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Bioware: "No Plans" To Bring New Mass Effect 3 DLC To Wii U

Posted by Andy Green

Citadel and Reckoning DLC unlikely to see the light of day on Wii U

Mass Effect 3 was released for Wii U on launch day, and included all of the downloadable content that had been made available up to that point.

Since then Bioware, the game's developer, has released further DLC for the epic sci-fi adventure in the form of the Omega Pack, which saw Commander Shepard and the gang attempt to retake Omega from Cerberus. Unfortunately, it was only made available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC - Wii U gamers missed out.

Last week Bioware announced the final instalments of the DLC for Mass Effect 3, with Citadel, the single-player expansion, and Reckoning, the multiplayer pack. Once again the Wii U version was given no mention whatsoever.

It seems at this point that it's highly unlikely any DLC will come out for Mass Effect 3 on Wii U. A BioWare representative has told IGN that "there are no plans to bring Citadel or Reckoning to the Wii U at this time".

Of course, the additional DLC could get announced in the future — BioWare has hardly ruled it out completely, but the more time that goes on, the less likely it becomes.

Are you disappointed the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3 hasn't been supported with DLC so far? Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments section below.


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Lopezdm said:

WOW, EA pulls it's Wii U support?! No one has done that yet.. Oh wait yes, yes they have.



Einherjar said:

And here i was thinking, that the stand alone ME3 on WiiU (for full price) was inferior to the complete collection on every other system, ha silly me...oh...wait...
They should have released the whole saga for the WiiU in the first place. That ting would have printed money, especialy the game library is so barren at the moment.



Hamguar said:

And not a tear was shed, as was stated before they should have released the whole combo platter to the Wii U as they did with the other systems. They they would have made their coin.



Shiryu said:

I am finally playing the game and am stunned on what was achieved by Bio Ware. I really hope down the line the Wii U see the release of the entire trilogy, and it would be nice to have all the DLC in a single case. But I do understand that both Sony and Microsoft have been doing a tug war of millions for timed exclusive DLC, so I do understand why Bio Ware (who btw did not make the wii U version) has no plans on putting the DLC in our home console of choice.



russellohh said:

I picked up the ME1, 2, and 3 for PS3 for $10, the same week they wanted $65 for just ME3 on Wii U. Oh silly EA. It's like you guys just HATE making money!



Bankai said:

Seems that the game didn't sell well enough for EA to pay for the port of the DLC.

That makes it Nintendo's fault, not EA



RoryLee said:

If it was on the eShop I would pick it up. I'm sure the game has enough content to keep a person busy so the DLC wouldn't be a big deal for me.



Crunc said:

It's both Nintendo's and EAs fault. Nintendo's for the weak sales performance of the Wii U so far, and EA's, of course, for trying to sell Wii U owners just ME3, while selling the trilogy on other platforms.



edhe said:


And why was that? Because EA released a Trilogy on the PS3 and XBOX 360 and PC for less than the Wii U version.



vdallos said:

Me: "No Plans" to buy Mass Effect on my WiiU. Or any EA game for the matter.



SYZYGY said:

i kind of wanted to get this game for Wii U... but sad to see i'll be missing out on this.



Nareva said:

I've not played any of the ME games. I'll probably get this at some point, but the high price relative to the trilogy packs on the other systems makes it feel like a poor deal. When it hits $25-30, I'll probably take the plunge. Hopefully a downloadable version will show up.



Bankai said:

@edhe So? This game was for people that didn't have the other consoles. If Nintendo sold enough units, Mass Effect 3 is still one of the greatest games this gen and still would have sold enough units to justify the DLC.



DePapier said:

I'm so glad I refunded this game: didn't like it anyway. Hopefully in 2-3 years once the Wii U will soar thanks to Nintendo's unmissable franchises (Mario Kart, Smash Bros especially), they'll consider making a serious port of the trilogy.



edhe said:


Furthemore, just to remind everyone, they revealed the trilogy for other consoles in September 2012, having announced Mass Effect for the Wii U at E3 (in June).

Are you arguing that this didn't have a significant effect on the sales of the Wii U version?



edhe said:

One thing to take in to consideration was that it was a relatively old game - no one who was following Mass Effect were going to go out and by a Wii U console for the game, simply because the Wii U wasn't out at the time.

Still, it's disappointing that we don't get the opportunity to buy the Trilogy, let alone the DLC.

This unprecedented relationship is looking more weak every time an EA related story is posted on this site.



SanderEvers said:

I tried the demo of the game on my PC, didn't like it and never bought the game. And never will.



TwilightV said:

Yeah, I was considering buying this, then they announced the entire trilogy for both rival consoles, so I decided to pass.



Picola said:

I did share all of the scepticism and negativity about on getting 3 at first. Then I actually played the game... Having been a lifelong Nintendo gamer I had not played any of the first 2, or indeed any game of this kind. But jeez am I glad I did. It truly is one of the finest examples of a videogame I have ever had the pleasure of playing. A unique, unbelieveably wonderful experience.



RoryLee said:

Yeah, maybe they should have waited with that Trilogy announcement. I know that turned off alot of people. I would still get it because I know I wouldn't have that much time to finish up the Trilogy.

Hopefully the rest of the retail games show up on the eShop. I just really love the convenience of it.



C7_ said:

Tragedy strikes as hardcore mass effect fans cant throw their money at the WiiU port's DLC, despite the fact that fans probably bought the entire series on other consoles anyway.



Zellybeanie said:

@RoryLee Me too. I got a neat 1 TB drive just for my Wii U. I'm ready. Cuts down on clutter in my house and I could shop at any time, even while in my ratty ol' bathrobe. In fact, I wish I could trade in my Batman Arkham City and ZombiU discs for downloads.



rayword45 said:

@Bankai You can't be serious. You're a consumer too.

Wii U has Mass Effect 3, unsupported for $60
Other consoles have each game for MUCH less, and then a trilogy with all DLC for the same as a single game from the trilogy with practically no DLC.

Let's say you're a schoolteacher. Brand new kid, you give him a test 3 times as difficult as every other student, and no calculator, no ruler, nothing. You aid the other kids but not that kid.

Who's at fault? You could say the student, but I wouldn't.



rayword45 said:

@Bankai 2nd comment

Yes, it's true that many people lack a PS3 or Xbox 360. However, upon seeing the other package, they may want to avoid in hopes of a future port of said trilogy.

Or maybe even avoid it simply due to the complete lack of fair treatment. Now, I'm not saying EA has any sort of obligation, but when people see what they get, and then compare that to the deals others are getting, they'll be pretty pissed. That's why people weren't happy with a lack of sales of the Wii/DSi shop, since I have no good examples here.



Bankai said:

@rayword45 Based purely on MiiVerse numbers, Mass Effect 3 isn't doing so bad as a port. Not massive numbers, but it's up there.

EA, I am sure, did not expect it to light the charts up, but I am sure that if sales had gone over a certain number the DLC would be Wii U-bound as well.

So let's say 0.5% of Wii U owners bought Mass Effect 3. That's just a hypothetical number, but for the sake of the discussion, it's easy to visualise. 0.5% of 3 million is 15,000.

0.5% of 4 million is 20,000. The extra five thousand may just have put the game over the threshold for DLC support.

Then again it might not have. It's hardly worth developing DLC (which is about 3-4% attach rate for game sales) when that would mean 800 or so sales in a best-case scenario. 800 sales x $10 for the DLC = $8,000. Barely worth a single day's work at a development studio.

So I'm changing my opinion now that I've played with the numbers. Even if Nintendo had have sold as many consoles as it had expected, there would still not be enough customers of an port of an old game to justify porting DLC to it.

This isn't a problem with Nintendo, it's a simple problem with a console launch. Still not EA's fault though. They can't go wasting resources on 800 customers.



GiftedGimp said:

EA are on MS's/Sony's Payroll so this along with the 'WiiU not Nextgen' comment doesn't suprise me

In reality EA want to fill there games with Micro-transactions and create games where half the game has to brought via dlc... Dead Space 3..
In reality Nintendo have stood up to EA and said No, your not ripping off our users, and EA has thrown thier corporate rattle.

Microsoft did the same years ago on the Original Xbox, EA wanted their games to operate through thier own portal, at a cost.
Ms said no, EA stopped releasing games on Xbox and then it blew up in EA's faces, losing them a fortune in missed sales, and the portal EA was planning to charge for wasn't viable on the Ps2 at all, nor was it viable at that time to run the portal at a cost on just the PC.

On the plus side..
Maybe we will see some decent sports games on the WiiU that arnt under Ea's yearly re-hash banner... thats what happened on the original Xbox.



WesCash said:

ME3 was doomed to die on the Wii U since the day it was announced. This news isn't surprising in the slightest.



Neram said:

This sucks, I would have bought the DLC. I had a feeling third-parties would do this, like they did with the Wii. "Yeah, we'll support your console!" at launch and then eventually just throw in the towel and call it a day. EA just wanted to capitalize on the Wii U's launch, they've made their extra pocket change, now they don't care.



Sean_Aaron said:

If it was available for download I'd be buying it; it's not so I'm not. That isn't Nintendo's fault, just EA's.



CaPPa said:

I bought ME3 for the Wii U when it was on sale for $40. That still seemed a bit pricey but I figured it was worth it for the GamePad play.

I already own the trilogy on the 360, but I doubt I'll bother with the DLC because I don't play on the 360 anymore (it's not even plugged in now), so they've lost a sale by not putting it on Wii U.



arrmixer said:

I actually bought the game for 50 and love it... Would have maybe put in some money for dlc but hey...

As far as the whole numbers being put up by some members ... I doubt that is the real reason there is no dlc... Unless somebody got some insider information everything else is pure speculation



McGruber said:

I understand why they aren't, but still they should support the games they put out. This doesn't make me want to support them any more than I do that's for sure.I'm trading in Call of Duty BO2 tomorrow because it still hasn't received the proper DLC either.



Arthedain said:

Disappointed? I'm disappointed that we didn't get the Mass effect trilogy! >_< Why would I wanna play #3 in a story driven trilogy when I don't know 2/3 of the story?



aaronsullivan said:

Yes, EA is just trying to be wise with resources, but if it ever wants in on the Wii U in the next year or so, it is burning bridges. In the end, the games are big enough that a few burnt bridges probably won't effect it. Still further tarnishes the EA brand, though.

EA is certainly counting on Sony and Microsoft to turn over their consoles followers to the new console fast it seems.



Gamer83 said:

Not shocking, the Wii U version was always an after thought, Nintendo only gamers are lucky to have gotten the game at all honestly.



capitalism said:

The trilogy is 59.99 for ps3/360, so no its not cheaper than me3 Wii u. I swear some of you have issues.



RoryLee said:

PS3/Xbox get 3 games with DLC compared to the WiiU's measly one game for the same price? Yep, no problems here. And its not the price that is the issue, its the way EA did business here.



FineLerv said:

They dropped the ball by not releasing the trilogy in the first place. And they probably are using sales DATA to reinforce their future decisions, without acknowledging that most Wii U owners weren't interested in the incomplete experiences they've offered us.



SpaceApe said:

Because Wii U sales are taking why would anyone put the effort into supporting games long term on the Wii U ? Exactly the same reason why we don't get any dlc from Black Ops 2.



P-Gamer-C said:

ITs like the wii u is under 9000 man mass effect is actually an amazing game im not going to damage control another heavy blow

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