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Activision Clueless On How Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC Will Work On Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Nintendo's online plans are still a mystery to many third parties

Despite the launch of the Wii U being just one month away, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 publisher Activision has admitted that it still doesn't know how the online side of Nintendo's new console will work, echoing worrying statements from other areas of the industry.

To quote The Verge:

When asked if the Wii U release would be a "first class" Call of Duty citizen, meaning "compatibility with the full suite of Elite services, the Season Pass, and individual Map Packs," Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg answered, "That's our goal, but the honest answer here, Chris, is that we're still working out the details with Nintendo."

Activision has today confirmed that the Call of Duty Elite online experience will be offered entirely free of charge, but the uncertainty surrounding the Wii U's online service means that nobody seems to know if Elite will be made available to Nintendo players.


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dirtyplastic said:

Nintendo really need's to get its online right for the Wii U, because nowa days with out good online means less sales.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm just amazed that even now Nintendo is choosing to hide how the Wii U online will work... It must mean they're hiding it from shame of how bad it is. Why else would they not be boasting about it with around a month until the console comes out? Very worrying.



DarkNinja9 said:

this to me worries me not that im a COD fan but for other games like assassins creed that usually has some DLC missions and such how will it work and if we will even have them at all or later on after the console is released?

you would think nintendo would already mentioned something about this i mean 1 month to go! D:



Araknie said:

Activision really does not know that Nintendo approved DLCs only lately?



DreamOn said:

I'm not worried about the online services or capabilities of WiiU. We may not get the full vision of what Nintendo has planned for this console day 1, and I could be wrong, but it will be there and it should be great.



luminalace said:

I echo everyone's else opinion that Nintendo should really have this sorted by now! Of course the game will be online (so was the COD series on Wii) but to think that the developers of one of the most important 3rd party games still don't know what they can or can't do is is very disappointing!

You would think Online would be one of the things Nintendo would be prioritising as one of the most important things to get right this time around!



GameLord08 said:

Just because Nintendo is currently refusing to publish details on their online service does not mean it's not completed. They've already announced the launch date for the Wii U, so they must have their entire schedule well-planned prior to the event.

Aside from that, to me, Activision seem rather unfamiliar with the Wii U themselves, following the whole "native/non-native 1080p" outrage. But eh.



Hyperstar96 said:

Maybe Activision should do some research and try to understand the systems for which they're developing.



SirSmugleaf said:

Nintendo needs to make their online strategy clear.
It's worrying if developers are not even sure yet.



Zyph said:

"That's our goal, but the honest answer here, Chris, is that we're still working out the details with Nintendo."
That does not mean they're entirely clueless on how DLC will work on Wii U. They might have meant that in a distribution standpoint especially on the Wii U eShop and how things will go from there.



Punky said:

I agree with @zyph...the headline is very sensationalist. I dont know how nintendolife got "clueless" from these quotes from activision.



Kirk said:

Is it just me who finds it shocking that this late in the game major third party developers still don't have a clue what's going on with Nintendo's online.

That does not inspire confidence in what Nintendo is doing in this area for me personally. In fact it makes me wonder if Nintendo even has a full clue itself as to exactly what it's doing.



the_shpydar said:

Misleading headline is misleading. I'm noticing this is getting more and more common these days. smh



shinpichu said:

C'mon, Nintendo. I don't give a **** about CoD, but still, this stuff needs to be worked out.



ultraraichu said:

I'm pretty sure nintendo have all the online parts worked out but other developers like activision are still getting used to it. It is a new system with probably a different way of doing online and no one know it better then the creators themselves.



Hokori said:

Doesn't mean it's Nintendos fault, I'd put blame on Activision like with the 1080P thing



Obvious78 said:

Nintendo, what are you doing? The online service should be up and running by know! Or is Activision just late?



dew12333 said:

Seen as the COD franchise have never bothered with downloadable content for Nintendo before, so they will just have to wait like they made us.




I don't believe that Activision and Treyarch don't know anything about the online capabilities, I believe they just aren't sure on certain aspects of it. Perhaps how it will be delivered for example.

In any event, If Nintendo aren't wanting to spill the beans on what has been referred to as a revolutionary online service then It would make sense that Activision and other companies won't comment on anything that they know of it either. If it is truly revolutionary, then Nintendo won't want anything revealed until launch, and I'm ok with that.




Am I the only one that could care less about titles like this? It always seemed to me that Nintendo systems were for Nintendo games (or the oddball 3rd party exclusive). My opinion was always if I wanted to play COD and such I would buy them for my PlayStation, no biggie! Just my opinion I guess.



LeVideoGamer said:

Not a fan of CoD at all, I have no interest in what they're doing.
What does bug me though, is the fact that Nintendo are hiding pretty much everything from everyone. If third parties still don't know how online works, that's a major problem. There are a bunch of details about online accounts, Miiverse and the Nintendo Network that we're still unaware of, and that's ridiculous. Nintendo need to stop being so cautious. Stop assuming that Sony/Microsoft will copy whatever you do, and just give us some information.



Drobotic said:

Just put DLC on there the same way they put DLC on the eShop!Activision probably doesn't know what they're doing at all!

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