Movie Legends pack, as that pack had two of my all time favorite cars (1970 Dodge Charger and 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am). With this info, I will be less likely to pick this up soon.



Haxonberik said:

This game's DLC looks like a cash-in anyway, if I'm proven wrong I'd care for this but for now I don't. I still think I'll get this game, looks very good and the port seems well done.



OverturePT said:

Surely not good news to be throwing around before the game launches? Well, what do I know.



Shanksta said:

Game looks awesome, I'll buy it for sure. I don't usually get DLC for games anyway unless they add new missions. Need for Speed DLC is always like a new car or something and can't justify spending money on something so superfluous.



twistedbee said:

I've always been a huge fan of criterion. Burnout Paradise is probably my favorite racing game of all time. it's sad that they are under EA's banner because I guarantee they are the reason for DLC uncertainty. I really don't want to support EA, but I Do want to support Criterion, so I am conflicted.



OL_G said:

It almost seems on purpose.
mass effect 3 releases full priced other consoles get trilogy no dlc support whatsoever.
black ops 2 no dlc support whatsoever.
fifa13 uses fifa12 engine.
rayman delayed a half year a week before release.
Alien colonial M is on hold no info whatsoever.
Plus all the news we get about games not coming on wii u even games that were never meant for wii u (SR4 wich is nothing more than a glorified dlc for SR3)make it seem the wii u is doing horibble wich isn't the case.
I miss the days were i was glad my mom bought Ducktales for my NES i couldn't care less about dlc or multiplats




I like the devs a lot, but they should sincerely apologise for calling it "the definitive version" then. Misleading if they weren't sure about Wii U receiving the DLC. I'm still getting this game.



Dpullam said:

Luckily I don't believe DLC is an absolute must so this wouldn't bother me.



Folkloner said:

I don't understand the logic here. They put it out on a system with a much lower install base than its rivals, so to attract buyers they add in the PC textures and improve the game with new features, include past DLC as standard but then attempt to undo their good work by not committing themselves to releasing future dlc.

Either do it properly or don't complain when sales aren't as high as you'd hoped.



TheDreamingHawk said:

Relax guys. The devs mentioned how they loved the wii U not long ago, and promised need for speed day one support. I'm getting this as it looks fun, and chances are the DLC will come eventually, and if not, it's no loss, really...



Tuturoopa said:

He said on twitter it depends on the sales, so if enough people buy it it'll get DLC, and yeah I thought I read recently too that we were already confirmed for DLC



OorWullie said:

Cmon NintendoLife,yer better than this!None story's like these are becoming too frequent here for my liking.Finally a big 3rd party title is about to be released which we all hope will sell enough to keep the devs and EA on board and this site along with others play a role in that,so lets try and give it some positive press please instead of scraping the bottom of the barrel to give us this junk.While I understand the need to be neutral and bring us the good as well as the bad,this is not news!



luminalace said:

Already paid up fully and waiting for the game to release and be posted. While the lack of DLC wouldn't have made me not get the game, I'm disappointed nonetheless.



OorWullie said:

@Tsuchiya If he confirmed it would definitely not be coming to the Wii U then yes but he then went on to say "Support the game.If the sales are there it makes sense to do the DLC. Simple as that.".This part wasn't included in the article though,which makes it read more grim than it really is.Surely an article telling fans if they support the game,we'll see the DLC would have been better?Nintendo needs all the good press it can get,so without being biased,at least put a positive spin on it.It is a Nintendo site after all



DePapier said:

@Ecto-1 OK, thanks. Just the hardcore Gundam fan in me that had an outburst.

@OorWullie You're absolutely right. NintendoLife should update this in the tagline, and maybe even change the title of this article. Please. Those devs have made an OUTSTANDING work. They have made what we expect devs to do for the Wii U, we should reward them as such and not get distracted by these kinds of stuff, especially if they are genuinely explain by the developers.



Sean_Aaron said:

Obviously the Wii U has yet to prove itself to be able to move software in sufficient numbers for some third-parties to invest in making DLC available. I think this new Need for Speed title has a good shot since it's not a port of an older release, but we'll see how people vote with their wallets.

I know I'll be buying it regardless.



hYdeks said:

It's kinda stupid how people like EA want more business from Nintendo fans, but don't offer the same dlc the other consoles get. EA, smarten the hell up and offer the dlc



Steveovig said:

I think we should probably get used to news like this. Word to the wise, if you own the U and a 360/PS3, just buy the latter version of any multi-platform games.



Neram said:

EA is doing a bad job of supporting Wii U, I'm not going to buy any more of their games. I learned my lesson from buying Mass Effect 3 Special Edition. They simply don't take the platform seriously enough.



Razalom said:

Well as someone who rarely (if ever) buys DLC for a game I am not worried by this.



GiftedGimp said:

Just a Thought, Crtierion Devs like the WiiU, EA are still upset that Nintendo didn't give them control of Nintendo Network via Origin and look set to do bare minimum for WiiU....

Could it be Criterion Want to do DLC for NFS, but EA don't and maybe the Dev has purposly put out this twitter comment in hopes there is enough WiiU supporters to make a big enough fuss to get EA to pick thier rattle back up and start properly supporting WiiU?



Steveovig said:

Don't forget though that Activision did the same thing with the DLC of their Black Ops and they weren't in the running to do the Network thing for Nintendo.



Freelance said:

Not surprising. They released no DLC at all for the Vita version which is crap because that's the version I have.



Nintendo4Lyfe said:

That doesn't stop me. I'm gonna buy that game no matter what. And if the sales for the U version is better than expected, we may get the DLC patches whenever possible.



FineLerv said:

I stopped buying DLC for games after the Mass Effect 2 DLC. I realised I was wasting my money on sub-par extensions of games that weren't actually extending the life of the game for me anyway as I tend to play through games multiple times.

But, people like DLC, so why deny them?



nilcam said:

I've put many hours into Burnout Paradise and didn't get any of the DLC. I'm not too worried. The biggest draw for me is the second driver mode which will allow my wife to get into the game with me.



TheAdza said:

I do want this game, Criterion have been really supportive of the Wii U. It's just I bet it's EA's decision not to support the Wii U version with DLC. It's like Rayman, I want to support the developers, but I don't want to support the publishers. Well, not EA, Activision and Ubisoft anyway.




So Ubisoft are the only people who could figure out how to put DLC on the Wii?? Or maybe it's just EA??



SpaceApe said:

Not going through this again with no dlc support. I bought ME 3 and BLOPS2 with no dlc support and was very disappointed about that.



Noend said:

A lot of Wii U owners own multi-platforms...saying no DLC for Wii U kind of makes the Wii U lose share of the new sales to begin with.

Anyway, I don't buy NFS games anymore, just like most franchises afer EA buys the franchise and turns them into a cash grab.

Also, it's EA, so their servers have a good chance of just plain not working.



Grayjedi13 said:

Oh no, now I can't give more money to EA and get small amounts of worthless content. Content that may or may not be buggy as hell, as in the case of Mass Effect 2.

Really, why is anyone upset by this?



gsnap said:

In one sense, I wouldn't buy the DLC anyway, so personally, I'm not missing out on anything.

In another sense, every customer deserves as equal service as possible, so just saying, "Oh, all you who bought the Wii U version? You get nothing." is kind of stupid.



AddDavey said:

This really bugs me but I don't think it's Criterion that have said no because they love the Wii U, no this is EA but I'm sure they'll release it if it sells enough copies.



JJtheTexan said:

As others mentioned:
A.) Several other blogs report the DLC is coming to Wii U.
B.) I'm not going to get too upset about not having the privilege to pay EA more money for extra features on a game I already own. (And I will be buying this,)



Ristar42 said:

Been playing this on PS3 and its a really good arcade racer, should be as its Criterion!
The DLC is cool, but I thought quite pricey for just a few cars in the case of the movie legends pack (which I was thinking of getting). Don’t see why they wouldn’t add it to the Wii version, I wonder what the problem could be.

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