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Xbox 360 On Track To Surpass The Wii's UK Sales Record

Posted by Olly Jones

Nintendo's console set to lose its UK crown

Microsoft's Xbox 360 console has topped 8 million consoles sold in the UK to date, and is now on track to surpass Nintendo Wii's sales record in the region. This would secure the system's position as the UK's number 1 selling console.

But that incoming PlayStation announcement on February 20th could intrinsically effect how Xbox 360's momentum holds up — as could the Wii U's growth, for that matter.

Here's what Jon Grimes, Microsoft's regional boss, had to say about the news:

Ten years ago, to think we would be the leader in our second generation is a achievement.

Our job is not to get lost in the industry chatter, but to ensure that the consumers going into stores, going online, still experience Xbox. The announcement is important for the industry, but it is also important to remember who is buying right now.

Four times as many 360s than Wiis were sold in 2012 according to retail research agency GFK Chart-Track. Previously, Nintendo UK had confirmed that 8 million Wii consoles had been sold in the UK by Christmas 2012. Now Xbox 360 looks to overtake Wii's subsequent sales figures in a 'number of weeks', according to MCV.

The Xbox 360 has been knocking around since late 2005, which is quite some time as far as console generations go.

As staggering as these figures may be, it's worth keeping in mind that the Wii was released a full year after the 360 in most parts of the world and has since been replaced by the Wii U. Meanwhile, a successor to the Xbox 360 is still yet to appear.

Should these reports be taken with a pinch of salt? What does Xbox 360's growth mean for Wii U? Tell us what you think.


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Peach64 said:

I don't think this means much for the Wii U at all. It just backs up the saying that consoles need games to sell. Wii stopped getting games a long time ago so sales dropped off, while 360 is still getting big games now such as Bioshock Infinite, GTA IV and Watchdogs.

When Wii U gets its big games it will shift hardware too, but I don't think Monster Hunter 3 and Lego City are system sellers so it might need to wait a bit longer.



Haywired said:

Actually this Wii/360 situation is similar in the US. It's perhaps only a matter of time now.



DePapier said:

@HuntheUniverse I'm from France, and I swear the hate over there is going strong.

...Meanwhile, all around the world, the Wii is on its way to top the 100 million units sold mark. (I know: I be hating too.)



Kirk said:

I honestly never saw this coming.

I really thought the Wii was miles ahead in every territory.



grenworthshero said:

@Peach64 summed it up perfectly. I've barely touched my Wii in the past year (insert innuendo here), and I've been buying games like crazy for my PS3. There just aren't any new games for the Wii. The WiiU is suffering the same fate, since there are about 2 games on the system worth owning (as far as exclusives go) and it's now several months after its release. Even the ports are mostly shoddy from what I hear, so it's no wonder Nintendo isn't selling either system.



Araknie said:

They sold more only because most people rebought them after they broke 2 or 3 times.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Araknie Good point! We all know at least a certain percentage of that total was re-bought plus another year under its belt doesn't hurt. However I still really never though Nintendo really ruled the last gen. Yes it was the most sold but that was due to the fact that a lot of people either owned a ps3 and a wii or 360 and a wii. It was the everybody and girlfriend system to have and then they needed there hardcore system as well!



ejamer said:

Hmm... On the market a year earlier. Still selling and with major games being released long after meaningful support for Wii has ceased. Quality control issues that mean most people who own a 360 have purchased at least two systems during the console lifecycle. And this news should be a surprise?

When XBox 360 surpasses the Wii worldwide, or even in North America, I'll be more impressed. Not really at the moment, even though the 360 has been an incredibly successful system compared to most expectations going in.




@CHIPTOON great point! While I have yet to have my 360 die on me, 9 out of my ten friends that own 360s have had to replace theirs. Plus I had to replace my original PS3(even though I play it once every 3 or 4 months!) because it broke!

But my Wii is still going strong!



Spoony_Tech said:

My wii broke but I fixed it myself so just one sale there still. My ps3 broke and I never bought another!



russellohh said:

@chiptoon Yeah I was just thinking, I think I've gone through 4 Xboxes, and I play maaaaaaaybe 3 hours a week. First Wii is still going strong!



MAB said:

You will be better off just sticking with those PS360's mate because the PS720's are gonna be a low sell item for a while



Reala said:

well a PS3 is a lot a more affordable than a wii u, the 12GB super slim is about half the price of a wii u premium pack not that its the most fair comparison considering the PS3 has had 2 different redesigns and a string of price cuts over the years, but it is what wii u is being sold alongside right now all the same, also pretty sure 360 is even cheaper still.



Banker-Style said:

Since the start of 2011 the Wii hasn't had the constant big releases to make people buy a Wii.




The Wii lost steam big time in the last two years whereas XBOX remained constant. To be fair, its a good console even though its a bit unreliable (56% breakdown rate in 3 yrs of purchase). Big, cinematic software releases have been a constant on it. UK has generally poor taste in gaming and don't appreciate querky, clever gaming. Get taken in by being told what's "cool, hip and trendy" too much. GENERALLY speaking



Schprocket said:

And let's not forget Microsoft's idea of fair-trading: "You can release a finished version on another console first, or you can have a share of the bigger 360 market...."



Peach64 said:


The UK has poor taste compared to what? The US where January's biggest sellers were Black Ops 2, Just Dance 4, Far Cry 3 and NBA2K13? Or maybe Japan where sales records were just smashed for a remake of a game that was the 7th iteration in it's series? Yeah they're clearly lapping up creativity there.

I love Nintendo. I love Mario, Zelda, Metroid and all the rest, but the Wii had maybe 15 AAA games in its life, while the 360 has had a constant stream for its lifetime. If I could pick one Wii game or 1 Xbox game, then I'd go with the Wii game, but in reality it's do you want 10-15 Wii games or 30 Xbox games?



Wonder_Ideal said:

@Peach64 - Due to my tastes a preferences, I would take the 15 Wii games. I've got around 30 Wii games I could enjoy for a long time. I do understand what you're saying though. It's just a case of differing preferences and opinions.



XCWarrior said:

@Peach64 I own 65 Wii games, still have my eyes on at least 10 more to buy that I missed. You're insane. 360 has plenty of great games too, but Wii has way more than 15.

I'm shocked people are still buying 360, especially with Durango on the horizon. But how many people have bought at least 2? That's the question, thank you for pumping up sales RROD.



Ryno said:

UK's still mad there is no Sega console so they are taking it out on NIntendo



GreenDream said:

The key here is moreso exclusives than creativity. Most of the local heavy-hitters in Japan are system exclusives, or are not available on a wide variety of platforms. In the West, most of the local heavy hitters are available on 3 or more platforms.

The 360 has VERY little in the way of excellent exclusives, so I guess the greater UK market doesn't care much for exclusives...



Void said:

The Wii U has probably around half the life time sales in Japan that the 360 does.
What do you have to say about that?



FritzFrapp said:

Should divide the Xbox number by 4 to get the real number of sold, as opposed to replacements for defective units. Shocking that so many people have been willing to put up with the console's awful reliability.



Neram said:

The WIi has stopped being supported by Nintendo since pretty well 2011, this is no big surprise really. A system that's still being fully supported, or one that's been cut off and phased out, which do you think would sell better? Hmm... One must wonder.



K1LLEGAL said:

@PinkSpider Your friend is a massive idiot. Clearly can't take care of his stuff.

And why wouldn't people get their Xboxs replaced when Microsoft was doing it for free for those with the RRoD.



GreenDream said:

I've never owned a 360. Their engineering designs are too wasteful to compel me to buy one.

A few Youtube videos dealing with removing a certain "X bar" inside the earlier models of the system, and some handy tools (like some actually non-junky heat transfer compound...) go further than any amount of customer service in preventing the RROD, for those earlier models.

Microsoft knew good and well what would happen by releasing the 360 as it was, and it took a modding community to reveal the callous engineering ploy. They were built to fail on purpose. Their gaming division deserves no praise. The only reason no one's stepped up to sue them or call them out on it is because Microsoft would win, either by attrition or bogus counterarguments.



NinGamer85 said:

They should subtract the number of dead consoles from each and i guaruntee wii is on top if not double sales. I dont know anyone that hasn't had to purchase a second one at least.



Trikeboy said:

2 points.
1. If the 360 didn't keep getting the red ring of death problem, how many systems would they have sold? I never replaced my 360 after it happened to me

2. They are proud that they are outselling a system that is now, for Nintendo, last gen? Their own machine is also dying out, soon to be replaced. Wii was selling right until the Wii U launch.

Plus, Xbox 360 launched in the UK on December 2nd 2005, the Wii on December 8th 2006. Xbox 360 is a year older and only now a threat to the Wii sales. They are proud of this?



Tsuchiya said:

Exactly but people will still get their underwear bunched at the mention of another system outselling Nintendo.
The 360 is probably the best console ever made.



Molotov said:

"As staggering as these figures may be, it's worth keeping in mind that the Wii was released a full year after the 360 in most parts of the world and has since been replaced by the Wii U"

HUH?? That Makes It Even More Impressive.



Molotov said:

This Is, Without A Doubt, The Most Biased, Deluded, Delusional Fanboy Community I Had The Utmost Displeasure Of Dealing With. Most Staff Are Cool Though.



Molotov said:

The "cut off and phased out" PSP Beats The PS Vita, Which Is "A system that's still being fully supported". Well Done With Your Excellent Logic.



Meaty-cheeky said:

This is really not a big deal since Nintendo has kinda stopped supporting the Wii after Skyward Sword, Nintendo has turned there attention to the 3DS and Wii U now. The Xbox 360 is still supported my Microsoft at the moment.



DavidRFugate said:

Yes, but how much longer did it take to do this!
Nintendo has pretty much stopped supporting the Wii! Is that all you got Microsoft? Big deal!

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