Today's Nintendo Direct's broadcast provided fresh details on Miiverse, the feature many have been waiting to hear more about. It really starts with the WaraWara Plaza — an image can be found at the end of this article — when you power-up the Wii U; this is the first thing you'll see on the TV screen.

A video featuring New Super Mario Bros. U showed Miiverse in action, and what looks like Nintendo's version of Twitter - allowing users to retweet and reply to individual posts and start conversation threads within a messaging area. Instead of swapping Friend Codes each time you meet someone new, meanwhile, you can simply add them as a friend on the Miiverse board and wait for them to do the same back. Screenshots can also be taken from any game and posted to the boards, giving you the chance to ask for help in a particular part in the game which you can't complete. Another pretty neat feature is a setting that allows users to automatically hide posts marked with a spoiler tag; there's nothing worse than a spoiler, right?

It was also confirmed that Miiverse will be available in all games, including both first-party and third-party titles, though the depth of implementation depends in each individual release.

So, what are your thoughts on the new Miiverse details? We'll post more details as we hear them, and will also add any translated videos as they're made available.