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Paper Mario: Sticker Star Arrives in Europe 7th December

Posted by Mike Mason

Stuck on you

Nintendo of Europe has finally announced a date for Paper Mario: Sticker Star: Europeans will be able to get sticky with the paper thin plumber from 7th December.

The world is your personal Panini album in the adventure, which sees Mario and company slipping through the world slamming stickers onto anything that moves. You'll also be able to take guerrilla marketing to a whole new level by peeling off bits of the world and creating whole new stickers from items dotted about.

Stickers will be used to solve puzzles and dole out adhesive enhancements in battle, but Nintendo showed off a couple of other new tricks too. Drawing pins can be used to poke a hole in enemies' defences, while a gigantic goat can be unleashed to nom down on any paper unfortunate enough to fall in its way. I think we already know what our favourite power up is.

Will you be adding Paper Mario: Sticker Star to your collection come December?

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Geonjaha said:

REALLY? A month after NA? For the only decent 3DS game being released this year? Pfft.



wuuds said:

i can wait a month for this. i really want to play it but i have so many games to get through before then. i welcome a bit of slack



ajcismo said:

Still can't believe we're getting this in NA way before the rest of the world. Love me some Paper Mario, really looking forward to this one.



Grodus said:

@Erica_Hartmann MK7 wasn't bad! I mean, as long as you don't hate MK or something...

Lovin' the goat! Also, sorry Europeans, having to wait another month for this probably awesome game. That's one creepy goat.



GazPlant said:

The goat thing is absolutely stupid but still looking forward to this. Although where are the partners?!



sinalefa said:

That goat would be like the A Bomb of Paper Mario, being capable of destroying the whole world.
Since I don't think I will be getting a Wii U at launch, this will do.



MrZanctom said:

No Paper Mario game has disappointed me. I don't think this will be the exception.



19Robb92 said:

I would have preferred a early November release.. I probably won't pick this up until sometime in 2013 along with Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon.

WiiU is gonna take away both my cash and free time until next year.



gefflt said:

"The world is your personal Panini album in the adventure"

  • Greatest line ever!

And... wow, the goat is a real power-up? I thought it was just photoshopped in there as a random inside joke?!



Samholy said:

we receive it before japan ? that is WEIRD.

i will wait until christmas pass, i might get it as a present. but i will end up buying it the next week of christmas if i didnt. The gamecube paper mario was absolutely charming, and very innovative. i hope this one will be fun too !
maybe a little more replay value would be appreciated, its my only downpoint from the gamecube paper mario.



TeeJay said:

In a surprising turn if events, America gets a game before Japan! Japan, don't complain. You always get your games way before everyone. Just give this one to us for Christ's sake.



KiwiPanda said:

Being here in NA, I'm so very ready for this next month. I have all in the series, save Super Paper Mario on the Wii, as it looked.... not the way I remembered the others, to say the least. This series is great.



TNLGUY said:

To a world made of paper, that goat is just as apocalyptic as any meteor seen in other RPGs.

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