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Circle Entertainment Backing the eShop In A Big Way This Year

Posted by Damien McFerran

Loads of titles in development

Developer Circle Entertainment has revealed a list of all its titles for 2013 and the level of support is pretty damn impressive.

We already know about some of these games, but there are a few new names thrown into the mix, too. Some are ports, some are follow-ups and some are brand-new offerings.

  • Goony (DSiWare, Q1)
  • Achilles War (DSiWare, Q1)
  • Publisher Dream (DSiWare, Q1)
  • Swords and Soldiers 3D (3DS eShop, Q1)
  • Witch and Hero (3DS eShop, Q1)
  • WAKEDAS (3DS eShop, Q2)
  • Color Commando (DSiWare, Q2)
  • Cafe Dream (DSiWare, Q2)
  • I am in the MOVIE (DSiWare, Q2)
  • Banking Dream (DSiWare, Q2)
  • Cinema Dream (3DS eShop, Q2)
  • Castle Conqueror: Heroes 3 (3DS eShop, Q3)
  • World Conquest (3DS eShop, Q3)
  • Rhythm Scape (3DS eShop, Q3)
  • Toy Defense (3DS eShop, Q3)
  • Sweet Memories: Poker Night (3DS eShop, Q3)
  • Puzzle Craft (3DS eShop, Q4)
  • Lair Land Story (3DS eShop, Q4)
  • Lair Land Story 2 (3DS eShop, Q4)

Any names there you recognise or are excited about? Drop a comment to let us know.


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Folkloner said:

I'm a huge Game Dev Story fan so Publisher's Dream will be an insta-buy for me, especially if its price is similar to that of Bookstore Dream which I also purchased.



RR529 said:

Swords & Soldiers 3D sounds like it could be interesting (here's hoping its like Fire Emblem)



Magikarp3 said:

... Five Dream games?

Anyway, say what you want about Circle's in-house games but they've proved themselves to be pretty reliable publishers who meet deadlines




OK, I'll be getting some of them unless they are disasters. These dev's do good stuff on the whole so this is very good news



Bankai said:

Now if only they could produce a decent game themselves.

Still, at least they are publishing stuff. That should be good



liavcol said:

I think I'll get Achilles War, it looks pretty good. I thought Goony will be a platformer so I'm a bit disapointed about it. Color Comando... well, it looks great but cheap 2$ games just aren't my style.Though I think I'll get only one of the DS game above, I think Nintendo have to do something to let us lunch our DS games diractly from the SD card, I have only one block left in my memory.



Entei said:

They made castle conqueror heroes 1 and 2 which were both fantastic games. Bookstore dream and castle conqueror against are both good too.
They have made plenty of bad games but they are defiently capable of making good games.



Spoony_Tech said:

At least they're finally stepping up to the eshop. I won't even consider the dsiware anymore. Can't stand games string on my memory card. I like them but mostly their games are miss with a few good hits here and there!



DarkCoolEdge said:

Too many. Probably many of them will be crapy games. I like the eshop the way it is now, not a lot if releases but a good quality overall.



Flowerlark said:

I was hoping Circle wouldn't pollute the 3DS with their rubbish, but looks like I'll be severely disappointed.



XCWarrior said:

By rule, a few of those have to turn out good, right? More titles on the way is always a good thing.



Windy said:

@Tech101 Yeah I cant download anymore DSiWare on my 3DS unless I delete another DSiWare Title. That bugs me to no end. Even though I can re-download it later or put one back if I feel like playing one. What a Hassle!

The List looks very interesting. Would be neat if we saw a title like Dungeon Village hit the Eshop such a cool RPG Sim Banking Dream and Cafe Dream sound cool. Anyone have any news on Lair land story? its posted twice. Common RPG's! I hope their not just re-skinning Bookstore Dreams for Banking and Cafe Dreams that would be a bummer. I will wait for reviews to download them



Windy said:

@XCWarrior The Sim games so far have been good with Bookstore Dreams. If you haven't tried It recommend it at 1.99 its good fun if you enjoy sim games. It is a little hit and miss with Circle entertainment but thank god they hang in there and keep them coming



liavcol said:

Do you guys think Nintendo will fix that problam of lunching the DS games from the menu or at least will make an app or something similar to the "SD Card Menu" on Wii? I think they must to do that!



C-Olimar said:

Finally, waited too long for Publisher Dream
I'll probably skip Cafe and Banking Dream, due to my reluctance to download DSiWare. Still, if they're especially good I might pick them up. Certainly getting Cinema Dream though.

Witch and Hero looks pretty good, I haven't got Swords and Soldiers yet so this is the perfect time. Rhythm Scape and Toy Defence are intriguing, but as for Sweet Memories... No. Just no. -_-



Dpishere said:

Nice! Heres hoping these games turn out to be excellent. The e-shop can ALWAYS use more games!



TheHeroOfLegend said:

Hopefully, some of these games are gonna be good because Circle Entertainment is kind of a ''so-so'' developer. They release some good games and bad ones, but hopefully they'll all be good.



slidecage said:

games might be interest in

Castle Conqueror: Heroes 3
World Conquest
Sweet Memories: Poker Night
Puzzle Craft
Lair Land Story
Lair Land Story 2

sadly none will hit until oct 13 or later



LittleKing said:

The fact that Hugo is developing Color Commando caught my eye. He always seems to produce quality games, so here's hoping this next one is a keeper too.



Bassman_Q said:

Achilles War looks like it may be interesting, and the screenshots from Witch and Hero remind me a lot of Knight 30 from Half Minute Hero, which isn't a bad thing. I'll also consider Color Commando, as long as its only 200 points (I only have 300 points on my DSi account).

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