Founded in 2001, Metanet Software is an independent developer specialising in fun free-to-play web browser games. It found fame in 2005 with the release of N, a platformer that sees you play as a ninja running through levels avoiding obstacles and collecting gold.

A DS version of the game was released in 2008 called N+ and it was generally well received - since then, however, the studio has been relatively quiet.

Well, fans of the 2D platformer will be pleased to hear that Metanet Software has announced the next and final iteration of the series, N++. During this week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco the company's president Mare Sheppard admitted the studio had been struggling lately, but felt it could get back on track by working on another N game.

There's no news on the platforms N++ will be playable on just yet. Though N+ was a physical retail release on the DS, it's fairly likely it will be a download title, which could well end up in the Wii U or 3DS eShop. N+ was downloadable on Xbox Live Arcade before it was ported to the DS.

Are you excited by the prospect of N++? Did you manage to play the DS version? Let us know what you thought to it in the comments section below.