The Professor Layton series has become rather popular on Nintendo DS and 3DS, with the first of the latest handheld's entries arriving outside of Japan in late October. It's much-loved in Japan, especially, with manga, novels and a movie — Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva — all being released, the latter also available outside of the Land of the Rising Sun. When it comes to the games, however, it's been all about Nintendo, but that's something that's set to change.

While the main series will continue on 3DS with Professor Layton and the Remains of an Advanced Civilisation in 2013, a title roughly translated as Professor Layton and the Century of the Seven Phantom Thieves has been revealed in Famitsu magazine for iOS and Android devices. Layton and Luke apparently track down thieves in London with social play that allows gamers to share information, while rewards for success will be costumes and props for the player's avatar. It seems to be a freemium title, so it'll be free with optional in-app purchases.

Layton Brothers: Mystery Room is also in the works for iOS, featuring Layton's son Alphendi investigating crime scenes. While these releases are different in style and concept from the DS and 3DS titles, it shows that Level-5 isn't averse to taking the franchise onto other systems, meaning that it certainly isn't a Nintendo-exclusive brand.