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Classic NES RPG Shadowgate Getting a Remake

Posted by Martin Watts

Creator Dave Marsh announces Kickstarter campaign

Dave Marsh, the creator of classic point-and-click adventure game Shadowgate, has announced that his company is currently working on a remake for PC, Mac and mobile devices. A Kickstarter campaign will launch tomorrow (Friday 26th October) in order to raise the funds needed to develop the game.

Originally released in 1987 for the Apple Macintosh, the game was ported to the NES two years later. While the title was well-received by critics, those that played the game will likely remember it for its slow pace and punishing trial-and-error gameplay.

GoNintendo has reported a number of key features about the game, such as:

  • More than 60 rooms of first-person fantasy adventuring
  • Many new puzzles from the original creators
  • Intuitive command-based user interface
  • Beautifully painted, high-resolution artwork
  • Compelling gameplay and storytelling
  • Windows, Mac, iOS and Android device support
  • Two soundtrack modes (cinematic and original NES) and environmental soundscapes
  • Atmospheric and object-specific animations
  • In-game hint system

The original Shadowgate spawned two sequels, with perhaps the most notable being Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers for the Nintendo 64 (it being notable for the fact that it wasn't very good).

The Kickstarter campaign goes live at 09:00 EST tomorrow. Marsh has confirmed that three limited backer tiers will be available, which include a digital game tier, a physical copy tier and a card game tier.

Will you be pledging your support (and cash)?


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accc said:

RPG? Shadowgate isn't an RPG, it's a brutally ruthless adventure game.



McHaggis said:

YES! I still have my original cartridge from when I was a kid. I never completed it, though. I'm definitely backing this.



brooks83 said:

I'd rather have the original games on the VC. But I might give something to this Kickstarter anyways since I'm such a big fan of the series.



Kevin said:

Shadowgate is NOT an RPG. Its a point and click adventure game. So excited for this! Love the NES game.



KeeperBvK said:

Shadowgate 64 wasn't good?
I friggin' love that game, even more so than the original!

But I'm all down for a remake of the original.



edhe said:

As it happens, I currently own the Shadowgate Gameboy remake. It doesn't really offer much replay value, and I can't really see myself rushing out to get a PC copy of it, let alone donate money to help make it happen.

I'd be interested to see some Let's Play videos of it when it's eventually released though.



cyrus_zuo said:

Beyond Shadowgate for the TG-16 (CD) was a game I remember VERY fondly. Long load times, but otherwise a wonderful game. Beautiful (at the time) and amazing music along with tough but fun puzzling.

Would love to see it even as a VC game .



CanisWolfred said:

Shadowgate! Forever you shall haunt me!

Really, if he makes the puzzles a little more....sensible, I'd totally try this.




I think I remember that. It was a text based one by Kemco? Was highly regarded. Think I may have dabbled at some point.



Ryno said:

I trialed and error'd my way through this game on my NES around last Halloween. Man, I loved the music to it, just wish the tunes were not so short.



TNLGUY said:

I was excited until I found out they're not catering to any real gaming systems. C'mon, guys, don't do this to me. I played and enjoyed Shadowgate, Deja Vu 1 and 2, and Uninvited...



alLabouTandroiD said:

Wow, i didn't know 'bout the original before. It looks fantastic.
It would be great on the 3DS VC.
A remake should at least retain the same style in graphics and audio. I think the retroness is a huge part of its appeal.



machomuu said:

I found my GB copy a few days back and I kept thinking "this game would be perfect for a 3/DS port or remake". Granted, this will be for the PC (and others), but nevertheless it's a nice bit of news for what is still a great game.



RedYoshi999 said:

Wow, I remember this game! It was one of the few games I had on the NES. Still got the cartridge sitting around too.



OtakuMan said:

@brooks83 Well if this campaign is a success, that might be doable. We've actually been in talks with Kemco already for a number of things. If enough interest is shown in Shadowgate and the MacVentures with this campaign, then it might persuade them to get the NES ports out on VC. Maybe. Can't really confirm or deny right now, unfortunately.



OtakuMan said:

@Raiko Currently there are no plans to get this on the Nintendo platforms, unfortunately. The problem is that getting it onto major consoles would require a lot more work and resources than we currently have now. Currently, we are en route to releases on Windows PC, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android devices. If we could get this onto Nintendo consoles, we'd be ecstatic, but we have to be REALLY successful before we can get to that point. However, as I was saying to @brooks83, getting the original NES ports of the games on the VC could be doable.



OtakuMan said:

@Jon_Talbain I can assure you, there's been a LOT of effort put into the puzzles over the years, both when on and off production of a Shadowgate game. There will be some familiar locations, monsters, items, and traps, but there will be a lot of new things too. A familiar looking room might require you to do something else to solve the puzzle.



OtakuMan said:

@Ryno Glad to know you liked it! The original Mac and PC games didn't have any BGM, so Kemco's in-house composer, Hiroyuki Masuno, did all the music for the NES version. We've contacted him and Kemco and licensed the music he created so it can be in the new game. You'll be able to choose between the original 8-Bit Soundtrack, as well as a new orchestral version.

Here, have a sample from our composer, Rich Douglas:



OtakuMan said:

@Sabrewing It is a shame.

Although... we do still have all the design documents... original resources and materials... perhaps if we were to be super successful and... well... it's too soon to tell, really. But maybe...



brooks83 said:

@OtakuMan -
Are you Dave Marsh? Or were you involved with ICOM simulations and the original Shadowgate? If either of these apply, let me just say it's an honor talking to you on here. Shadowgate is seriously in my top 5 games of all time. I first played it on the NES as a kid back in the late 80's or early 90's and I fell in love with it. I also love Deja Vu and Uninvited, but nothing compares to Shadowgate imo.

As far as re-releasing your older games, what are the chances of getting your old Turbo CD games on the VC (Beyond Shadowgate and the Sherlock Holmes games)? Those are the games I'd really love to see, as I have never had a chance to play them. Would it be harder to get them on compared to the NES games? Anyways, thank you for taking the time to stop by and post in here with us, and I'm sure I could come up with some more questions for you!



Araknie said:

I actually tought you were talking about the N64 one because i loved it so i was hoping for a remake of that. I loved that game for me was very good.
I didn't had a NES so i can't be interested in this.



Windy said:

Beyond Shadowgate on the TG16 was an awesome game I wish they would remake that or release it for Wii on VC



OtakuMan said:

@brooks83 Cool as it would be, I'm afraid I'm not Dave or one of the original ICOM Simulations team. I guess you could say I'm more of the "Informal Community Manager" who hangs around forums, news blogs, and social media sites to spread the word, answer questions, obtain feedback, and stuff like that. One thing that has been an important part of the role is basically learning EVERYTHING I can about ICOM Simulations, Shadowgate, and then some. (There is a HUGE amount of research involved).

If you WOULD like to talk to Dave direct, my recommendation is to Like our FaceBook page here:

Dave posts there in addition to myself, so if you want to send him a shout out or message of appreciation, I'm sure he'd appreciate it. We've also got a Twitter account, and you can sign up for our Mailing List at the Zojoi homepage here and e-mail Dave direct too:

I'll get back to your other questions in a bit as there are LOTS of things going today for launch.



Henmii said:

The caption should say: MAYBE gets a remake!

It's on Kickstarter. If not enough people donate, it won't happen!



OtakuMan said:

@Henmii That's true with almost all KickStarter projects. Still, if people want to see it succeed, then they can do their part to spread the word, share updates, news, etc. in hopes that enough people will pledge and the campaign succeeds.

Best thing to do is to fire up the passionate spirit and do what @FAKEGRIMLOCK does:

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